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Myone tv remote control৳ 499
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MyOne Electronics Brand Online in Bangladesh |

MyOne Electronics Brand

Despite having many brands of electronics, the demand for MyOne brand products is high in Bangladesh now. MyOne Electronics Industries Limited is one of the fastest growing electronics industries in Bangladesh. It was established in 2002 by Mr. MA Razzak Khan, Founder of MyOne Electronics Industries Limited.

Apart from their LED TVs, refrigerators, ACs, MyOne's electric fan, table fan, microwave oven, blender — these products are also of great interest to buyers. The lower and middle classes now want to buy TVs and refrigerators at lower prices. The MyOne brand has been established keeping in mind their needs.

MyOne Electronics Products Brand  For The Common Peoples

MyOne Electronic Company started their journey on June 1, 2002. The MyOne brand has come up with products in the interest of the purchasing power of the common man. As they have witnessed many memorable moments since the beginning of the journey.

They have designed their electronic products in such a way that they get the highest acceptance keeping in mind the purchasing power of the common man. The MyOne brand has always embraced the latest technology and has occupied a good place in the electronics market with respect.

MyOne Brand Mission

In order to continue the winning situation between the customer and us, innovative initiatives must always be compelled and ensured to benefit the society in a larger quality and longevity, including the performance of the law and with pride of moral values. MyOne Brand already has 300 more service points for great customer service. Service points in every police station town of the country should be implemented gradually with MyOne brand products when needed.

MyOne Electronics Branded Products

Realizing the value of local brands, the latest technology based industry in Bangladesh has established this brand in the hearts of the common people of the country. Their main products are based on home appliances and electronics needs. 

Air Conditioners in Split, Television in CRT TV, LED TV in 16", 19", 22", 24", 28", 31" Provina, SMART LED TV, 14", 21", 27" Color Television, TV Remote Control, General Refrigerator, Refrigerator, Water Filter in Water-100/101, Chest Freezer, Freezer, Refrigerator, Ice cream Freezer, Showcase Freezer. 

Home Appliances, Blender, Table Fan Ceiling Fan, FAN in King, Nabil, Gold, Cool, Cool (st), Induction Cooker, Induction Chula in ric cula MY-EC-HP-202D6, Iron in type-631, Iron, my-09, My-09, type-631, Pressure Cooker in My-pc-301/302, Sandwich Maker, Rice Cooker in My-rc-2.2/2.8, Stabilizer, Toaster, Washing Machine.

Buyers Can Always Buy MyOne Brand Electronics Products at A Discount Price!

MyOne brand always offers discounts on their electronics products for their specific respected buyers, so that they can buy their products at affordable prices and within reach. MyOne brand has given a 15 percent discount on all MyOne products including LED TV, refrigerator, AC to attract buyers. 

In addition, the freezer will be available at 18,700 to 30,200 Tk BDT. Different models of refrigerators priced from Tk 16,425 to Tk 30,200 with an eight-year replacement guarantee.And one ton of AC will match within 39 thousand rupees which is within the budget of the buyers.

MyOne Brand Television, LED TV & Smart LED TV

Once upon a time, there was a monopoly power of 'box' television in the living room of middle class families. That day has changed. Now that box television is almost gone. That place is now occupied by thin LED televisions. The price of LED televisions is also slowly coming within reach and in this case My One brand is first and foremost for the consumers.

TV is no longer a device for watching programs broadcast from television stations. Connected to the Internet, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix nowadays TVs allow you to watch as your wish. These TVs are known as smart TVs. ‘Smart’ is now one of the most talked about words. Smart devices are devices that are quick or artificially intelligent. 

The remote control device is also smart now by pressing a button. Home television has also changed, now it is not just an opportunity to watch programs broadcast from the television station. In the age of the internet, this one box is enough for checking emails, social media, reading the news of the country, and reading news. The TVs that can be connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi network are all smart TVs.

Shop For MyOne Electronic Branded Products From Ajkerdeal Online Site 

In this online site you can buy all the products of My One brand within your budget and payment options include cash on delivery, different types of payment methods, 0% EMI facility, bKash, DBBL banking payment, IPE, MasterCard, Visa card, Amex. They offer 10% to 50% cashback when paying through bKash.