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Nina Ricci Perfume Online in Bangladesh |

The Nina Ricci perfumes and fragrances have been heralded as symphonic in fragrance, with an incredibly deep blend of scents that complete an exclusive bouquet every time they are applied time to time. The Nina is the signature fragrance in the line of Nina Ricci fragrances and offers a gentle but very sharp, unique floral perfume. It was created all the way back in the year of 1987 and this formula has lasted the test of time, it is blend of specific woods, florals, variety of fruits, and greenery creating the perfect feminine aroma for a rich, romantic smell.

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History of Nina Ricci

In 1932 the Nina Ricci perfume was founded and after that it has remained one of the most prestigious fashion houses in all of France and around the globe. Madame Ricci established the brand along with her son Mr. Robert. After establishing, when they finally decided that setting up their own haute couture house then it was a lucrative business idea with many opportunities. Madame Ricci then took the major role of a fashion designer and Mr. Robert was the one who actually handled the business operation, including the finances and supply chain.

Their success was beyond expectation and then after a few years of success, Nina Ricci then began to offering a line of exclusive and luxury perfumes for the affluent and wealthy. Mr. Robert was the creator of these fragrances and scents, and he created a new line of products so that they can cope with the company's expansion in future. The first elegant and exclusive perfume made by him was named Coeur Jolie. Then after success that was followed by another one which was named the L'Air du Temps. This latter perfume is the one considered by most consumers as the most intricate. L'Air du Temps is even remains as Nina Ricci's one of the top seller products until these days.  

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Nina Ricci Exclusive Perfume for Men and women

To make you happy, has brought to you the latest collection of Nina Ricci perfume, fragrances and scents online in Bangladesh at market competitive prices and low price. Some Nina Ricci perfumes are-

L'air Du Temps Perfume: The L'air Du Temps by great Nina Ricci Perfume is excellent. You can pamper yourself by dabbing on a bit of L'air Du Temps by Nina Ricci. This natural fragrance is the right choice for women who really want to surround themselves in an air of luxury, gorgeousness. This ambrosial perfume is an excellent and perfect blend of floral notes of the rose, jasmine and the iris with a woody note of cedar. The elegance and beauty of this perfume is great for any formal event.

Nina Perfume: The Nina by great Nina Ricci Perfume is excellent. You can treat yourself to the rich, floral aroma of the Nina, which was created in 2006 by the great Nina Ricci, and exude an air of timeless sophistication that lasts for hours and keep going.

Nina L'extase Perfume: The Nina L'extase by great Nina Ricci Perfume is excellent. The L’Extase was launched in the year of 2015 as the introduction to Nina Ricci’s third pillar of luxury and prestigious fragrances that are inspired by desires unique to women and it is the finest women perfume

Premier Jour Perfume: The Premier Jour by great Nina Ricci Perfume is excellent. It is exclusively intended for modern and strong women who are refined and assured. The Premier Jour is a luxurious, gorgeous one-of-a-kind perfume. It is introduced by the design house of Nina Ricci in the year of 2001 and Premier Jour is a luminous, bright departure from common scents and fragrance.  

Luna Nina Ricci Perfume: The Luna Nina Ricci by great Nina Ricci Perfume is excellent. You can indulge yourself in forbidden fruit with the Luna Nina Ricci, a sumptuous, lavish scent for the woman of purified elegance. A musky oriental, this exclusive perfume is perfect for a night at the opera, party, winter BBQ party.  

Mademoiselle Ricci Perfume: The Mademoiselle Ricci by great Nina Ricci Perfume is excellent. This is a feminine and very much enjoyable perfume for daytime, office use. The Mademoiselle Ricci is an exclusive perfume by the scent design team at Nina Ricci.

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