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Wireless Bluetooth Headphone With Sd Card Slot - Blue৳ 1250
Professional Stereo P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones৳ 440
P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Micro SD Slot৳ 491
P47 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone 2020৳ 401
Wireless Bluetooth Headphone P47 Stereo Earphone with SD Card Slot3--৳ 365
P47 Wireless Headphones - BLACK৳ 410
P47 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone৳ 455
P47 Wireless Bluetooth headphones black ৳ 500
P47 Stereo Earphone Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with SD Card Slot-random 1pcs৳ 401
Wireless Bluetooth Headphone P47 Stereo Earphone Black৳ 1199
Professional Stereo P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones৳ 439
P47 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone -black৳ 392
P47 Headband Foldable Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless with SD Card Slot৳ 365
P47 Headband Foldable Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headset৳ 428
P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones৳ 365
P47 Wireless Bluetooth headphones white color৳ 500
Wirelesses Headphone (P - 47)-1pcs ৳ 410
P47 wireless buletooth Headphones ( Black )৳ 650
P47 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone -red৳ 392
P47 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone - white..৳ 450
P47 Wireless Headphone ৳ 850
P47 Headband Foldable Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headset ৳ 365
P47 Wireless Bluetooth headphones red color৳ 500
P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone৳ 1000
P47 5.0 EDR wireless P47 5.0 EDR wireless Bluetooth Headphone - Latest Version Headphone - Latest Version৳ 410
P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone-blue ৳ 365
P47 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone -blue৳ 392
P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Overhead Headphone Earphone (White)৳ 350
P47 wireless buletooth Headphones ( Black )৳ 1083
Wireless Bluetooth Headphone P47 Stereo Earphone with SD Card Slot - Blue৳ 365
P47 Wireless Bluetooth headphones blue color৳ 500
P47 Wireless Headphone৳ 850
P47 Wireless Headphone with FM Radio৳ 455
P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone - Black৳ 365
P47 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone -green৳ 392
P47 Wireless Headphone (Original)৳ 550
P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone By Shoyeb Organization ৳ 365
P47-Wireless Bluetooth Headphone-Blue ৳ 405
P47 Wireless Bluetooth headphones green Color৳ 500
P47 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone With SD Card Slot - Red৳ 600
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P47 Bluetooth Headphone Brand Online in BD 

P47 Brand As Noise Cleaning Headphones

If you have been using headphones for a long time, you can use this type of noise cleaning headphones. As well as those who work with video or audio, this type of headphones can come in handy. It can even resist noise coming from outside. Then you can choose the collection of P47 branded wireless bluetooth headphones which is enumerated as noise cleaning headphones. 

P47 Headphones Considered As Companion at Boring Time

Headphones can be your companion when stuck in a bus or road jam. In addition, you can choose different types of headphones, including sweat-resistant headphones, Bluetooth headphones as needed from the P47 brand. 

What Are The Uses of P47 Bluetooth Headphones?

Headphones are used for various purposes. Basically, the function of all types of headphones is to listen to music. However, with P47 headphones, you don't just need to listen to music. In addition, it is used for many purposes. Gamers also use headphones, including call center, editing, live chatting, talking, answering calls on mobile phones.

P47 Wireless Headphone in White  

With a Bluetooth high-speed connected headset you'll answer incoming calls as well as the sound buzz around high-fidelity stereos. The built-in microphone technology allows clear phone communication with the 4.1 wireless version, as well as being used as a P47 headset. With the p47 headphone  control music and phone to ensure ease of use.

Select The Type of Headphones

There are many types of headphones available in the market as well as our online site. Each of them is suitable and convenient for different types of work. So choose headphones with them in mind. These are sound-isolation headphones, which will keep you away from all kinds of noise around you. 

Headphones As A Well-Known Technology Products 

In this age of information technology, the use of technology products is increasing day by day. By using this product in our daily life, just as we enjoy entertainment, we can also push away the monotony of our work. One of the most well-known technology products we use is headphones. In a word, all these headphones surround us for entertainment. 

Extra Bass P47 Headphone Red & Gray

This P47 headphones has some extra features of extra bass to Adjustable headband that bring more comfort to use. It can support TF Card and Insert Card MP3 for functioning. Unlimited playtime with AUX cable can connect with the headphone port. Wireless operated devices work with a control bottom side. Most productive feature is a rechargeable battery that can recharge via the included USB connection. 

P47 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Copy

If a music enthusiast wants a type of wireless bluetooth headphone must include a charger cable & audio quality. Also get noise cancelling mood, P47 ( 4.2 + EDR ) model,  both wired and wireless(Bluetooth) connectivity. Standby time Up to 15 hours and TF Card/FM Stereo Radio/MP3 Player/Wireless/Bluetooth attached. 

Compatible with gaming, running, sports applications and you can carry a very easy and durable headphone like computer, mobile, phone use if you want. Moreover, P47 bluetooth headphone feature that comes with the headphones frequency response in 50~20000Hz, impedance of 32ohms, Connecting interface in Micro USB and Li-ion Battery compatible with computer, mobile phone or USB connection. 

P47 - Headphone in Multicolor 

For those who are looking for multicolor headphones, the P47 brand has come up with all the great TF cards / FM stereo supported radio / MP3 player / wireless / Bluetooth headphones that also include AVRCP remote control capability, with ROHS standard, forward, backend selection feature break function with ROHS standard attached quality.

Buy P47 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphone At Ajkerdeal Site

Bluetooth headphones have to enhance the taste of the freedom of wireless headphones. You can browse blue-tooth-headset category sites to use wireless bluetooth headphone P47 stereo earphones with SD Card Slot – KHU 08 – WLB  with mobile, desktop and laptop. 

One thing to note is that since these headphones are wireless, these headphones have batteries. As a result, buy keeping in mind the battery charge, weight and size of wireless bluetooth headphones. Happy Shopping with us!!!