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Nocilla  Chocolate Spread Brand Online in Bangladesh

Nocilla Brands of Chocolate Spread

Nocilla is a chocolate spread with a combination of chocolate, milk and hazelnut. It was first introduced in the late 1960s. From the Idilia company, a Spanish multinational company which is focused on delivering high quality, delicious products for breakfast in the morning and for breakfast in the afternoon. Nocilla Brands of this company is now known as the popular chocolate spread all over the world.

Nocilla Brand Included in Sajeeb Group of Companies

Sajeeb Group of Companies, one of the largest business groups in Bangladesh which started its journey in 1982 and has been operating successfully ever since. Over the years, the group has expanded its business activities in various industrial sectors, with a number of sister concerns contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the country. And Nocilla brand of popular food is being manufactured with fidelity.

Nostalgic Memories With Nocilla Brand!

Nocilla made from milk, chocolate and hazelnut is enough to enhance the taste of food. After all the fond memories of childhood, that taste is still in the mouth. From stealing Nocilla from the fridge to eating, Ammu's reprimand is everything in a memorable childhood. Everyone has some or the other nostalgic memories of Nocilla.

Since When Is The Nocilla Brand Being Sold in Bangladesh?

Sajeeb Corporation has been selling this Nocilla  product in Bangladesh since 1982. Their group's mission is to strengthen the lives of the people of Bangladesh. And meeting daily needs for nutrition with their brands that help people stay healthy. Sajeeb Group is dedicated to the health and well-being of the family which is why Nocilla brand is one of their top brands.

Extraordinary Breakfast with Nocilla & Bread

In other countries it is called nutella, in our country it is better known as nocilla. This nocilla and bread is eaten for breakfast in many homes. What if these two foods could be completely replaced? So many people make tasty food with recipes made from French toast rolls out of nocilla and fruit.

Products of Nocilla Brand 

Nocilla brand is basically chocolate spread which is used as base of bread, ruti, paratas, bakorkhani, biscuits, cake etc wherever you like to eat. Their branded products are found in two ways of jar and box in favour of Chocolate, hazelnuts, and milk. 

You can find Nocilla branded products on our ajkerdeal site at a reasonable price range and products are - Nocilla Mixed Flavor 135gm, 200gm, 320gm, Nocilla Chocolate Flavor 135gm, 200gm, 320gm, Nocilla Hazelnut spread, Nocilla chocolate cream.

Nocilla Is Known As A Halal Brand

Nocilla, your favorite, is considered an approved halal brand. Nocilla instantly adapts to different snacks from different times starting from breakfast. Nocilla in food is ahead to enhance the fun and delicacy of food. Nocilla Spread brand, everyone's favorite, for more than a decade.

Nocilla Two Colour Chocolate Cream 

Nocilla is a best food brand as an ideal food for kids. Nocilla is on the list of children's best choices. Chocolate means Nocilla and the taste of chocolate enhances the delicacy of the food. Nocilla Two Color Chocolate Cream contains two flavors of chocolate with white milk cream and chocolate cream. The delicious Nocilla brand of this mixed flavoured chocolate is quite popular.

Nocilla Brand As A Delicious And Nutritious Spread Food Brand

Enhance the taste of biscuits that are very tasty with Nocilla. You will also say that you will have a lot of fun if you spread the biscuits with a great combination of chocolate, milk and hazelnuts. You can spread the Nocilla directly as your base of choice, biscuits, paratahs, ruti etc. Even you can use it for making looks delicious and topping milkshakes, cakes or ice cream!

Shop For Nocilla Chocolate Spread From

Be it breakfast or afternoon chat. You always have to have a very interesting taste of Nocilla food. Nocilla instantly makes the boring parota delicious. And if you want to eat very tasty paratha, stay with our website and shop for Nocilla Brand.