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MamyPoko Pants (7-12KG) M36৳ 1350
MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers, New Born (Upto 5 kg), 66 Count৳ 1099
Mamy poko Pants - M(7-12) - 52 pcs৳ 1099
MamyPoko Large (L) Pant Diaper (9 - 14 kg)- 32 Pcs৳ 1299
MamyPoko Extra Large (XL) Pant Diaper (12 - 17 kg)- 26 Pcs৳ 1150
Mamypoko Dry Pants Small (4-8kg) 58pcs৳ 1099
MamyPoko Pant Diaper 16pcs S (4-8kg)৳ 575
Mamypoko pants Pampers pants XL (12-17) kg - 36 Piece৳ 1099
Mamypoko Pants - M(7-12) kg - 52 pcs৳ 1066
Mamypoko pants XL (12-17)kg -26pcs india৳ 840
MamyPoko Pant Diaper 32pcs L (9-14kg) India৳ 880
Mamypoko pants XL (12-17)kg -38pcs৳ 1199
Mamypo Pant Extra Absorb - Extra Large (12-17kg) - 38 Pcsko৳ 1199
Mamypoko pants XL (9-14)kg -32pcs india ৳ 849
MamyPoko Pants Diaper Pant XXL 18-35 kg (India)৳ 650
Mamypoko pants XL (9-14)kg -46pcs india৳ 1199
MamyPoko Pant Diaper 56pcs M (7-12kg) India৳ 1299
Mamypoko pants XL (7-12)kg -40pcs india৳ 849
Mamypoko pants XL (7-12)kg -56pcs india৳ 1199
Mamypoko pants XL (4-8)kg -42pcs india৳ 849
Mamypoko pants XL (4-8)kg -60pcs india৳ 1199
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MamyPoko Diaper Online Shop In Bangladesh - Buy at the best price

MamyPoko is an Indian diaper brand with premium Japanese quality whose aim is to enhance the experience of motherhood. MamyPoko brand has high quality and advanced features that support parents by reducing the burden of child-rearing tasks and enhancing the joy of child-raising. MamyPoko always wants to keep the mother stress out by making something for the baby that is as delicate as the mother's touch. MamyPoko wants to help parents by reducing the burden of baby-upbringing so that parents can see their baby is growing with joy.

MamyPoko brand is the first who has introduced the world to many different variants and designs. Their vision is not selling a product, rather nurturing a pure and delicate relationship, between a mother and baby. Now MamyPoko is now available Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan- Greater China, Thailand, and Vietnam. MamyPoko has some sister concerns diaper brands like moony, BabyJoy, Bobby, BabyLove.

Products of MamyPoko

MamyPoko brand has diapers(pants and tape), wipes, and Preemie. Products are MamyPoko Pants XXXL, MamyPoko Pants Airfit(XL 38), MamyPoko Pants Airfit(L 44), MamyPoko Pants Standard(S 46), MamyPoko Pants Standard(M 36), MamyPoko Pants Standard(L 34), MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb(S 126), MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb

(M 120), MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb(L 99), MamyPoko Pants New Born(NB-164), MamyPoko Pants New Born(NB-010), MamyPoko Preemie, MamyPoko Gentle Cleansing Wipes Cottony Soft, MamyPoko Kids Pants, MamyPoko Pants Extra Dry Skin, MamyPoko Maxi Absorb, MamyPoko Gentle Cleansing Wipes Antibacterial, MamyPoko Special care Diaper Preemie, etc. 

MamyPoko Pants (XS size)

This diaper is made for new babies who are 3-5 kg. It has the ease and comfort features that ordinary diapers do not have and can harm your baby's sensitive skin. MamyPoko Pants is as gentle on a baby's skin as a mother's touch with soft elastic and no tapes. It is easy to wear too, just like a panty.

So, try this  MamyPoko Pants Extra Small for your new baby without any hesitation. Its main features are Soft Elastic, No tapes, Soft leg gathers and Maxi-absorbent core: Soaks the wetness and keeps your baby dry.

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb(S 126)

Main features are Crisscross Absorbent Sheet,  All-round elastic wide band, Breathable cotton-like cover, Up to 12 hours of absorption, Absorbed up to 7 glasses of urine, Stretchable thigh support. 

This diaper does not get heavy because urine does not get collected in one place because of its crisscross absorbent sheet. It has stretchable thigh support which prevents thigh gaps and hence prevents leakage. It is easy to wear and lasts for up to 12 hours. It is designed with the theme special Winnie The Pooh from the House of Disney.

MamyPoko Pure & Soft Wipes

MamyPoko Pure & soft wipes are alcohol-free these wipes that contain purified water l to keep the baby’s bottom fresh and the fact that the sheets are composed of soft cottony material. These cotton sheets are so thick and contain moisture that will help in preserving your baby’s smiles.

This Wipes pack can be used as a poly pack in isolation and also be able to refill MamyPoko Pure & Soft Wipes Pop-Up Box. It is available in a fragrant and no fragrance variant as well. Specially design from Disney to bring a baby smile. 

MamyPoko Special care Diaper Preemie

MamyPoko Special care Diaper made with a special design and soft material for the baby. Its size is made based on the medically-defined premature weight chart.

Three sizes are available up to 1kg, up to 1.5 kg and up to 3 kg. The main feature is sketchable back gathers, Air silky sheets, and comfortable round shape. It can fit the baby’s body without overtightening.   

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How to Use Mamypoko Pants?

  • At first, ensure that your baby is lying on their back then put your hands through the leg holes and pull one leg through.
  • Then pull the other leg through.
  • After that pull up the pants around your child's belly button to ensure that there are no gaps around the legs area.
  • Finish

How to Use MamyPoko Wipes?

  • At first, peel back the sealing sticker partially and pull wipes to use as required.
  • If you want to prevent wipes from drying out then ensure that the sticker is firmly sealed after every use.

Directions for disposal

  • After use throw in a dustbin. Do not flush, it may cause clogging of drains.
  • Stop using if irritation occurs.
  • Wipes should not be used around the eye area.
  • Store in hygienic, cool & dry place.