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Essential Corn Syrup 1.2 ltr৳ 585
Meril Milk & Bely Soap 100 gm৳ 34
Meril Baby Gel Toothpaste & Brush (Orange) 45 gm Combo৳ 100
Meril Baby Mild Honey Soap 75 gm৳ 60
Meril Petroleum Jelly 100 ml৳ 90
Meril Milk & Kiwi Soap 100 gm৳ 34
Meril Lip Balm Lemon 4.5 gm৳ 40
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Demand for Meril Brand Cosmetics and Toiletries Is Increasing in The Internal Market!

Bangladesh is not out of the dominance of multinational companies in the global cosmetics and toiletries market. However, the local companies are gradually increasing their share in the country's market by reducing the power of strong brands. Bangladeshi brands, including Meril, are growing steadily in the cosmetics market by diversifying their products with consumerism and comfort in mind.

Major Meril Brand of Square

Kohinoor Chemicals, ACI, Square, Meghna, Abul Khair and Pran-RFL Group have the highest number of brands in the list of best domestic industries in Bangladesh. The major brand of Square Group of Companies is the Meril brand. And one of the products of all these brands is very popular among the consumers, be it beauty soap, petroleum jelly,  tea leaves, toothpaste, powder etc.

What is Meril's Position in Winter Cosmetics?

Meril is in a leading position in some winter cosmetics, such as lotions, glycerin, lip care, etc. Among the local brands, Meril Petroleum Jelly, which is rich in Vitamin C, is the most popular winter product. There is also Meril Glycerin, Meril Baby Lotion, Revive Lotion, Meril Olive Oil, Meril Lipgel, Meril Lip Balm, Meril Rose Water Glycerin in Ready to Use Formula Spray System. Meril's products are readily available all over the country.

What Is The Brand Position of Bangladesh Cosmetics and Toiletries?

In order to know the position of cosmetics and toiletries market in the country, information has been reviewed along with information from various organizations and Bangladesh Cosmetics and Toiletries Manufacturers Association (BCTMA). Domestic companies are trying to increase their dominance in the market through quality products as well as marketing strategies, advertising and gaining the trust of consumers.

Meril Brand Baby Care Products Are Also in The Top Place in The Country

Square Toiletries Limited is one of the leading industrial conglomerates in the country. Meril Milk Soap Bar is one of the most popular brands in the soap market. Moreover Meril Baby Powder is the leading brand in baby care. Johnson & Johnson is in second place in this category.

“The Performance of Meril Brand of Square Toiletries By Indigenous Companies is Commendable”

An investigation into the growth and sales of cosmetics and personal care products in the country has revealed that the lion's share of growth in the sector is still in favor of multinational Unilever as it has a market share. However, the performance of local companies like Kohinoor Chemicals and Square Toiletries in the fight along with the ancient giant is also satisfactory.

Different Uses of Meril Brand Products

Even if you don't search for lotion cream all year round, you have to keep it during the winter. Because at this time the skin needs extra care. In addition, even if you use moisturizer all year round, moisturizer is important during winter.

Meril Baby Lotion

For those with oily skin use moisturizer lotion and for those with dry skin use moisturizer cream. Among different brands of moisturizer creams, Meril Baby Lotion will fetch a good price of 55-170tk.

Meril Lip balm or Petroleum Jelly

Meril Petroleum Jelly is used by about 80 percent of the bangladeshi people in the country as a winter cosmetic. Use lip balm in winter to keep the lip smile alive. People who have very dry skin or cracked feet can use petroleum jelly on their body or feet before going to bed at night. Among the different types of lip balm and petroleum jelly will be available at a lower price at Meril Petroleum Jelly at 15-75tk.

Meril Olive Oil

You can use olive oil in winter not only for skincare but also for hair care. Among the olive oil, Meril 150 ml 250 tk, Merrill Baby Olive Oil 100 ml 210 tk.

Meril Glycerin

Glycerin is very useful in winter skincare. Meril glycerin costs 45-75 taka, depending on the size.

The Meril Brand Has Given More Importance to Meril Baby Lotion Products

After the birth of a new child in someone's house, everyone thinks about what clothes the child will wear. But which product is important or good for a baby's skin is the most considerable. But first of all you should think about the side of the baby's skin. Because a baby's skin is several times thinner than adult human skin. This skin needs more moisturizer and it dries quickly. So Meril is giving five unique moisturizers thinking about the baby's skin. Meril's lotion is used all year round, but its use increases during the winter.

Meril's Brand Has The Opportunity to Grow Its Business Outside The Country

The experience of multinational companies is very rich as there are businesses all over the world. Moreover the brand image to the consumers about their products is extremely strong. And so Meril's advertisement is well known in our country. The market for cosmetics and toiletries in the country is entirely import dependent. As a result, there is an opportunity to increase the business of domestic companies in these categories in the future.