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NORTH END Coffee Brand Online in Bangladesh

The Confusion of The Brand Name Called North End!!!

There are many lifestyle brands called North End and there are differences in name and work. As such North End Brand is a leading brand in the corporate apparel industry. It's the name that paired the smooth style with the look and functionality of today’s performance sportswear. However, there is another brand in Bangladesh called North End Coffee Roasters which is well known for supplying and using fresh-roasted coffee.

North End Coffee Brand

North End Coffee Roasters is the sole source of fresh-roasted coffee in Bangladesh. "North End" represents both the location and roots of their example in the northern part of Dhaka, like the famous Italian-American "North End" in Boston. Basically, North End Coffee Roasters was founded in 2011 as a private type of Food & Beverages Industry within 201-500 employees of company size in Dhaka city. 

Coffee Shop North End with Its Own Coffee Production

Rick himself, an entrepreneur from North End, is inspiring the people of Khagrachari and Rangamati in Bangladesh to grow coffee. Many people are cultivating coffee on a small scale with the promise of buying coffee. The company of North & Coffee brand as a local brand they are adding a flavor of coffee produced in Bangladesh in their items and it is a part of it.

North End Is Known As The Brand of Bangladesh

Although the North End started its journey with two foreigners in 2011, it is now established as a local bangladeshi brand. At present, there are more than three hundred customers of North End, the big hotels like Westin, Radisson, Sheraton in Dhaka and Chittagong are the big buyers of North End Coffee. Now their brand is marketing more than 40 tons of coffee a year. And the North End market is constantly growing because of the quality and standards.

What Is Available at North End Coffee Roasters?

Coffee of different genres from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia will be available at North End Coffee Shops. Besides, a type of coffee called 'Hill Tract Blend' from Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh can be found here. Besides coffee, different types of pastries are also available here. And their specialties are Coffee, Coffee Beans, Espresso Machines, Grinders, Roasting, Cafe Equipment, Coffee Academy, and Cafes also available. 

Famous And Popular Coffee Restaurant in Bangladesh

There are several quality coffee shops in this 'magical city' of our lives. Where those who are looking for coffee to be intoxicated by the taste and smell, these coffee restaurants will not disappoint them! The growing curiosity or attraction of the people of Dhaka towards coffee has also encouraged many entrepreneurs to start new coffee shops. 

Among them are well-known coffee restaurants and shops - North End Coffee Roasters, Gloria Jean's Coffee, Beans and Aromas, Barista, Bruises and bites, Bronia Cafe & Gallery, Georges Cafe, Kiva Han etc. 

North End Coffee Roasters Restaurant is now known as a Coffee Brand in BD

The first feature of the North End is that you can smell the 'drunk' smell of coffee as you climb the stairs of the restaurant. As soon as you open the door, you will feel like you are 'lost' in the state of coffee! You can see the imported coffee sacks arranged in layers behind the counter. Coffee from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Indonesia and even the Chittagong.

The Aroma of North End Coffee Can Be Seen All Over The Restaurant!

Coffee Bean Roasting is done every morning by Rick Hubbard, captain of the North End Coffee Brand. According to the owner of the brand, “These are curtain items from jute bags used for coffee. Coffee beans, roasting machines, sacks kept in sight from the coffee place. All this has been done in such a way that the coffee atmosphere is created in the whole cafe.” Moreover, according to him, "coffee roasting has become like an addiction to him."

Coffee Restaurants in Dhaka Are Now Crowded with Coffee Lovers!

Who says ‘that coffee house chat is no more today!’ Once upon a time it was difficult to find a good quality coffee restaurant in Dhaka city. However, keeping pace with the world, coffee was very rare. Coffee shops have sprung up in different parts of Dhaka city keeping pace with the changing tastes and needs of the people for cheering up the coffee hangouts. 

Buy Aromatic North End Branded Coffee at 

If you want to taste the coffee of this North End coffee shop, you have to go to the coffee shop in person. However, in a few days, you can order coffee online and enjoy the taste of coffee at home. And also order us online & let’s browse online site to get your favourite beverage at a reasonable price range.