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Outdoor Girl (OG) Cosmetics Online Shop In Bangladesh

OG Cosmetics has a huge range of make-up products including foundation, primer, concealer, contour set, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye make-up products, etc.

How To Use OG Cosmetics Products

Use of Primer: The first step of using makeup is to use an OG primer. It should be applied to the face. With a little amount of primer with hand or cotton, evenly should be applied throughout the face. The primer should be used a little because if the primer is used too much, the makeup will not sit well.

Use of Foundation: Perfect makeup starts with a good base and the first condition of the base is to use the foundation according to one’s skin shade. However, the foundation should buy one or two shades lighter from one’s shade, because it will make the skin lighter. If the face is oily, a powder foundation can be applied.

Use of Concealer: Concealer helps to remove the dark circles that have been occurred under the eye. if the concealer is bought in conjunction with the skin tone, it is needed to select half a shade of light shade from the foundation shade. Moreover, If there is a dark circle under the eyes, light green or a light yellow color will work well to hide the spots.

Using Face Powder: Face powder with a big makeup brush has to brush on the whole face. Then the powder should be lightened with a powder provided with a powder puff or face sponge and should set the base on the face.

Using the OG Eyeshadow Palette: Eye shadow should first be applied to the eyelid all over the eye area. If desired, two or three shades of eyeshadow can be given in conjunction with the dress, it will look good.

Using OG Eyeliner: Liquid, gel or a pencil can be selected from any eyeliner. A Kajol can also be used as an alternative. One should need to draw a small line on the eyelid with the eyeliner. But should remember that one must start with small lines and strokes. Because small strokes will give a very nice finishing to the eyes. And if wanted to thicken the eyeliner, one should be needed to give it another time after drying the eyeliner.

Using OG Mascara: It is best to give thick mascaras to attract the eye. So once with a little bit of mascara, have to give it again. It is important to keep in mind that the lashes should not stick to one another while giving. That’s why the eyelids should be lifted upwards while giving the masks.


Using OG Eyebrow Pencil

The brow can be drawn by an eyebrow pencil. To give the eyebrow a natural look, the eyebrow color can be chosen from the light-colored eyeshadow.

Use of Lipstick: Lipstick can be used in conjunction with makeup. If one wanted to keep the lipstick on the lips for a long time, the lipstick with a dark lip liner can be used, then the lipstick will not spread. And matte lipstick is good for the lips during the day. However, heavy lipgloss can be used for the night.

Using OG Blush-on: The blush-on should be applied at the last step. And the color of the blush

As pink or peach colors can be used. The color of the cow

Bright stars are better if they use a light shade blush. And those whose colors are darker or darker, they may use darker shade blushes for their skin. 

Using OG Nail Polish

Last but not the least, the makeover will not complete if nail polish is not worn. A shade that matches with the dress can be applied. It will make the look complete.

OG Cosmetics Products


OG Cosmetics 2in 1 Blush on Kit,


OG Cosmetics Terracotta Bronzer Duo,


OG Cosmetics Concealers/Corrector Palette,


OG Cosmetics Pro Contour Kit,

Eye Shadow Primer

OG Cosmetics Eye Shadow Fixture,


OG Cosmetics Wear Eyebrow Pencil,

Eyebrow Powder

OG Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit,

Eyeshadow Primer

OG Cosmetics Eyebrow Primer,

Eyeshadow Palette

OG Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette,

OG Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pigment,

Face Powder/Finishing Powder

HD Studio Photogenic Face Powder,


OG Cosmetics Wakeup Oil-Free Primer,


OG Cosmetics Full Coverage Foundation,

OG Cosmetics Aqua Foundation,

OG Cosmetics HD Foundation,

OG Cosmetics UK Universal Liquid Foundation,


OG Cosmetics All Round Mascara,


OG Cosmetics Eyeliner Pencil,

OG Cosmetics Ink Liquid Eyeliner,

OG Cosmetics Precision Eyeliner,


OG Cosmetics Kajal,

Lip Gloss

OG Cosmetics Double Touch Lip Gloss,

OG Cosmetics Velvet Mat Lip Gloss,

Lip Pencils

OG Cosmetics UK Nude with Attitude Lip Pencil,


OG Cosmetics Color Show Lipstick,

Nail Polish

OG Cosmetics Liquid Nail Polish.