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Megelli Motorcycle in Bangladesh 


Megelli Motorcycles is a British motorcycle manufacturer, which delivered its debut at the Milan EICMA show in November 2007. Megelli motorcycles were endowed by the Managing Director of Sports and Leisure Direct UK Ltd, Barry Hall, who before specialized in off-road Aeon all-terrain vehicles, mini bikes and pit bikes. The Megelli variety is currently sold in 37 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America.

Megelli in the production of SLDUK Ltd, whose vision and drive has facilitated the realization of this innovative and exciting brand of Motorcycles & early to be Megelli Scooterini (2015).

“From the original idea (2004) to the realization in between 3 years”.

Employing a wealth of knowledge at one of UK's leading Motorcycle design centers, linked among a well respected UK vehicle production & engineering company, the functionality, reliability and sheer stunning exterior has been crafted into what is actually an excellent series of Megelli motorcycles.

A must-have attitude has previously developed from the prevailing public to the numerous series of Importers and Distributors, everyone requires a piece of the action.

Megelli have carried on their expertise obtained over the last 10 years in the sphere of two & four-wheeled transportation. Established partnerships among global manufacturers have been used to assure a product of real features and desirability.

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History of Megelli

Key structural elements, including frame, sub-frame, swing arm, out-riggers and wheels, were constrained to F.E.A assuring long-term performance and durability.

Branding was the following step. They required a name that followed the product. Around the dinner table that night, they have decided McGilli because of her surname, and across the following few weeks, they eventually changed it to Megelli.

During 2007 My Taiwanese business partner began together manufacturing companies in China to provide tooling for Motorcycles. In 2007 September, achieved Type approval,

October, obtained DOT approval. In the month of October 2007, they started production of Megelli Motard 125M and in November, they launch the products in Milan EICMA show.


Barry Hall's entrance to specialist 'virtual' motorcycle design centers and established UK vehicle product and engineering facilities authorized the company to progress from the beginning vision to the production of motorcycles in three years. The initial design sketches for the launch models were presented in July 2005 and test production established in September 2007. By December 2007 the scope was on sale comprehensive. Megelli Motorcycles are designed and engineered in the UK applying custom tooling for the preponderance of components, among final assembly in China. Approximately 75% of the elements are from Taiwanese companies. This carries the engines among high specification ceramic-coated cylinders from SYM and KOSO instruments panel. The mainframe, swingarm, subframe and engine cradle, and solely forged components are further from Taiwanese companies.

Model range

125 cc

There are three 125 cc bikes in the Megelli motorcycle series, each featuring the same 125 cc, 11 kW (15 bhp), four-stroke engine, under-seat exhaust and frame. Possible models are 125R, 125M and 125S.

The 125M Motard is a supermoto-styled road bike. It has a seat height of 860 mm (34 in) and a wheelbase of 1,400 mm (55 in), longer and higher than each of the two others, due to the end of the suspension and shocks.

Then there is the racing-styled 125R, fully faired among a split twin headlamp assembly. Seat height: 800 mm (31 in). Wheelbase: 1,349.6 mm (53.13 in).

Lastly, the Naked 125S version is nearly identical to the 125R, albeit including significantly less aero parts and a single front headlight assembly. Seat height: 800 mm (31 in). Wheelbase: 1,349.6 mm (53.13 in).

250 cc

Megelli has ended operating on a 250 cc engine for the American, Asia and Australian markets. The bore and stroke were developed from 56.5 mm × 49.5 mm (2.22 in × 1.95 in) to 65.5 mm × 68 mm (2.58 in × 2.68 in). Obeying the single-cylinder four-stroke design, horsepower was expanded from 11 hp to around 26 hp. Weight was expanded from 110 to 112.5 kg. Similar to the 125 cc bikes, the 250 is available in the corresponding three configurations: 250M, 250R and 250S.


All three 250 cc models share the corresponding four-stroke single-cylinder engine among a condensation of 10:1, DENI carburetor and CDI spark. Drive is through a six-speed gearbox and it has electric start and disc brakes. The bike emphasizes a 4-valve OHC 26 HP single-cylinder engine, an aluminum multi twin-spar trellis frame and T6 aluminum trellis swing-arm. The suspension consists of a telescopic front fork among aluminum dropouts and a mono pre-load adjustable rear suspension.