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Marks Full Cream Milk Powder 500gm৳ 320
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Buy Original Marks Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Marks is a prominent name in the field of milk products. This is the product of Abul Khair Group, one of the leading conglomerates of Bangladesh. From 1994 Abul Khair group started their journey in milk products. In 1997 MARKS Full Cream Milk Powder was first launched into the powdered milk category. For decades Bangladesh had a large market for milk-related products which was largely met through the importation of subsidized milk and powder milk and milk-related products are imported from developed countries. Since then it has become one of the major players in the market. Gradually  MARKS has successfully earned an iconic value through providing standard quality and making significant social contributions.  It's very tough to sell Milk powder because there are other key players in the market. MARKS differentiates them from other competitors by superior quality and service. Nowadays customers rely on MARKS and buy them regularly. In order to gain market share, you have to provide quality products and enormous service. As MARKS is a milk product customers will think twice to buy this product. After checking the quality they will go for it. MARKS keeps their footprints in this industry and consistently provides quality products. MARKS fulfills your everyday milk demand and keeps your baby healthy. 

Types of Products

MARKS has different types of milk products. Customers seek MARKS for their household and baby care. They are as follows-

  1. MARKS Active School: This an essential product for babies to keep their bodies strong and healthy. Generally, kids don't like to take liquid milk every day. You may fill up your baby’s milk demand by making delicious milk-related items. Nowadays this product is popular among school going babies.It contains vitamin A, B complex,D,K,E, Protein,Calcium,Zinc, Magnesium, Choline,Lodine etc. These play a vital role to keep your baby fit and strong. This product is imported from Australia. 100% hygienic and reliable. MARKS Active School full cream milk powder is competing with other competitors in the market. But MARKS shows their uniqueness and quality. They don’t compromise regarding quality as this is sensitive for babies. It is appropriate for 4-16 years of babies. MARKS Active School has a huge amount of.Pro- bones minerals, immune guards, brain developers, and energy booster that helps to develop your child’s body and brain. It gives 24 pieces per carton.


  • MARKS Young Star: MARKS Young is another useful product to develop your brain and keep fit all day long. It meets your milk demand every day. And develop your skills. MARKS Young Star is appropriate for 16-40 years people and it is useful to develop essential bone-strengthening nutrients which are important for building the inner and outer layer of the bone and also keeps hair and skin healthy. MARKS Young  Star is specially built for the high requirement of Calcium at a young age. It contains Calcium, Nano Calcium, Biotin, Vitamin-D, Magnesium Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin B1, Beta carotene, etc. This super unique product is directly imported from Australia and collected milk powder from pure Cow milk. Australia is popular for its milk quality for many years. To keep your body fit there are no other alternatives in the market. It gives 24 pieces per carton.


  • MARKS Gold: MARKS Gold is another super product of MARKS. This is made for 40+ adult people. As we grow, our Calcium intake from diet gets low which causes our body to take required Calcium bones. As a result loss of Calcium leads to the reduced bone density of bone & it becomes prone to fracture,  a condition known as Osteoporosis. MARKS Gold contains more Calcium than conventional full cream milk powder which ensures maximum protection against bone decay. It contains Nano Calcium, Zinc, Iodine, Phosphorus, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12 which help to develop your body. MARKS Gold imported from Australia. It gives 24 pieces per carton.


  • MARKS Full Cream Milk Powder: MARKS Full Cream Milk Powder is a more popular item among customers. They use it to fulfill their milk demand every day. The ultimate balanced nutrition for your healthy family. It is perfect drinking milk including all required vitamins and minerals like A, D, B, Protein, Calcium, and Zinc. This product is directly imported from the renowned world-class milk supplier, Australia.

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