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Buy Original ORKİDE Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Introducing products to its esteemed customers under the brand name 'Orchid' in both domestic and foreign markets, our company continues its sales activities with a wide distribution network in 61 provinces in the regions of Turkey. Our corporation, which has been generating foreign exchange inputs for a long time by exporting to 102 countries around the world, continues to make more efforts every day to build Orchid as a global brand. In addition to liquid cooking oil, Cockbay, Inc. Margarine also started production in 2003 and introduced the ‘Ideal Orchid’ brand to the customer’s liking.

Today, Cockbay Inc. is the top leader in the sector with a capacity of 3,000 tons of refined oil. Turkey is proud to supply 250,000 tons of liquefied oil annually, 35% of its annual oil production needs, and to satisfy 15% of liquid oil sales.

Kekebe Inc., which operates over an area of ​​30,000 square meters and employs 250 people, has adopted 4 core principles: quality, advanced technology, product diversity, and superior capacity. These are the basis for transforming the 'Orchid' brand in the domestic market and the 'Vera' brand in the foreign market into a world brand.

Our vision

Creating the Orchid brand as a national and global brand ...

Our goal

Produce quality economically and submit it according to the choice of our customers.

Our policy is to work in the most innovative, fast, and effective way and consider the world through the development of technology, through the development of our technology, through the development of our technology, becoming the most reliable supplier of the products and services we provide customer satisfaction as the first priority.

Kekebe Inc. The liquid oil and margarine sector aims to adopt the policy of delivering healthy and highest quality products to the customers with an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude.

ORKİDE oil production and storage

Murtala - The facility to produce crude vegetable oil from oily seeds with a daily seed crushing capacity of 1400 tons per day established at the Tekirda factory conducts activities using the largest capacity of the department. The process of filling the crude oils produced in this plant is carried out after the processes in the purification and deodorization premises. Processed and refined oils are marketed under the names "Orchid" and "Private Labels" and are marketed at all sales points in the sector.

Murata facilities have filled the largest gap in our country in terms of 100% local capital investment.

This facility, capable of storing oilseeds and crude oil, has been integrated internationally using the port of Tekirda and the rail link depending on its location.

Production was built at two separate liquid production lines and also three separate margarine and a short line, Bornova-Ajmer plant. Bornova and Kemalpara can be stored in the Akalan facility with high oil crude oil storage capacity.

Production was built at two separate liquid production lines and also three separate margarine and a short line, Bornova-Ajmer plant. Bornova and Kemalpara can be stored in the Akalan facility with high oil crude oil storage capacity.

Consumer goods

Liquid oil

Olive oil


Professional accessories

Outdoor use

Pastry Oils

Industrial fat


It is a kind of oil for polishing grapes and dried fruits. This prolongs the shelf life of the product


This is a 100% vegetable oil, which is used for flour cutting and weighing machines, and it ensures

How to store olive oil

Olive oil should be stored in a cool place, where sunlight does not reach. The ideal temperature for storing olive oil is 14 - 15 ° C. Olive oil absorbs all kinds of fragrances; Therefore, it should store the cap of its container in a place where there is no foreign fragrance. If the olive oil is not covered in the container and the oil stays in contact with the air, it starts to spoil.

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