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Buy Online Original Milk Vita Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (Milk Vita)  is a trustworthy and renowned name in the field of the dairy industry.  Milk Vita produces pure, safe, and hygienic milk and milk products maintaining international standards in order to ensure the sound health of the country’s citizens. No one is compatible with Milk vita in the dairy industry as they maintain quality from production to distribution. To maintain a balanced diet we have to drink a glass of milk everyday and It is the primary source of nutrition for infant mammals (including humans who are breastfed) . Before taking normal food it is very necessary for newborn babies. Milk Vita ensures that pure milk from their own dairy firm. Milk Vita has a 70 percent market share of liquid milk in Bangladesh. prefers quality at a reasonable price and maintains its market reputation as well.

All the Milk vita products are available in Ajkerdeal and they are serving the best delivery system to fulfill your ordered product timely. Ajkerdeal Is the largest E-Commerce in Bangladesh. Nowadays it’s becoming a popular marketplace for both sellers and buyers. Approximately 400000 products are available on ajkerdeal website. You can get all products by visiting and grab your needs under a solitary umbrella. Regularly ajkerdeal adds around 1000 items in their categories to attract merchants. As a local E-commerce performs well and tries to develop its service every day. Here you will get amazing support from the Ajkerdeal team to fulfill your delivered product. Ajkerdeal is proudly presenting the super Milk Vita and delivering it to your doorsteps.

Since 1974 Milk Vita has been the name of purity in the field of the dairy industry and serving quality milk all over the country. Milk Vita Products manufactured by the company include liquid milk, yogurt, cream, powder milk, butter, and ghee. We couldn’t imagine a single day without milk because every family is dependent on milk for Protein and natural fat. Besides, for guest felicitation yogurt is very popular in Bangladesh. Milk Vita products are very hygienic and safe that’s why it takes a huge market share in Bangladesh. Milk Vita plays a major to accomplish milk demand across the country. 

From the last fifty years, Milk Vita occupies the Bangladesh dairy market by pure milk and milk-related products which are hygienic and reliable. All the products are manufactured at their own factory. Nowadays people are more conscious about health and try to be aware of drinking milk. After comparing it with other Brands, customers would select Mil Vita because of Its brand value. Thus Milk Vita creates market value and customers are very much loyal about their products. This customer loyalty helps them to grab a huge customer base easily

Types of Products:

  1. Pasteurized Liquid Milk
  2. Flavored Milk
  3. Butter
  4. Full Cream Powder
  5. Skimmed Milk Powder
  6. Ghee
  7. Ice Cream
  8. Lollies
  9. Rosh Malai ( Sweet meet)

The product value of Milk vita

Mik Vita's authority strictly maintains overall quality and hygienic conditions. Most of the products of Milk Vita are certified by the BSTI, The Government Authority of The Standards and Quality of Products in Bangladesh. The main motto of Milk Vita is to raise the subsidiary income of the poor and get the proper price and they recognize them as a guaranteed market all the year-round. Skilled manpower is appointed in production and they are giving their best to manufacture a quality product. 

You may drink Milk Vita without any hesitation because

1) They are giving vaccination to cows against common epidemic diseases.

2) Free artificial insemination service for the cows with deep-frozen semen for upgrading local breed

3) Fodder Extension services for high yield of raw milk

4) Arrangement of balance cattle feed at no-profit-no-loss basis;

5) Training for better animal husbandry practices by the farmers;


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