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Buy Original Munchy’s Products at Chep Price in Bangladesh

Munchy’s is a Malaysia-based snack food manufacturing company that started in 1991 in Batu Pahat, Johor. Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd (well known as Munchy's) has distributed its delicious snacks to over 60 countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and more. 


Munchy’s started in 1991. A group of biscuit experts formulated their first successful crunch with a second-hand wafer stick machine in a small peaceful town of southern Malaysia.

The origin of the Munichy’s started with the setting up of two brothers SK Tan and LK Tan Munichy Food Industries. With an initial investment of RM80,000, the brothers get involved with their siblings, CK Tan and Net Tan, and developed the company to its current status.

As the family business grew to be one of Malaysia’s top producers of quality confectionery products the brothers decided to expand Munchy's worldwide, Munichy's manufacturing capacity increased. South Africa was the first destination for international expansion. Later, the brothers formed a partnership with a reputed MNC chocolate company that enabled them to include chocolate wafer by expanding Munchy’s product range.

Munchy's Factory

In 1996, Munich's factory was built in Johor, Malaysia, with 120,000 square feet (11,000 m2) of real estate and fully automated wafer technology. Considered to be the most advanced fully automated wafer plant in Southeast Asia to date, three new products were released - Mojic Wafers, Muncheny Wafer Rolls and Lexus Biscuits.

Today, Munchy's possess a plant and warehouse facility in Batu Paha, Johor, Munich, Malaysia. The built-up area of these facilities is over 300,000 square feet (28,000 m2) and is equipped with:

2 wafer plants with the capacity to produce up to 410 tonnes per month.

4 biscuit plants with a production capacity of up to 2,940 tonnes per month.

5 wafer stick machines with 20 production lines with a production capacity of up to 280 tonnes per month.

It was also a very challenging time for the company because it borrowed a lot of money for the multi-million ringgit equipment and ran smack into the regional financial crisis, which pushed up the cost of the equipment in ringgit terms.  But the Tan family persevered and managed to get suppliers to let them pay by installment. 


Munchy Food, hitherto producing only wafers and wafer sticks, began making biscuits, and now biscuits sales are about equal to those of its wafer products. 

The company decided to set up its own sales and marketing team, and since 1997, its turnover has grown by double-digit percentage annually. At present, the team handles some 7,000 outlets nationwide.

The confectionery maker is aimed for an ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Point) certifications that made it easier to penetrate overseas markets. 

With strong demand for Munchy’s products in China, the company invested in a factory in 2011 that cost US$12 million. The acquisition of the factory was to cater to the markets in China and other Asian countries.

In 2016, Munchy’s invested in a manufacturing plant in Jakarta, Indonesia, through a joint venture with two big companies — Indonesia’s Alpha Group and Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp.

Using technology from Europe. Munchy’s introduced a new bakery product -  croissants

The Products of Munchy’s

With the commitment to have facilities of the highest quality in order to achieve the best product quality,  the company has invested in a fully-integrated conveyer system to state-of-the-art warehouses including two wafer plants, four biscuit plants and four wafer-stick machines with 16 production lines.  These allow munchies to have maximum production capacity of 5,000 tons upwards per month. 

What are the available Munchy’s snacks?

Munchy’s currently carries a wide range of snacks. Until today Munchy’s has more than 10 types of biscuits and wafer brands. Here are some of the most popular snacks from Munchy’s.

Munchy’s Original Cream Cracker

  • Lexus
  • Oat Krunch
  • Muzic Bites
  • Choc-O
  • Captain Munch
  • Assorted Funmix and Topmix
  • Yosss
  • Munchy’s Choc Sandwich
  • Munchy’s Wheat Crackers

Is Munchy’s halal?

Most Malaysian food and snacks have a halal certification and Munchy’s take their halal status quite seriously. Munchy’s has a dedicated halal committee to ensure that all snacks meet the requirements.

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