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  • ৳ 3102 - 4324
  • ৳ 4324 - 5546
  • ৳ 5546 - 6768
  • ৳ 6768 - 7990
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MAVERICK Mens Moccasin by APex৳ 3990
MAVERICK MENS CASUAL Shoe by Apex - 96492A25৳ 2290
MAVERICK MENS ANKLE BOOT by Apex - 96111A10৳ 6990
MAVERICK Mens Casual Shoe by APex৳ 3290
MAVERICK MENS ANKLE BOOT by Apex - 96111A11৳ 6990
MAVERICK Mens Moccasin by Apex৳ 2490
MAVERICK MENS MOCCASIN by Apex - 96492A19৳ 3990
MAVERICK Mens Casual Shoe by Apex৳ 2290
MAVERICK MENS MOCCASIN by Apex - 96422A19৳ 3990
MAVERICK-Mens Casual Shoe by Apex৳ 4490
MAVERICK MENS CASUAL Shoe by Apex - 96492A30৳ 3290
MAVERICK Mens Chunky Sole Loafer by Apex৳ 4990
MAVERICK MENS CASUAL Shoe by Apex - 96432A30৳ 3290
MAVERICK Mens Chunky Sole Casual Shoe by Apex৳ 4990
MAVERICK MENS MOCCASIN by Apex - 96422A18৳ 2490
MAVERICK Mens Saddle Moccasin by Apex৳ 2990
MAVERICK MENS CASUAL Shoe by Apex - 96422A25৳ 2290
MAVERICK Mens Outdoor-Boot by Apex৳ 7990
MAVERICK-Mens Outdoor Boot by Apex৳ 7990
MAVERICK Mens Casual Shoe by Apex৳ 1880
MAVERICK Mens Casual Derby Shoe by Apex৳ 3490
MAVERICK Mens Casual Shoe by Apex৳ 7990
MAVERICK=Mens Casual Shoe by Apex৳ 3140
MAVERICK-Mens Casual Shoe by Apex৳ 1990
MAVERICK Mens Tassel Loafer by Apex৳ 3490
MAVERICK Mens Smart Casual Shoe by Apex৳ 2090
MAVERICK Mens Loafer by Apex৳ 2090
MAVERICK Mens-Outdoor Boot by Apex৳ 7990
-MAVERICK Mens Outdoor-Boot by Apex৳ 4690
MAVERICK Mens Saddle Moccasin by Apex৳ 2990
MAVERICK Mens Slip-on Loafer by Apex৳ 2290
MAVERICK Mens Outdoor Boot by Apex৳ 4490
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Maverick in Bangladesh

Maverick is the definitive casual footwear brand with unique and trend-breaking designs for the fashionably relaxed, adventurous spirit. The designs focus on innovation and utmost comfort, to complement the unconventional yet cool demeanor of a maverick.

Whether in leather or for a less formal look, suede, are in addition flexible options. Whether dressing up a couple of geared up denim or paired with smart trousers and a blazer, Casual shoe is always comfortable in a casual outfit.

Boots usually seem to get extra achieved. While shoes are busy arguing semantics in a boardroom, boots are out inside the garage honestly doing work. Boots are going over, around, and via each surface on Earth. Boots have long belonged to the movers and shakers of history, and dammit in the event that they’re now not going to keep going.

Men's moccasins are classics in any shoe tool. Choose from state-of-the-art suede or leather pieces with tassels, or sportier designs in lighter colors. Combine them with cozy clothes for a pointy, smart-informal appearance.

Apex is currently one of the most sought after shoe brands in Bangladesh. Apex is now one of the most successful brands in the Bangladeshi marketplace. In addition to being successful in marketing boys' shoes in the country's local marketplace, Apex has now been able to maintain its reputation in the country's online marketplace as well. 

About Apex Footwear

Apex Footwear Limited is considered as one of the leading shoemaking brands in Bangladesh. This company started its journey on January 4, 1990. From the inspiration of the leather business, Apex started the shoemaking operation. To fulfill the footwear needs of Bangladeshi consumers, Apex started its retail chain in 1997. Apex has sought to make use of their expertise in shoemaking and gathered through serving major shoe retailers across the world to provide high quality and fashionable footwear to everyone since the beginning of the company.

AjkerDeal is capable of meeting the age-old demand for shoes, it is now possible to shop all types of boys' apex shoes at affordable prices. Nowadays, modern trends and latest model sandals and shoes are available in AjkerDeal. You can collect more formal shoes and casual shoes from our huge collection. You can also easily see the new shoe models and new Apex shoe designs with Apex shoe pictures today. So let’s browse and buy Maverick shoes from AjkerDeal.