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Buy Online Meizan Fortified Palm Olein in Bangladesh

Whether it is that sensational dish cooked by our parents or the finger licking Fried Chicken in a restaurant, they are all drizzled in and glazed by the glorious golden liquid that we know of as palm Oil.

Meizan as the only international standard super refined palm olein in Bangladesh with added nutrition (Vitamin A, E) to keep the rural families fit and healthy. the only free delivery marketplace in Bangladesh where you will find Meizan Palm Olien in different packaging with the best price. 

About Meizan Fortified Palm Olien

Meizan Fortified Palm Olein, a safer option for rural consumers who are price sensitive. Meizan Fortified Palm Olein is one of  the brand of Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited.

Established in 1993, Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited (BEOL) has since been aggressive in marketing consumer pack edible oil under well-known household brands such as Rupchanda, Meizan, King's, Fortune, Veola and Lucky in Bangladesh. BEOL is a joint venture owned by Wilmar International Limited of Singapore and Adani Group of India. BEOL has consistently improved quality from the outset and launched new products and packaging to bring value-added elements to Bangladesh 's customers to strengthen our market leading position. BEOL is the first company to introduce the packaging of edible oil in PET bottles, pouch and bag in boxes and also the first company to launch a sachet in mustard oil.

What is Palm Oil?

This oil is a core cooking ingredient in parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, mainly Malaysia and Indonesia, and South America, mainly Brazil. It is used for deep-frying and is popular with fast food establishments. It is available in two forms: red palm oil and refined palm oil.

Red palm oil is found bottled for cooking and in certain processed foods, such as mayonnaise and salad oil. Due to the chemical processes involved in its production, refined palm oil is less popular, but it has a uniform taste , smell, and appearance and slowly goes bad.

Palm oil is a saturated vegetable oil, which means it remains semi-solid at room temperature. This property makes it a cost-effective alternative to butter, and is used liberally in pastries and other baked goods.

Palm oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, although researches suggest palm oil at a moderate consumption rate in order to avoid an increased risk of developing heart diseases.

Progresses and prospects of palm oil in Bangladesh

Palm oil entered the edible oil market in Bangladesh in the early ' 70s. It suffered some difficulties in the mid-1980s but staged a dramatic comeback in early 1990s when BEOL and other local edible oil refineries, equipped with modern machineries and technical know-how, started to produce and market refined palm olein of world standard.

By the year 2000, with the introduction of double fractionated olein, known locally as super olein, palm olein had become more widely acceptable and popular edible oil. Palm olein had clinched the leading position among all the country's edible oils in the year 2003. Still the market leader since then.

Quality Standard of Meizan Palm Olein

Bangladesh's first vitamin "A" added palm oil  Meizan Fortified Palm Olin is  selected from best quality palm fruits and supplied at affordable prices while maintaining the quality of the oil from extraction to bottling of oil.

Usage  of Palm Oil

Meizan Fortified Palm Olein First fortified Super Refined Palm Olein with Vitamin A. Which is best for crispy food items. It can be used repeatedly several times for frying 

The oil does not burn for the high smoke point and the nutrients are always guaranteed due to which the food is fried repeatedly in one oil.


0.25L Pouch

1 Ltr Pouch

0.5 Ltr PET

1 Ltr PET

3 Ltr PET

5 Ltr PET

Meizan Palm Olein in

One of the earliest online consumer shopping experience in Bangladesh has Meizan Fortified Palm Olein in convenient packaging is the only free delivery marketplace Wherever you consider anything a family needs in daily life, whether it's grocery, food, children's products or household things, we've got everything for you. Price? We guarantee you the best price. provides various kind of assortment in categories ranging from customer groceries to household goods, electronics, medi care, fashion, gardener’s supply & surprise gifts.

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If you are looking for Meizan Palm Olein online then please browse and go for your convenience shopping.