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Milton Lunch Box For Office Hot 4 Container৳ 1299
Milton Executive Lunch Box Soft Insulated Tiffin Box (2 SS Container,1 Microwave Safe Container)৳ 890
Orginal Milton Executive Lunch Box 2 Steel &1 Microwave Safe Plastik Box৳ 876
Milton Lunch Box - 4 Container৳ 1300
Milton Brunch Maxx Tiffin Box (500ml)৳ 499
Milton Lunch Box For Office Hot 4 Container৳ 1300
Orginal Milton Executive Lunch Box 2 Steel & 1 Microwave Safe Plastik Box৳ 900
Milton Fiona Hot Pot Set - Olive৳ 1500
Orginal Milton Executive Lunch Box 2 Steel & 1 Microwave Safe Plastik Box৳ 908
Milton Fiona Hot Pot Set - Olive৳ 1500
Orginal Milton Executive Lunch Box 2 Steel & 1 Microwave Safe Plastik Box৳ 900
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Milton Houseware Products Brand Online in Bangladesh

Theme of Author of Change, Innovation & Evolution with The Milton Brand 

The name Milton is reminiscent of school-day tiffin meals, reminds colleagues of daily office squabbles for hot meals from the lunch box, or invokes memories of the many home appliances that Milton brand products for convenience in life, but many already know the name. And so the Milton brand according to their theme in the innovation efforts and  changes.

Milton Houseware Group Products Brand

To be officially introduced, Milton is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of houseware products in India. Their products are always in line with new changes, innovations and evolutions. The Milton brand has established more than 55,000 retailers and strategic manufacturing units across India since the 19th century.

Title of “Kuch Naya Sochte Hain” in Milton Brand

This Milton Brand titel considered as "Let's think of something new" with the evolution of Hallmark in progress. Milton company believes that in innovating houseware products which lead the way of convenience to life with the endlessly innovative world of Milton products. Milton is part of the Hamilton Group of Companies, including Claro, Spotzero and Treo brands.

Miton Branded Bottles Category Products

There is no substitute for water to quench thirst. You have to spend a lot of time outside the house. Pure water is not always available at hand. So it is wise to take a bottle of water with you when you go out to prevent dehydration in hot weather. Can keep with a beautiful bottle to carry pure water. 

Water bottles of various colors, designs and sizes of high quality plastic, glass and aluminum are available in the market. And in this case Milton brand bottles are being marketed quite well. Milton bottle categories based on Insulated Plastic Bottles, On The Go Bottles, PET Bottles, Thermosteel Bottles, Unisteel Bottles. 

The Story of The Tiffin Box

When we think of the tiffin box, we think of our school tiffin. We all used to take tiffins to school, but the tiffin boxes were not as shiny as they are now. It was a little domestic, a little simple. With the change of time, the demand for innovation is also increasing like new tiffin boxes, new water bottles, new bags, new handkerchiefs in the pocket etc. And the Milton Brand Tiffin Box Collection is one of them. Tiffin categories include Insulated Plastic Tiffins, Thermosteel Tiffins, Electric Tiffins, Snack Boxes, Softline, iFresh Series, Unisteel Tiffins.

Exclusive Original Milton Lunch Box to Keep Hot Food Inside The Bag

When going to the office or a picnic, many people take a box or container of food for the purpose of eating healthy food. And mainly employees take office food for lunch and for that they want a good microwave safe lunch box so that they can eat the office food hot. Belt to easy carrying with Milton brand lunch boxes like 100 percent leak proof round containers. This box of content remains hot food for hours. 

Milton Brand Tiffin Box Type & Hotpot

Classes, coaching or long term chats require breaks and eating during those breaks. If you don't want to eat this or that in a restaurant by spending money, you can bring foods or something hot and tasty from home. It is not bad for him to have a hotpot in his backpack.

There are tiffin boxes of different layers. The number of layers of the box will depend on the regular item of the tiffin. One or two layer boxes are enough for school-college. Again, it can be easily carried in a tour bag. If you want to buy a plastic tiffin box, you have to buy food grade plastic. It is better not to keep hot food in an ordinary plastic box.

Buy MILTON Lunch Box - 4 Container From 

For office use, Milton Brand has come up with a beautiful designer container attached layer lunch box that can be easily washed and cleaned after use. It comes with SS Containers with Leak Lock Lead. Insulated, keep food hot for long hours. 

It is attached with belt & handle systems for convenience to carry anywhere. Ideal for Office use. If you want to buy these container lunch boxes of Milton brand then browse our site now.