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MAGIC BULLET blender - 21 Piece Set৳ 2249
21 in 1 Magic Bullet Blender Set৳ 2824
Magic Bullet Blender Set৳ 2850
Magic Bullet Blender-21 Pieces৳ 2499
MAGIC BULLET Blander -21 Pis set৳ 2399
21Pes Magic Bullet Set৳ 2500
Magic Bullet blender 21 piece set৳ 2999
Magic Bullet Blender-21 pc৳ 2499
Magic Bullet Blender - Silver And Black৳ 3940
Magic Bullet Blender৳ 3488
Magic Bullet Blender৳ 2999
Magic Bullet Blender (21 pieces)৳ 2390
Magic Bullet 21 Piece Set Blender৳ 2850
Magic Bullet blender - 21 pieces set৳ 2699
21 Pcs Magic Bullet Food Processor ৳ 2680
Magic Bullet Blender - 21 Pcs Set - Silver and Black৳ 2600
Magic Bullet Blender (21 pcs set)৳ 2750
Hi-Quality magic bullet blender set৳ 2550
Magic Bullet Blender৳ 2850
21 in 1 Magic Bullet Blender Set৳ 2500
Magic Bullet Juicer/Mixer (China)৳ 3990
Magic Bullet Blender৳ 2499
Magic bullet Blender Set৳ 2390
Magic Bullet Blender৳ 2449
Magic Bullet Blender-21 Pcs Set-Silver and Black৳ 2590
Magic Bullet Blender৳ 2950
Magic Bullet Blender 21 PCs৳ 3485
Magic Bullet Blender ( 21 piece set)৳ 2499
Magic Bullet Blender৳ 2999
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Magic Bullet Blender Price in Bangladesh

Magic Bullet is a complete appliance of blender used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. A magic bullet designed in specific ways to be used as a replacement for other appliances such as a blender, food processor and electric juicer. We can use it as a personal blender and saving our kitchen spaces.

The outset of Magic Bullet 

American company “Alchemy worldwide” developed organizational capability, working in the dimensions of Focus, Motivation, Belief, Capability, Confidence and Action. This company seeks to elicit the humanity with a willingness to work closely with their clients to craft interventions that provide breakthrough experiences and catalytic change.

Homeland Housewares is connected with that “Alchemy worldwide” company and emerged their products. Magic Bullet Product is one of their well-known product categories. 

Magic Bullet is a small in size but compact blender of effectively used for food. This Magic Bullet is widely marketed through TV advertisements and sold by Homeland Housewares. This company sold it in over 50 countries. Many other Companies, Manufacturers, Retailers sold this product under the “As seen on TV”  Product advertisement banner.

Magic Bullet is listed product among the top manufacturers of the world. In Bangladesh, many Traders, Suppliers, Wholesalers, and distributors offering highly varied products of Magic Bullet.Ajkerdeal also offers wide range of product categories. So, If you are interested then you can take a look at the collection of ajkerdeal. Now, visit the website of ajkerdeal.

Magic Bullet Features

The Magic Bullet product has a unique design that allows for every individual and easy to prepare customizable recipes. 

Magic Bullet model differs from other blenders because of that size. This exceptional name of “Magic Bullet” derived from the roundly tapered end of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional object shape its called Ogive. Ogive shaped curve on that blending cups.This kitchen blender is the smallest blender barely larger than a coffee cup when the blending jar is taken off. Magic Bullet comes with 21pieces of set, has two (18-ounce & 12-ounce) blending cups and four “party mugs” that are basically large mixing cups with colored comfort rings. Cups are made from super-durable BPA-free plastic. Magic blender is motor-based and Motor motioned with ‘200watt’. There has several single-serving jars. With a better blending power, two available screw-on blade attachments able to chopping, mixing, blending, crushing, whipping, grinding and so on. Magic blender also has dishwasher safe and doesn't include any operating buttons, making it hassle-free clean up. It serves people around the globe faithfully producing efficient things.

Magic Bullet Categories

As mentioned earlier, Magic Bullet Products is one of the best product lines in the machinery things. Many manufacturers ensure the quality as well as give it to a customer with versatility.

Magic Bullet product categories include on:

  • Magic Bullet Home & Garden Products
  • Magic Bullet Kitchen, Dining & Bar Supplies
  • Magic Bullet Food Processors
  • Magic Bullet Juicer
  • Magic Bullet Hand Holder Mixer
  • Magic Bullet Ice Cream & Frozen Yoghurt Makers
  • Magic Bullet Countertop Blenders
  • Magic Bullet Small Kitchen Appliances

Magic Bullet also included other incarnations -

  • The Magic Bullet To Go
  • The Magic Bullet Mini
  • The Bullet Express
  • The Baby Bullet
  • The NutriBullet
  • The Party Bullet 
  • The Dessert Bullet

Magic Bullet Products On

Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh and here you will find all kinds of original and authentic brands.You can find the magic bullet products in the website of It’s easy to understand why so many people rely on these devices for making delicious meals, snacks,beverages and so many. The Magic Bullet is a small but effective blender that you can quickly use to blend foods with count on versatile work. website has the top Eight Magic Bullet Sets,that is available on there You can take a look at the collection.11 piece MBR-1101 has good shape and design,High Speed Mini with chopped, mixed and grinded on that, Deluxes 25-pieces with versatile ways, NBR-12 Blender and Mixer, Baby Bullet prepare baby food, NB-BX439 Select has three settings of pulse, crush and blend, NutriBullet Pro 900 has powerful 900-watt motor, NutriBullet Rx N17 - 1001 powered by 1700-watt.

In short, AjkerDeal products are of premium quality and offered at very competitive prices and ensure the smooth availability of all products at all times. so you can buy blander in BD


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