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The definition of beauty is changing day by day in modern times. Fair complexion, merciless face, and having a bunch of hair is beautiful, this idea is out of fashion today. However, smooth, radiant skin is always appreciated. And whatever the color of the skin, the radiance of the face but increases confidence.

However, there is no shortage of girls trying to lighten the complexion. Because, every day the beauty is getting lost in the sun and wet in the rain, the normal color of the skin is getting lost. Many people use expensive beauty treatments called skin polish or fair polish in beauty parlors to get fair skin, it is very harmful to the skin. Because not everything is suitable for everyone's skin, many can have side effects. On the other hand, it is not safe to lighten the complexion by melanin surgery. So the safest solution to whitening is to use a good and safe cream and use home remedies.

Below is a description of some face packs that lighten the skin color naturally. With the use of some of these, different beauty will appear on the skin. No, these face packs may not turn bright overnight. However, the skin color will be pale up to a few shades. The real beauty of your skin will be revealed. Acne and other skin problems will also go away. You will see the difference in just two weeks.

Some Description of Face Packs are given below -

Homemade Face packs for Brightening The Skin

Make a face pack by mixing potato juice and raw milk. Add sandalwood powder. Apply this mixture on the face twice a day for 20 minutes. The faster the color will brighten. There is no problem even if you don't give sandalwood. After 20 minutes, wash with water.

Make a face pack by mixing Multani soil, crushed lotus petals, and neem leaf paste and rice powder to brighten oily skin. Apply on the face and neck also. Wash off after 20 minutes. After washing, apply raw milk on the face for another half an hour.

Effect of Good Food to Brighten The Skin

If one eats good food, his impression will fall on one’s face. From beauty experts to doctors, no one denies this. However, there are some foods that brighten the face a lot. Let's take a look at some of these healthy foods.

Coffee and Coconut Oil

The combination of coffee and coconut oil will work very well in scrubbing your face and body. However, do not scrub frequently. And do not scrub around the eyes. Scrubbing twice a week with a mixture of coffee and coconut or almond oil will kill dead cells in the body.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can act as a moisturizer for your body. After sunset, you can lightly go outside and apply olive oil. You can also use it as a night cream before going to bed at night. It works very well for washing makeup.

Bason and Milk

Milk is very good for skin nutrition as it contains a lot of lactic acids. The skin is also much softer in milk. If you mix a little besan with milk and massage it all over your face, the dirt accumulated in your mouth due to pollution will be cleared.


Honey is very effective on sensitive skin. Honey is used in most cosmetics. A mixture of cinnamon and honey removes blemishes on the face. Keeping skin hydrated is not comparable to honey.


Yogurt is very beneficial for dry skin. Make a mixture with honey, besan and turmeric with yogurt and apply it on the face for 10 to 20 minutes and then clean it well. The skin will look fresh and baby soft.


Papaya is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids. If you have spots in your face, you can get good results by mixing papaya. Papain helps to eliminate enzyme pigmentation. Make a paste of smashing papaya and apply it on the face for about 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Description of MyFair Cream is given below - 

MyFair Cream

The cream is manufactured by Zee Laboratories, India. The cream contains Mometasone (0.1 %w/w) + Hydroquinone (2 %w/w) + Tretinoin (0.025 %w/w), etc.


Myfair Cream is a combination of medicine and cream. It is used for the intermittent and short-term treatment of moderate to severe melasma or dark and discolored patches, uneven tone of the face. This medicine is not recommended for users who are less than 12 years of age. Myfair Cream is best for the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation. It lightens the dark patches of the face and makes the face beautiful. It is also best for fair and blemish-free skin. Warning - The cream will be sold by retail on the prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner or an MBBS Doctor only.

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