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Parachute Just for Baby Lotion 200ml India৳ 250
Parachute Skin Pure Natural Moisture Smooth Body Lotion (Free Parachute Petroleum Jelly 15 ml ) 215 ml৳ 180
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PARACHUTE Hair Care Products Brands Online in Bangladesh

Parachute is a global hair product brand. And their main ingredient is coconut. Marico is one of the leading consumer goods companies in India and Parachute is manufactured by Marico. The parachute product's main market is Asia. Within 10 years they become trust brand and recognizable brand in the market. Now they are leading companies in the market.


Parachute manufacture by Marico but it’s the previous name was Bombay oil industries. Harsh Mariwala is the founder of the parachute. He starts his business in 1971 as a family business and now it has become a popular brand. Marico produces 2 kinds of hair oil.

  • one is Parachute edible grade cum hair oil (100% coconut oil) 
  • and another one is  Parachute Advanced Hair oil (coconut oil with vitamin and fragrance).

Parachute has thick and strong,anti-hair fall, damage repair,anti-dandruff, natural shine, healthy scalp, heat protect and anti-frizz solution. Parachute has a different kind of products like Parachute Gold, Parachute coconut oil, Parachute lite, Parachute Sampoorna, Parachute amla hair oil, Parachute secrets, Parachute flora, and Parachute advanced lotion. Parachute sell their products in India, Bangladesh, the Middle East and in Vietnam. In 2009 Macro made a public offering of equity in Bangladesh which was also their first overseas subsidiaries. Since then, Marico in Bangladesh is known as MBL. Its head office is located at Uttara. Indian manufacturing located in Goa, kanji mode, Jalgaon, Pondicherry, Dehradun, Baddi, and Daman. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, India.

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Parachute Advanced Body Lotion: 

Parachute advanced body lotion is specially made for dry skin and for the dry season. It gives skin extra nourishment and an intense moisturizing solution. It is made with coconut milk and 100% moisturizer. It goes 10 layers deep and bost natural glow. Use this lotion before going to sleep and after a bath. It can keep your skin healthy for a long time. After one use it lasts 24 hours. If you do not want to get cheated by others visit our link and place your order.

Parachute Hair Oil Advanced Extra Care Anti Hairfall Oil :

 With parachute hair, oil advanced extra care anti-hair fall oil you will get root applier. This oil main ingredient is coconut, Amla, methi and aloe vera. Amalaki, methi and aloe vera are mainly to solve hair fall problems. The oil deeply nourishes the hair root and root applier helps to reach oil in the root. This oil will make your hair beautiful and repair your hair. It will reduce hair fall within 45 days. If you use it properly your hair problems will be solved. For real parachute hair oil advance, extra care anti-hair fall oil visit and place your order.

Parachute Hair Oil Advanced Beliphool: 

Parachute hair oil advanced Beliphool is perfumed and it’s coconut and methi makes hair thick and healthy. This will make your hair beautiful. To make your hair thick and healthy use parachute hair oil advance Beliphool and you will get this original item in

Parachute Body Lotion Advanced Butter Smooth:

Parachute body lotion advanced butter-smooth is mainly made for dry skin in the winter season. This lotion’s butter-smooth ingredients work is to protect skin from harsh winter. This one goes 10 layers deep in the skin and nourishes selling this original lotion at a reasonable price. Visit our websites for these products.

Parachute Hair Cream Advanced Men Aftershower Classic

Parachute hair cream advanced men after shower classic provide perfect nourishment and with this hair cream, you can make different hairstyles. Coconut helps in nourishment and aqua helps to keep skin smooth, shiny and soft. For best results use daily. Take sufficient amount and use it on top of sell this original parachute hair cream advance men after-shower visit order without wasting any time.

Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil:

Parachute advanced aloe vera enriched coconut hair oil get rid of damaged hair and make hair more silky, soft and healthy. Nourish your beautiful locks with this hair oil from Parachute and get rid of unmanageable hair for good. Ingredient Malkangani and black pepper helps in hair conditioning, make it softer and more manageable. This one is suitable for all types of hair. Men and women both can use it.

Parachute Hair Cream Advanced Men Anti Hair Fall:

Parachute advanced men anti-hair fall hair cream ingredient almond oil help to reduce hair fall and help in hair conditioning. It solves the hair fall problems of up to 95%. This hair cream helps in styling hair uniquely and nourishing hair. It has a refreshing fragrance. For real parachute hair cream advanced men anti-hair fall visit official page and select your needed products.