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NeoCare Belt System Baby Diaper L (7-18 kg) - 50pcs৳ 1299
NeoCare Belt System Baby Diaper S (3-6 kg) - 50pcs৳ 999
NeoCare Belt System Baby Diaper M (4-9 kg) - 50pcs৳ 1250
NeoCare Belt System Baby Diaper XL (11-25 kg) - 50pcs৳ 1399
NeoCare Baby Diaper New Born (0-4Kg) 20pcs৳ 699
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NeoCare Diaper Online Store in Bangladesh - Buy Baby care products at the Cheapest Price

From parents to relatives - everyone is happy to welcome a new baby. However, care is much needed for a newborn. Baby Diapers are one of the most useful and necessary products for them. It also relieves the house or clothes from being dirty, as it saves the working mother’s time. Diapers may be a little difficult to use or change at first, but it will gradually become easier. Parents need to keep an eye on some things when using diapers for toddlers. Or the person who is changing the baby’s diaper should have good knowledge about it.

If the quality of a baby's diapers should be very good. Baby diapers can be worn comfortably. But even after taking proper care of the baby, he or she cries at night. Moreover, when the weather is not so cold, he or she can be caught by cold and become sick because of the wet diaper. The problem begins with an infection.

Parents should be aware of when buying diapers. The quality and absorbency of diapers need to be known. Also should be made sure that the comfort is there.

The Use of Diapers

The use of diapers has increased in civilian life. There is a trend of wearing diapers until the baby is two and a half years old. Two types of diapers can be worn: disposable and cotton. Modern parents have found the benefits of such a baby-care product. Especially, when it's time to get out with the baby diaper helps a lot. 

While using a diaper, parents should be very careful so that the inner plastic of a diaper shouldn’t touch the baby’s skin. The weight of the diaper should also be kept in mind so that it should not be too heavy. This is very uncomfortable for a child. Also, diapers should be changed once he does urine or toilet in the diaper.

Suitable Diapers

New parents can use diapers for their babies. There are several types of baby diapers of all ages. As a result, the mother can choose age-appropriate diapers. The timing and requirements of diapers should be adjusted for the baby during hot, cold, rainy seasons.

Wearing A Diaper

If the diapers can't be worn too tightly, then the children will be very upset. It should be changed every 6 hours. Baby's stools need to be cleaned as quickly as possible.

Changing A Baby’s Diaper

Baby diapers need to be carefully and properly cleaned with wet cloths, baby wipes when changing diapers. The baby’s backside should have to be wiped from front to back. Otherwise, the bacteria can be infected, causing urinary infections.

The knees and buttocks should also be cleaned. At the end of the wipe, wipe with a dry clean cloth. You can then use an ointment or moisturizing baby lotion before wearing diapers again.

Some Important And Useful Tips

* Many parents put their baby on diapers all night. It can be harmful to children. If the baby is lying in a wet diaper all night, the baby's skin will feel rash. Because of this, it gets cold. In addition, if the urine stays in the body for a long time, it spreads the infection. Diapers should be changed when needed at night.

* Hard diapers can often cause scars around the baby's legs and waist. There can be occurred itching.

* If a rash is noticed on the legs and waist in place of the baby diaper, the diaper should be stopped using for a few days.

* To prevent the spread of germs, wash the hands thoroughly after changing the baby's diaper.

* Diapers can not be worn more tightly. The diapers need to change for at least 6 hours.

* It is necessary to change the diaper after doing urine or stool.

Neocare Diapers

Neocare is a type of disposable diaper that is used to keep the baby clean. 

The Benefits of Using Neocare

The benefits of using Neocare are as follows:

  • Very easy to use, no need for frequent cleaning, so no hassle.
  • A certain size neocare is available for a child of a certain age so it fits right.
  • It is very easy for a child to wear.
  • Keeps the child free from wet and boring feelings.
  • Also Keeps the child free from the hassle of repeated cleaning.
  • Ensures a clean and healthy home environment and keeps the house free from the polluted environment.
  • Disposable diapers are eco-friendly.
  • Due to its long-time protection, it is affordable to use.
  • It gives full freedom to the child's play and movement.
  • Keeps the baby dry and disease-free.
  • At night, the child sleeps comfortably so that the parents get full rest.