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8 In 1 Screwdriver Set And Tools - Yellow And Black৳ 310
Touch Trimmer Micro৳ 446
Micro Touch Max Trimmer..৳ 500
Micro Touch Max Hair And Nose Trimmer৳ 380
8 In 1 Screwdriver Set And Tools - Yellow And Black৳ 516
8 In 1 Screwdriver Set And Tools - Yellow And Black৳ 200
Micro Touch Trimmer.৳ 473
MICRO TOUCH MAX Hair & Nose Trimmer৳ 580
Micro Touch SOLO Mens Rechargeable Full Body Hair Trimmer, Shaver and Groomer৳ 1150
MICRO TOUCH MAX Hair Trimmer৳ 500
MICRO TOUCH MAX Hair Trimmer৳ 767
Micro Touch Max Trimmer / sc৳ 700
MICRO TOUCH MAX Hair Trimmer৳ 833
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Micro Touch Max


A trimmer is essential and useful to trim your beard and hair. Besides, a handy trimmer can help you to get a perfect trim every time. So that you can get a handsome look for any official meetings or party. Heavy trimmers can be hard and complex to use. Again, there are unusual parts in your body like nose and ear where you can’t use a regular trimmer to trim the hair. In that case, only a suitable and specific trimmer can be ideal for you to use there. Micro Touch Max is one of those specific trimmers for you. Let’s check-in details and its price and availability in Bangladesh.      

What is Micro Touch Max

Micro Touch Max Trimmer is a personal Trimmer. That is very much lightweight and portable. It is a specific trimmer for using an unusual part of your body. However, it comes with a feature of a large blade that cuts more smoothly and sharply. It comes with a German stainless-steel blade, which is safer and sharper than any other blades. At the same time, it has a handy rubber grip which is non-slippery so that you can hold it perfectly. Additionally, this micro trimmer is attached with two combs on the side.      

You can use this personal trimmer for your eyebrows and sideburns. Also, you can use it where you can’t use a regular trimmer. This easy use trimmer runs with a double AA-size pencil battery.

How to Use Micro Touch Max

Grooming and trimming narrow parts like inside the nose and eyebrow can be a hassle with a regular trimmer. So that it's ideal to use a micro touch max trimmer to trim unwanted hair growth on these parts.

Using a razor blade can ruin the edge of your hairstyle. Similarly using scissors can be painful. In that case, you can choose a micro touch max trimmer for precise and perfect grooming. Now you can remove embarrassing nose hair with this trimmer.

Micro Touch Max is a simple trimmer. You can simply touch this trimmer where you want to trim. You will notice the smooth trimming by the trimmer. Again, this trimmer comes with a light that indicates the trimming area. All you need to put the trim guard on and then you will be ready to trim your messy eyebrows and even to shape your beard.

Where to Use Micro Touch Max

Micro Touch Max trimmer is suitable where you can’t use a regular razor or trimmer. So that it comes with some special features to trim special parts. Micro Touch Max Trimmer is perfect for-

  • Neck/ Sideburns
  • Eyebrows
  • Ears
  • Chest/Back Shoulder
  • Nose
  • Arms
  • Hands/ Finger
  • Hair Edge
  • Beard Shaping

Using scissors or a blade on these parts can be painful. Maybe you can ruin the perfect shape. But Micro Touch Max Trim can help you to use it with great comfort. At the same time, it is easy and safe. As the only power source of this micro touch max is pencil batteries. So that there is no chance of getting electric shock by using it.

Where to Buy Where to Use Micro Touch Max

You can find Micro Touch Max Trimmer on any nearby shop in your local area. You can get it in grocery stores too. But if you have any super shop around you then it will be better to buy it from there. So that you can trust the shop for the quality of the product.

Again, you can buy this from online stores. Online stores are always ideal to find what you are looking for. Here you can compare the price as well as you can check the product reviews to know the customer's feedback against the product. is one of the largest online stores in Bangladesh. You can buy anything that you need from here.

How Much Can Cost a Micro Touch Max Trimmer is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh. So that you can find anything here. always offers the best product at the best price. is a marketplace with thousands of merchants and vendors. So that the seller offers various ranges of products at a suitable price to the customer. So that their price varies based on their quality and pricing policy and offer. always declares the replica product by mentioning a copy or replica on the product’s title. So that you can know before buying.

Micro Touch Max Trimmer's price starts from 200 Tk to 500 Tk. You will get lots of price variety and buy the one that matches your budget. Also, check the product ratings & reviews before buying.  


Above all, Micro Touch Max Trimmer is very much portable. At the same time, it is very lightweight. So that you can take it anywhere you move. Just to mention that it's a very handy trimmer for tours and travel. So that you don’t need to worry about trimming and resizing your beard or nose hair. Also, you don’t need to face trouble to charge this trimmer. Only two AA size pencil batteries is enough for this. That’s how you can save your time for hassle-free trimming and grooming and get ready instantly for any meeting or function.