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Pakiza bedsheet set৳ 1138
PAKIZA Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set৳ 499
PAKIZA Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set৳ 499
PAKIZA Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set৳ 799
PAKIZA Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set৳ 499
PAKIZA Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set৳ 304
PAKIZA Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set৳ 499
PAKIZA Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set৳ 499
Pakiza bedsheet set৳ 799
Pakiza bedsheet set৳ 1199
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Pakiza Brand collection Online in Bangladesh

Bedsheet also shows your interest. After all the tiredness of the day, everyone goes to bed to sleep. So bed sheets want to be comfortable, beautiful and timely. Again, there is a bed cover to cover the bedsheet, pillow cover. That must be nice too. Bedsheets are available as a set with pillow covers. 

Both types of light and heavy mattresses are available in the market. Aarong sells bed linen made by its own designers. All types of sheets are available in King, Queen, Semi-Double and Single. Despite the sheets of all types and sizes, buyers buy heavy sheets for gifts. For example, colored work on Kantha boils, blocks, batik or silk. These sheets are used at home for special festivals or occasions. Soft cotton cloth sheets will be much better if purchased for regular use at home. Buyers are more likely to prefer lighter colors than heat. The initiative of 6 fashion houses made by indigenous designers of the country ten is very popular. Blockprint, batik, tie-dye, applique, napping cloth sheets are available in almost every branch of the country ten.

Attempts to put native amaze in bedsheets. Most bed sheets are comfortable with cotton cloth. But for those who like a few heavy worksheets, there are handy apples, machine apps, and nail bed sheets. The fashion house has a block print, handmade bed sheets for masterpieces. Single pillow covers can also be purchased. The bed linen of the bedroom, the children's room, and the guest room should be different. Many prefer to have a small bed in the living room again. Light-colored sheets can be set in sets. Will ease the eyes. However, if you prefer darker colors, bedsheets can be used with colored flower designs over light colors. The kids will love the bedsheets and the bedrooms in the main bedroom, rather than the bed cover. Again, you can give guests a checked or striped bedcover. But if you give a heavy bedsheet to Nakshikantha in the sitting room, there will be a festive mood.

Pakiza is one of the famous companies in Bangladesh. Pakiza is a fabric dyeing, printing and finishing factory. It was established in 1984 in Savar, Bangladesh. This factory has the capacity to dye and print 27 million meter fabric per year. Bedsheets are the most important accessories in our daily life. You can buy bed sheets for your bed from any trusted online shop. is one of the most trustworthy e-commerce business companies in Bangladesh. Buy your favorite Pakiza bedsheets from here. 


Pakiza Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set:

Pakiza Double Size Cotton Bed Sheet Set is very useful for our daily needs. It is a very big size bedsheet that will cover your king or queen size bed. Its fabric is made of pure cotton. This is a complete set which has one bedsheet, 2 pillow covers. You can have it with a very fashionable design. provides Pakiza Double Size Cotton Bedsheet with cash on delivery. It gives you the 100% color guarantee. Buy this cotton bedsheet and make your room decorated. Shop NOW!!!



Pakiza Bedsheet set:


Pakiza Bedsheet set is a floral bed sheet set. Its fabric is pure cotton. This is perfectly suitable for king size bed. It can be easily adjusted in 7.5 feet * 8 feet bed size. This set contains 1 bedsheet and 2 pillow covers. This fashionably designed bedsheet has a 100% color guarantee.  It will bring a touch of modernity to your home. is providing 100% cotton Pakiza Bedsheet at a very reasonable price. Grab NOW and enjoy your shopping.