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OSAKA Digital Weight Scale৳ 990
Osaka Digital bathroom weight machine WCS-B৳ 1050
OSAKA Digital Transparent Weight Machine - 210kg capacity with battery. KG, LB & Off switch৳ 890
Digital Weight Machine - Transparent৳ 1245
Germany Non Stick 5 Pcs Cookware Set - 6 Layer Havy Coated,1Pcs Casserol,1Pcs Fry pan,1Pcs Soup Pot,With 2Pcs Lid,Gift And Home Decoration,Red Colour.৳ 2850
Electronic Weighing Scales LED Digital Display Weight Weighing Floor Electronic Smart Balance Body Household Bathrooms 180KG৳ 1150
Osaka 50W LED Bulb (2 years warranty)৳ 950
Germany Non Stick 7 Pcs Cookware Set - 6 Layer Havy Coated,1Pcs Casserol,1Pcs Fry pan,1Pcs Karai,1Pcs Milk pan,With 3Pcs Lid,Gift And Home Decoration.৳ 3550
Electric Chula Osaka induction hot plate portable electric stove৳ 1440
Osaka 7 Pieces Non Stick Cooking Set ( Germany Non-stick)৳ 3790
Osaka Bullet 20W A/C LED bulb (B-22 Pin type) Cool Daylight৳ 550
Osaka 5 Pieces Non Stick Cooking Set ( Germany Non-stick)৳ 2530
Osaka 20W Smart LED Tube Light 2 Feet৳ 410
OSACA Digital Weight Scale৳ 950
Osaka 40W Smart LED Tube Light 4 Feet৳ 750
Digital Weight Machine - Transparent ৳ 999
Osaka Electric Stove৳ 1600
Osaka Electric Single Chula৳ 1490
Osaka single electric stove ৳ 1800
Osaka Electric Stove Original৳ 1800
Osaka Electric Single Stove ৳ 1590
Osaka Electric Single cula৳ 1400
Osaka Capsule Cutter৳ 1100
osaka electric single stove৳ 1490
Osaka Electric Single Stove৳ 1700
Osaka Electric Stove৳ 1450
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Buy Osaka Electric Stoves Online | AjkerDeal

Osaka Electric Stove is a Japanese stove making brand. They make electric ovens. Their stoves are of good quality and safe.

Food provides energy to the human body. Cooking for healthy and delicious food needs to be safe and hassle-free. If the housewife wakes up in the morning and goes to the kitchen and sees that cooking is not going on due to lack of enough gas, then there is no end to the worries. In this age of technology, there is no reason to worry about cooking. Cooking will not be stopped because there is no gas. Electric stoves can be brought into the house to avoid such problems. Electric stoves or induction cookers are becoming more popular day by day. Many people are leaning towards this stove thinking about safety.

The gas-crisis, the relatively high cost of LPG or cylinder gas, and the gigantic power consumption of infrared cookers have hampered housewives' delicious cooking. To address this, Osaka Electric Stove has added a new dimension to safe and affordable cooking for housewives.

Electric Ovens Available in The Market

A variety of branded and non-branded ovens are available. There are two types. Ordinary electric stoves start to heat up as soon as they are connected to electricity. And the inductive ovens start to heat up when they touch the pot. Another type of electric stove currently available in the market is called an infrared stove. There are several Chinese electric stoves available in our country's market including Osaka, Konka, Miyako, Konika, Nova, etc.

The electric stove is cooked without fire. As a result, there is no danger of fire. An electric heater used for cooking used to convert electricity directly into heat. But electric stoves create dynamic magnetic fields with electricity. Heat flows through this field to the cooking utensils. As a result, the electric stove is not very hot. So even if someone touches the stove by mistake, there is no fear of getting burnt or getting an electric shock.

Advantages of Electric Stove

There are several benefits to using an electric stove, they are -

  • The cost of electricity for cooking is much lower,
  • Can be easily carried for any need,
  • Cooking does not emit black smoke,
  • The temperature can be controlled just like a gas stove,
  • Cooking time can be set,
  • At the end of the time, the stove shuts off automatically.

The new induction cookers that have come out now have many more advantages. There are different modes or options for cooking, frying, making tea, milk, heating water, heating food.

The big limitation of this stove is that it cannot be cooked in any pot. Special pots are available to buy for him. They are made of stainless steel. The lower part is flat. Of course, work can be continued with other such pots.

Another type of electric stove is currently available in the market - infrared stove. These can be cooked in any pot. However, they are quite hot during cooking. So be careful to use them, especially if you have children at home, it is safe to avoid this stove.

Some products from Osaka brand -

Osaka Electric Single Stove

The stove has a single burner. Its color is black. This stove is a must-have in Cuisine collection. The stove is not recommended to place candles on the plate burner. The size of the stove is 8 inches W x 8 inches D. The cooking surface’s diameter is 3.75 inches. The product’s total weight is 4.5 lbs. The power is 1100W.

Osaka Electric Stove Original

Osaka Digital Electric Hot Stove has double burners. Its color is black. The stove is light and portable. It contains a durable stainless steel heating element. Non-stick pans with heat-resistant grips can be used easily. The power of this stove is 1200W. The sizes of two removable stainless steel pans are - 17.52 L x 13.08cm W and the cooking surface diameter is 3.75 inches. It is best for a cuisine collection.

AjkerDeal has a wide range of electric stoves. To buy a stove, please visit our website and also the mobile app of AjkerDeal.