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MIB Spirit - Bangladeshi Brand Online

MIB Spirit is a proud Bangladeshi brand. MIB Spirit produces all its products with love and affection. Their products are the expression of patriotism. They are dedicated to their local wisdom and environment. All of the products of the MIB Spirit are locally sourced.

Basically, MIB Spirit is a group of people motivated by patriotism, trying to change how they perceive lifestyle goods. They make products that are locally sourced, green, stylish, and still of top-notch quality.

MIB Spirit’s tagline is ‘Made in Bangladesh’. A small group of people is trying to change their lifestyle goods by producing products for this company. They have emerged as a brand from a nation that is trying to reach for the stars. They have fought the worst, seen the devastation, and finally came back with a bang. 

MIB Spirit calls themselves ‘Glocal’, that means a blend of local and global. They have created global products with local materials. They believe that life is not constant, it is always evolving. Their brand is also like life. Sometimes struggling, sometimes good and sometimes bad. 

MIB Spirit believes in discovering new sustainable textiles, repurposed, and rescued materials and turn them into magic. They believe in being eco-friendly and incorporating justifiable solutions in the operations. They use recycled papers and they are committed to nature and sustainability from the inside-out. They design, photograph, showcase, and sell their products all from the same place. Thus they complete transparency of the whole process.

Products of MIB Spirit

MIB Spirit produces different kinds of bags such as Ladies Bag, Backpack, Office Bag, Laptop Bag, Designer Bag, Satchel, Tote bag, Duffel, Notebook, Wallet, Men's and Women's Accessories, etc.

Types of Bags

Some of the Types of Bags are given below -

Framed Bag

Bags that have a metal frame on the upper side and on both sides are known as framed bags. The framed bag is quite heavy even when it is empty due to its metal frame. So this bag is not always suitable for use. This bag is made of hard material and cannot be carried flat, so it takes up a lot of space. Framed purses and bags are quite popular for use in various types of parties and weddings. Framed bags are medium-sized and can carry a lot of things.

Baguette Bag

These bags are quite wide and small in length. This bag is perfect for casual daily use. This bag can also be taken with any type of dress like sari, kameez, western at any party, wedding, or function. These are not large in size, so only the necessary accessories, such as a mobile phone, money, mirror, lipstick, and a comb can be taken.

Duffel Bag

The duffel bag is quite large in size. These are usually used for sports or travel. It has a lot of space so you can take a lot of clothes, shoes and travel items. Those who go to the regular gym and exercise carry extra clothes. Those who do sports carry jerseys, towels, sports equipment, etc in it.

Tote Bag

The tote bag is the most widely used and common bag. This medium to large size bags has two small straps or handles. All the girls have tote bags. This bag is very popular among working women because it has a lot of space and can carry a lot of things together. This bag can be carried with all kinds of dresses like sari, kameez, western. Fashionable tote bags can be used in any program.

Sachel Bag

The bags that girls usually use from medium to large size handles to hold all kinds of daily necessities are sachel bags. The floor is usually flat and has two short handles or a long belt. When buying these bags, you should choose a neutral color, such as black or deep brown color in leather. White type colors should be avoided as they get dirty very quickly. Also, it is better to avoid bags with very metal or logo design. Since these bags come in different sizes, many people use them in college, university, office, etc.

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag has a long strap that allows it to be slung over the shoulder. Many carry this bag hanging horizontally to one side over the chest. These bags are much more popular among students. These range from small to medium size. A few things like 2 or 3 books, umbrellas, water bottles, etc. can be carried in these. This bag is usually worn with a shirt and a western dress.

Laptop Bag

Laptop bags are commonly used to carry laptops safely. The laptop also carries its charger, port, cable, etc. These bags usually have a separate compartment for holding laptops. The laptop can be set nicely in that compartment.

Some Products from MIB Spirit Brand

Juniper Berlin Blue

This Juniper Berlin Bue bag is perfect for the students who need a classic backpack for regular use. This backpack features a marl effect exterior with the quilt fabrics for the sporting finish. The dimension of this bag is 17 x 11 x 5 inches.

Merino Grey Plaid

MIB Spirit brings a luxurious Grey Plaid patterned worsted fabric laptop sleeve with smooth leather that has multi-fold spacious chambers. It comes in two classic impressions to carry laptop and essentials in elegance. The dimension of this bag is 34 x 24.5 x 3 cm.


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