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POBO Skin Care Soap - 60g - Thailand ৳ 329
PoBo soap!! Made in Thailand 60gm ৳ 600
Power Bank 12000mA - 1৳ 299
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At present everyone is health conscious. As the weather changes, so does the condition of our skin. And there are many types of cosmetics on the market to deal with this. There are some cosmetics that are prescribed by a doctor. And there are some cosmetics that everyone can use normally. Pobo is also a cosmetic brand that everyone can use. Pobo is a well-known cosmetic brand in Thailand that is widely used worldwide. Even the Pobo brand caters to a huge chunk of cosmetic demand in Bangladesh. So there is no doubt about its quality. There are many types of Pobo products available Order online and enjoy home delivery at home.

A few words about Pobo: Pobo started his journey in Thailand and reached this stage today. Their products are being used extensively in almost all countries of the world beyond the borders of the country. Its demand is also high in Bangladesh now. Pobo skincare is basically a skin care product. Pobo's skin care soap is basically their most used product. Pobo has products for skin care for both men and women. You can also easily use it for your skin care.

Product Details:

Pobo has many types of skin care products. Appreciated worldwide. There is no shortage of it in Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh is the country of 6 seasons. With the change of seasons, the feeling of our skin also changes. These cosmetics should be used to keep the skin healthy or feel normal.

Pobo Magical Soap: This soap can be used for skin care of your body and face. Cleanses dirt from deep inside the body and protects the skin. In addition, this soap plays an effective role in increasing the radiance of the skin.

Pobo Mineral Collagen Soap:  Naturally made Pobo Mineral Collagen Soap is a good ingredient to protect the skin. This soap is a very good product to remove skin acne, unwanted spots. It is also a very good soap to remove sunburn spots or skin dirt.

Pobo Soap and Body Wash: Pobo Soap and Body Wash are very effective in protecting the skin of the body. Pobo soap and body wash work to remove sunburn spots or brighten the skin. It is also effective in removing black spots on the neck and armpits.

Pobo Product Quality and Benefits:

Pobo is a well-known cosmetic brand in Thailand. Not only in Thailand, but also all over the world can be called a famous and trusted brand as a skin care product. Pobo's products are made of 100% pure raw materials and without harmful ingredients. Since cosmetics blend directly on our skin and eliminate skin problems from the inside so if manufactured by harmful ingredients can cause serious damage to our body and thereby tarnish the reputation of the company.

So, knowingly no established company would do such a thing. Moreover, everyone is more or less aware of the quality of this product. So you can use Pobo's product safely. Thus, the pollution of Dhaka city is much higher than other cities. As a result, its effect falls on our body. And to keep the skin healthy from all these, Pobo's product may be your first choice. Winter is the most common skin problem. Those who have sensitive skin, cracks are seen in their skin, the skin is dry and rough. Pobo's products are very useful in protecting from these. In short, the skin of the body protects the cells inside our body. And it is your responsibility to protect the skin. And so Pobo may be the best solution.

Price of Pobo's products in  ajkerdeal.coml:

There are many types and positions of Pobo's products in There is more soap in it. Because different types of soap are useful for different functions of the body.

The soap of PoBo Soap 100gm is only 320tk.

This soap of Pobo soap-60 gm is only 400tk

Soap of Magical Pobo Soap 60gm costs only 350tk

This soap of Pobo Mineral Collagen Soap 60gm costs 320tk

PoBo Mineral Water Collagen Soap will cost around 350tk


In the end, it can be said that the health of the body largely depends on the care of the skin. So we should always take care of the skin. And in this case Pobo can be your big friend. From you can easily buy Pobo's products at a much lower price. Order very easily at home and get home delivery through our own courier. Stay healthy, stay well.