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Buy Mosbeau Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

From a humble company started by Mr. Mitsaharu Hayashi in Asia Hiago Japan over a decade ago, Mosbau has become a skin whitening and anti-aging expert, making it 100% and high-quality skincare products made in Japan. The name is understood from the source - "most" and "beautiful". It uses erase ingredients: horse placental protein and Japan-patented placental protein, which has Mossbau cut-and-write for skin over-allergies. Beyond skincare, Mossbau has successfully appeared in products specifically made for slimming and general wellness.

From Japan to the world

Mossbau has a trusted team of people from different backgrounds who work together to provide the latest and most effective beauty. We assure our customers that Mossbau reflects on Japan's expertise in making 100% of Japan-made products. From clinical research, material sourcing, product development, production, and packaging, our customers are convinced to realize the latest technology from Japan.

100% Made in Japan

Mossbau became a skin whitening and anti-aging specialist from a humble company started by Mr. Mitsaharu Hayashi in Japan over a decade ago in Asia Haigo, a 100% made in Japan and high-quality skincare product.

The best supplements and cosmetics are the best

From clinical research, material sourcing, product development, manufacturing, and packaging, Mossbau offers the best in the world, whitening the skin, anti-aging, skin cell renewal, health, and general well-being. Each product is manufactured using in-depth and advanced technology developed from an in-depth study with valuable, rare, and powerful ingredients.

Excellence is our trademark

It didn't happen overnight to become a global brand. Mosbau found its niche by responding to the beauty aspirations of its customers that other brands failed to offer. Because of this, Mossbau not only assumed their loyalty but was also recognized by various award-winning companies.

Supplementary parts

Mossbau Planta White Advanced Food Supplement

Japan has the best-combined ingredients for shocking and anti-aging.

Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement is the company's flagship product. It is the first and only supplement to produce any product unparalleled on the market, with the patented Marine Placental Protein and Horse Placental Protein Plus 10 active ingredients in Japan. Producing expertise beyond expectations, it is established as the most recognized producer of 100% made in Mossbau Japan Placental Protein-based products that have proven clinically safe and effective.

Mossbau Planta College Jelly Catering

Synchronization of the 3 best ingredients in Japan - placental protein, fish collagen, and L-cysteine

Mossbau is also known for its leading product, Mossbau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement. It perfectly combines the energy of L-Cysteine, Horse Placental Protein, Japan-Patented Marine Placental Protein, and Fish Collagen, which work together to keep the skin youthful, firm and light. Ready to eat, mango flavored jelly sticks are perfect for women. It is also low in calories and low in sugar so it does not affect body image.

All-in-one series

Mossbau All-In-One Series offers all the benefits needed to keep skin fresh, radiant, young, and beautiful. Each product is carefully designed to be multi-functional, making each and every use completely irrelevant to the skin.

Elder Daphne Series

Mossbau All-In-One Series offers all the benefits needed to keep skin fresh, radiant, young, and beautiful. Each product is carefully designed to be multi-functional, making each and every use completely irrelevant to the skin.


Placental protein

The best whitening and anti-aging material in Japan

The placenta plays an important role in a person's body formation because it contains almost all the nutrients needed for life - proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is a rich source of amino acids that is vital for skin rejuvenation. It activates the skin's production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid needed to replace old cells with new ones. During the regeneration of these cells, the weak and aged skin naturally regenerates to reveal a white, shiny, and youthful-looking skin. Due to its triple action formula, it is considered as one of the best ingredients in Japan: shocking, anti-aging, and rejuvenating skin cells.

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