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Mag Lubricants Price Online in Bangladesh

Lubricant is a substance. Which is usually organic. Which is introduced to reduce friction within the surface of the contact. Which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces are removed. Known as lubrication, to reduce friction.

In addition to factories and machinery, lubricants are used for many other purposes. Other uses include cooking (fatty foods in oil and fat frying containers, baking to prevent sticking to food, bioapplication on humans (such as lubrication for artificial joints), ultrasound tests, as well as medical tests), which basically reduce friction and improve the process. And is used to contribute to efficient functioning.

Lubricants have been in use for thousands of years. Calcium soap has been identified in the 1400th BC. At the time of the pyramids, the building stones were slid over oil-regular wood. In Roman times, lubrication was based on olive oil and rapeseed oil as well as animal fats. With the use of metal-based machinery, the rise of lubrication in the industrial revolution accelerated. Relying primarily on natural oils, in the early part of the decade, the development of vacuum distillation of petroleum, described by the Vacuum Oil Company, was a major step forward in the need for such national machinery to switch to petroleum-based materials. This technology works to purify very unwanted substances, which is a common practice in many lubricants. 

Typically lubricants contain 90% base oil (often called petroleum fraction, called mineral oil) and contain less than 10%. Used as a base oil for vegetable oils or synthetic liquids, such as hydrogenated polyolefins, esters, silicones, fluorocarbon and more. Reduction in abrasion and wear, increase viscosity, improve viscosity index, corrosion and corrosion resistance, aging or pollution.

Non-liquid lubricant powder (dry include graphite, PTFE, molybdenum, tin disulfide, etc.), is PTFE. Depth of river, air cushion, and others are used. Dry lubricants such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide and tungsten disulfide also provide lubrication at temperatures (350°C) capable of handling more than liquid and oil-based lubricants. Metal sliding systems have shown limited interest in the low friction properties of compact oxide glaze layers formed at several hundred degrees Celsius, but practical use is still years away due to the physically unstable nature.

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Silk X9000, Motorcycle Engine Oil:

Silk X9000, Motorcycle Engine Oil is a multi-grade high-performance engine oil. It is used for mild to severe engine operation. It is specially produced to give complete engine protection against friction, heat stress and engine deposits. It is a series of high-quality. It offers control of piston and ring deposits, removing sludge and keeping the valve train, crankcase, and oil filter clean. It creates good sealing between the piston and cylinder. It helps to maintain high power and performance. It reduces oil consumption. Buy this original motorcycle oil from the biggest online shop with the fastest delivery and 100% genuine product guarantee. Grab NOW!!

MAG Brake Fluid 4 Dot:

MAG Brake Fluid 4 Dot is a 100% brake fluid. It is a specially blended formula that provides the ultimate in hi-temp protection. It is suitable for all types of hydraulic actuated brake. It moistures resistance and lubricity for all disc and drum brake systems. It enables effective braking even under extreme conditions. It is offering system protection together with ultimate braking confidence and good wear. Buy this engine oil from the largest online shop with 100% guarantee. Hurry!!!

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