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PAIDU Brand Watches For Men৳ 650
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Paidu Wrist Watch for men ৳ 750
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Paidu Wrist Watch for men (Copy) ৳ 330
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The only thing that is equally important in fashion is the watch. A watch can be a combination of necessity and fashion. Earlier, of course, the clock was used to see the time. But with the advent of mobile phones, the need for watches has diminished. Even though it has been going on like this for some time, now as a fashion accessory, the watch has come to number one again. The need for men with personality and the Michelle of fashion has happened in watches.

At present, thick chains and big dial watches are the top choices of the youth. Teenagers always prefer to wear sports watches. Someone turns the choice of the favorite hero into their own choice. Fans want to get both their getup and watch.

Fashion with a Watch

The fashion of the students is always eye-catching, still so. They have to wear a matching watch all the time, which is not the case for them. Sometimes it becomes inappropriate for them. There can be very heavy watches or belt watches in thin hands.

The sellers sell different types of watches keeping in mind the people of all ages and professions in the market. People buy watches with fashion in mind rather than necessity. However, the manufacturers have added various technology benefits to the current watch. In addition to time, days and dates also show many watches. The watch does not break even if it is not used for a long time due to the addition of a digital circuit. Outside of this, the compass can give directions. Can also work as a stopwatch. Some watches have GPS-enabled location tracking. Again, some watches have a date and a reminder option. There is also a watch that moves on the movement of the hand. Solar-powered watches are also available in the market.

Latest Trend of Watches

In our country, boys tend to wear watches more than girls. Leather belts are more commonly used in Europe due to the cold. And the weather in our country is relatively warm so we sweat a lot. So the chain clock runs longer. The chains are mainly white and black. You will also find chains made of gold or white and black. In addition to the traditional clocks, we have chronograph clocks. Ordinary clocks have three hands. But the chronograph clock has six hands. It shows time, day, date as well as a stopwatch. Time can be set arbitrarily 24 hours a day. As a result, it works great for swimmers, athletes, or mountaineers. Some clocks again show a stopwatch as well as three to four country time at the same time.

Chains and belts also like touches of different colors. As there are leather belts, there are also rubber, rexine, and jeans belts. Narrow, medium, and wide — you will get three types of watches with a belt and chain. In addition to the black belt, there are brown, red, light green, light pink, or gray watch belts. There are different types of stones, crystals, and watches for girls in belts or chains. The chain hanging on the belt, the watch with the ribbon twisted belt is also running.

Changes to the Dial

The dial of the watch has also changed. Round clock watches, square, triangular, rectangular wristwatches are also available nowadays. Besides black and white, you will also get dials of different colors like gold, light pink, light green, yellow. There are small stone and metal carvings of various colors inside and outside these dials. There are some watches that look like bracelets. Some watches also have stones placed on the whole chain on both sides including the dial. Just as there are an hour and minute dials, there are three dials. However, many are buying large dial watches.

Occasion-wise Watches

Different types of watches match different types of watches. There are three types of watches in the collection: casual, formal, and exclusive to understand the time and environment. The matter of the watch with the dress actually depends entirely on one's personality. You have to understand what kind of clothes you like first. You have to choose the watch based on it. The prevalence of wide-belt watches is such that it is not necessary to wear such a watch. The first step is to see if the watch you are wearing looks good or comfortable.

Chains and large dial watches are more popular for casual looks. And for a formal look in the office, small or medium dial leather or thin chain watch will suit. You can also go to a ceremony or a party after a small dial watch.

Paidu Watches for Men

This wrist watch’s dial shape is round. The dial’s diameter is 3.8cm, The case thickness is about 0.8 cm. The case and band’s material both are made of stainless steel. The total of this watch is 21.5cm which is adjustable.

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