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32GB Metal USB 3.0 Pendrive PNY৳ 850
PNY 64GB USB 3.0 Hook Attached Pen Drive৳ 1300
32GB Metal USB 3.0 Hook Pendrive - Flash drive৳ 899
PNY 16GB Memory Card৳ 520
64 GB PNY Steel body Pen drive৳ 1250
PNY Micro Hook 16 GB USB Pendrive৳ 1150
PNY 64GB Micro SD class-10৳ 1800
PNY 32GB Micro SD class-10৳ 780
32GB PNY Golden Pendrive৳ 850
32 GB PNY steel body Pendrive৳ 450
32GB PNY Silver color Pendrive৳ 499
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PNY American Tech Brand Online in BD


PNY is the American tech giant manufacturing company. It is now one of the top brands for computer accessories like graphics cards, memory and storage, cables and portable chargers and flash drives. For a sign of expertise, they establish their partnership with other giant companies like HP & NVIDIA. With continuous exploration and giving the best option to its customer PNY successfully serves the various markets as well as industry. It is one of the top brands even in Bangladesh. Let’s figure out about the PNY brand, their products as well as the pricing and where you can get it easily.

About PNY Technology

PNY Technologies is one of the most promising tech manufacturing brands in America. They are renowned for flash memory cards, SSD, USB flash, upgraded memory modules, Portable chargers, cables, adapters, etc.  

They are also manufacturers of high-end professional and consumer graphics cards for general and professional gamers.

This private company firstly founded in 1985 as an electronic company. Now it is serving the technology industry with almost 500+ core employees.

Products of PNY

For the consumer, PNY has 4 Core Product Line

Consumer Products

Mobile Solutions

Photo/Video Solutions

Power Solutions

Gaming Solutions

MicroSD Cards

Card Readers

Car Chargers


USB Flash Drives

Flash Memory

Power banks

Graphics Cards

Apple Accessories

Photo Accessories

Wall Chargers

Solid State Drives

Cables & Adapters


QI Wireless Chargers


Mobile Accessories



For the Professional Sector PNY produce 3 Core Product Line

Professional Products


High Performance Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Legacy Products

PNY GPU Servers

Pod Architecture

GPU Virtualization

NVIDIA Tesla HPC Cards

AI Storage Server

PNY Mobile Workstation

NVIDIA Embedded Solutions


NVIDIA Quadro Graphic Cards


NVIDIA Tesla AI Cards

Market Served by PNY

With the PNY promising technology and products PNY servers following markets






Media & Entertain

Smart Cities

Higher Education

Energy Exploring (Oil & Gas)

Architecture/ Engineering/ Construction

Where to Buy PNY Products? is one of the promising online stores in Bangladesh. You can find almost everything on at a suitable price range. With a large collection of product varieties, it serves as an online store.

You can find any PNY products or accessories by searching on the search option. You can look for any specific model if you have any choice.


You can get all the popular and hot selling items of PNY on At the same time, you can get home delivery without any hassle. Besides, you can get various discounts and offers on their hot selling items on special occasions.

Price of PNY Products

You can buy original and replica products on While original products can cost you higher but the replica products are less costly. For this mention ‘replica’ on the title so that customers can easily identify the copy product without being confused.

You can buy different types of pen drives by PNY Technology within 1,000TK to 1,500 TK. This range can be higher depending on the capacity and the USB type. Remember USB 3.0 is always faster and at the same time costly than USB 2.0.

You can get various types of PNY memory cards within a price range of 500 TK to 1,000 TK. These high-class memory cards are much suitable for your smartphones and as well as your digital compact or DSLR cameras. You can also buy high-level micro SD cards for your professional DSLR camera and cost you up to 3,000 TK depending on the capacity and class speed.

Also, you can buy PNY metallic and small size pen drives within 500TK to 1000 TK.

At the same time, you can buy SSD drives within 5,000TK to 10,000 TK. These days SSD is supreme level hard disk types that make faster boot than any other HDD.

Also, you can get your iPhone/apple accessories by PNY on within a differentiating price range.  

Reason to Buy PNY
  1. High-end products manufacturer
  2. Their products are highly cost-effective
  3. Long-lasting durability ensured by PNY
  4. PNY has worldwide brand acceptance
  5. Reliable and world-class products by PNY
  6. PNY is the most pioneer brand in the industry
  7. PNY technology ensures its product service and quality
  8. PNY Technology dealing the last 35 years of the brand glory
  9. PNY ensures the service and commitment to its customers
  10. One of the promising brands for graphics cards and accessories

PNY Technology is one of the brands that is serving various markets and industries with great success. At the same time, they are holding their brand value for the last 35 years. With technological advancement, they are gaining worldwide fan followers and becoming a superior market leader in the industry. After the worldwide puerility PNY captured the Bangladeshi tech industry very successfully. They gain trust and reliability within a very short time in the tech lover's mind.