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Buy MAKARI Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Fueled by his passion for skincare and a desire to determine a distinct segment brand of targeted products for a growing but neglected consumer-base, Dr. François partnered with well-known Belgian chemist Gérard Pinault and in 1995, launched the highly innovative MAKARI de SUISSE line of products specifically formulated to deal with the requirements of skins of color. Their base formulations infused with botanical actives are inspired by the sweetness practice of generations of girls who throughout history relied on age-old natural blends to decorate their complexion, protect the skin, and restore its beauty.

Mixing these ancient rituals with modern technology, Dr. François, chemist Pinault and their Switzerland-based expert team of researchers used state-of-the-art technologies to develop powerful, top quality brightening products. Packaged in multi-benefits moisturizing crèmes, exfoliating soaps, and healing serums, they deliver visible, lasting results.

Makari’s team of chemists also formulated, developed and patented “Vegeclairine” and “Organiclarine”, two proprietary, high potency brightening formulas full of natural, skin-loving favorites like gold, caviar, shea butter, carrot, sweet almond, and argan oils that hydrate, soothe to reveal supple skin that radiates health and youth. Both formulas effectively fade dark spots and acne marks, even skin tone, and minimize the signs of aging.

Visit us at where science and innovative skincare meet to deliver beauty.

Why Makari?


Fueled by a passion for skincare and a desire to determine a distinct segment brand of targeted products for a growing but neglected consumer-base, the highly innovative MAKARI de SUISSE line of products specifically formulated to deal with the requirements of skins of color was born. Our base formulations infused with botanical actives are inspired by ancient ritualistic beauty practices combined with state-of-the-art technologies to develop powerful, high-quality innovative products.


Makari's team of expert chemists formulated, developed, manufactured and patented "Vegeclairine" and "Organiclarine", two non-toxic and non-chemical proprietary, high potency whitening complexes packed with natural, skin-caring natural botanicals that effectively targets hyperpigmentation fading dark spots, melasma, age spots, and post-hyperpigmentation inflammation, and evens skin tone revealing a more radiant, uniformed complexion.


Blue Crystal

Skin Reviving Body Lotion

Heals and revitalizes skin with actives, vitamins, antioxidants, and natural botanicals restoring its radiant glow. This creamy moisturizing lotion stimulates cell renewal, tightens

the appearance of the skin, clarifies skin tone and

boosts vibrancy leaving your skin softer, silkier, and younger-looking.

Lait De Corps Cristal

Bleu Revitalisant Anti-Tâches

Corrige et revitalise la peau grâce à ces ingrédients actifs tels que des vitamines, des

antioxydants et des extraits à base de plantes qui restaurent le rayonnement de la peau.

Cette lotion crémeuse hydratante stimule le

renouvellement cellulaire, raffermit l’apparence de la peau, clarifie et amplifie l’éclat du

teint; rendant la peau plus douce, soyeuse et

plus jeune.


Blue Crystal

Regenerating Serum

Infused with a potent cocktail of antioxidants,

vitamins and peptides work synergistically

together to protect skin against signs of aging. smooth texture, brighten tone and renew

skin’s luster. This lightweight, highly effective

treatment fortifies skin with essential nutrients that rejuvenate cellular healing, improve

skin’s resiliency, clarify hyperpigmentation

and increase skin’s luminosity for a smoother,

firmer, more vibrant- looking complexion.

Cristal Bleu Serum Regenerant

Infusé d’un puissant cocktail d’antioxydants,

de vitamines et de peptides, elles agissent

en synergie pour protéger la peau contre les

signes du vieillissement de la peau. Ce sérum

léger et hautement efficace renforce la peau

de nutriments essentiels qui régénèrent la

correction cellulaire, améliorent la résistance

de la peau, clarifient l’hyperpigmentation et

augmentent la luminosité de la peau pour un

teint plus lisse, plus ferme et plus éclatant.


Blue Crystal Revivify Bar Soap

Gives new life to your skin. Formulated with

effective antioxidant boosters and brightening botanicals, this moisture-rich beauty bar

stimulates cell turnover improving resiliency,

protects against the effects of environmental

aggressors, and lightens discolorations such

as melasma, acne blemishes, freckles, and

dark spots restoring skin’s even-toned radiance.

Cristal Bleu Savon Reparateur

Donne une nouvelle vie à votre peau. Formulée avec des stimulants et des antioxydants éclaircissants à base de plante, cette

barre de beauté hydratante stimule le renouvellement cellulaire, améliore l’élasticité,

protège contre les agressions de l’environnement et atténue les décolorations telles que

le mélasma, les tâches d’acné, de rousseur et

celles sombres, rétablissant le teint de la peau

de façon uniforme.


Blue Crystal Vitality Face Moisturizer

Renews skin’s vitality revealing a smoother, illuminated youthful complexion. This satiny-rich,

the gel-cream formula stimulates cellular turnover, firms skin, hydrates, improves elasticity, refines

texture, and lightens age spots, dark spots and blemishes brightening complexion promoting

an even-toned radiance.

Cristal Bleu Hydratant Visage Vitalite

Renouvelle la vitalité de la peau révélant un teint doux, rajeuni et lumineux. Cette formule riche

satinée à la fois gel et crème stimule le renouvellement cellulaire, raffermit la peau, hydrate,

améliore l’élasticité, affine la texture, éclaircit les tâches liées au vieillissement de la peau, enlève

les imperfections et illumine le teint en promouvant une couleur de peau uniforme et radiante.

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