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Buy Merisant’s Products Canderel and Equal at Best Price in Bangladesh

Merisant Company is one of the leading zero/low-calorie sugar substitutes manufacturers worldwide such as Canderel and Equal. Canderel and Equal are the sweetener brands of choice for millions of people around the world. Equal and Canderel are directly imported from Europe and sold by ACI limited in Bangladesh.

Few words about Merisant

Merisant, a U.S.-based group company, produces artificial and natural zero- and reduced-calorie sweeteners under its flagship brands Equal ®, Canderel ®, Whole Earth ® and Pure Via ®, along with many other products in more than 90 different countries. These brands are used as sugar alternatives by many across Asia, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Middle East. Merisant is a wholly owned subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. 

The company was formed from Monsanto Company's tabletop sweetener business, which was acquired by a group of investors in 2000. This was acquired in 2014 by MacAndrews & Forbes.

In January 2019, as part of the Amazon Acceleration Program, Merisant launched the Sugarly Sweet range of sweeteners exclusively for Amazon, bringing a new brand to market in just 90 days from production.

What is sugar substitute ?

A sugar substitute may be a nourishment added substance that gives a sweet taste like sugar whereas giving marginally less dietary vitality than sugar-based sweeteners, making it a zero calorie or moo calorie sweetener. Artificial sweeteners can be produced or processed through the manufacture of plant extracts by chemical synthesis. Sugar alcohols such as erythritol, xylitol, and sorbitol originate from sugar.

In 1969 the Food and Drug Administration banned cyclamate for sale in the US. Sucralose was the most popular sugar replacement used in food and drink in 2017. There is no clear evidence, as of 2018, that non-sugar sweeteners are either unsafe or contribute to better health outcomes.


Canderel® combines the words “candy” and “airelle,” the French word for wild cherry. Canderel sugar is an artificial sweetener of low calories, available in a granular type of powder. It uses a mixture of ingredients but aspartame is the principal sweetening ingredient. Canderel is only one of the brand names being sold with aspartame. Many diet soft drinks and food preparations use this sweetener.

"Canderel tablets" ingredients: lactose, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, leucine, cross-linked CMC, flavouring.

Canderel Sugarly ® is suitable for use as a sugar substitute with zero calories per serving, allowing you to pursue a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing on taste.


Like all artificial (or non-nutritious) sweeteners, Canderel has a similar taste to table sugar (sucrose), but it contains fewer calories and carbohydrates, making it suitable for people who want to minimize their regular intake of calories without losing their taste, such as those with diabetes;

Canderel has an extremely sweet, aftertaste-free flavor, making it an ideal spoon-for-spoon replacement for saccharose when making your favorite sweet or savory recipes. It is also suitable for cereal and fruit sprinkling, or for applying to dressings and dips.

Calorie Value

Canderel's principal benefit is its low-caloric nature. Each sweetener teaspoon contains only 2 calories and 0.47 g carbohydrates, whereas each tablet contains zero calories and only 0.06 g carbohydrates.

A teaspoon of granulated sugar contains about 16 calories, by comparison.

Is Canderel suitable for diabetic patients?

Most people with diabetes may use Canderel as part of a safe, balanced diet which is not excessive in consumption. It has a low content of calories / carbohydrates and observational studies have shown that it has no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels.

The only individuals who should not use Canderel are those with phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare, birth-diagnosed genetic metabolic condition that leaves the affected person unable handle normal amounts of an essential amino acid called phenylalanine. Since aspartame-Canderal's key ingredient-includes this amino acid, people with PKU must avoid products containing the sweetener.

Sprinkle on fruit and cereals, in hot drinks or even cooking and baking, Canderel can be used just like sugar.

In weight terms:

50g Canderel Sugarly® = 100g sugar

In volume terms:

½1/2 tbsp Canderel Sugarly® = 1tbsp sugar


"Canderel ®" was launched in France in 1979, after years of testing before it was approved for consumer use. The product soon gained recognition through the support of pharmacists and doctors who lauded the health benefits of the low-calorie sweetener. Canderel ® was marketed in much of Europe by the early 1980s.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved aspartame tabletop use in 1981, and Equal introduced in the United States and Canada the following year. Equal was soon embraced on the US market as a way to enjoy sweetened drinks without the sugar calories.

Equal original ingredients

Stevia supplier PureCircle (Chicago) and low- and no-calorie tabletop-sweeteners company Merisant have long been partners. PureCircle recently announced that the companies have expanded their supply agreement with a new deal that will see PureCircle supply Merisant with ingredients made from next-generation steviol glycosides such as Rebaudioside M (Reb M).

Merisant's Products at

ACI Consumer Brand markets Merisant's low-calorie sweetener products for weight-conscious consumers and even those who choose to stop direct sugar. One of the earliest online consumer shopping experiences in Bangladesh offers Merisant's products both Canderel and Equal with reasonable price. If you are looking for a window shop in sugar substitute in Bangladesh then browse and go for your convenience shopping.