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Lynx Dark Temptation Body Wash 250ml UK ৳ 454
Lynx Africa Energy Boost Body Wash UK 250ml৳ 439
Lynx Black Night Duo Gift Set৳ 1050
LYNX Collection Gift Set Mens৳ 2500
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LYNX Branded Personal Care Products Online in Bangladesh

Basically, LYNX is one of the well-known brands of as referring to as AXE Brand of male grooming products. This brand has unrivalled experience and knowledge in Male grooming products. Actually, Male grooming is referred to as those activities where men are trying to focus their own fashion and beautify. This type of male grooming term will be flourished and visibly represent on modern popular culture. For this sense, LYNX brand products are personal care and fashion trendsetting for males that make the leading professional personal care authority. 

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh where everyone finds a huge collection of brands product, you will also find the LYNX Brand products from website. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of LYNX products.

About LYNX And AXE Brand 

Since 1983, the LYNX brand has enlarged with the new scents, shower gels and deodorant makes the UK’s number one male grooming brand. In 36 years ago, these brands’ popularity into the smell of a teenage boy’s increased by their products.

LYNX brand name is recognized in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, China & New Zealand also is known as AXE into other countries. 

LYNX brand is one of the best professional personal care products especially represents the man’s products for all types of ages, races and youngsters. The most popular consumer goods  British Dutch company of Unilever owned this LYNX brand. 

LYNX brand is based on a great community who creatively working on it, and flourishing fashion and popular culture around the world. They are practiced and carefully stepped for Professional and Perfect process. Their mission is to change the stereotype of outdated masculinity attributes.

LYNX Products

LYNX purposefully began to create new products throughout the 1983s with young males demographic-based concerns. LYNX Brand is divided into categories of Men’s fashion in Fragrance, Haircare, Deodorants, Antiperspirant, Bodywash, Shower gel, Shower Foam and also a multidimensional gift set accessories.   

LYNX Branded products categorized in fashion trends but most of the collection concerned with Men’s personal care and try to make it happen to tell “a real man” thrive into a man up a yawn. 

Their products are merchandise on the retail store markets as well as online stores throughout the world. For their famous branded products our website also gives you a branded taste according to your sense of choice and taste. 

LYNX Products Buy From

Ajkerdeal start of our operations with the manufacturers, traders, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors of a wide range of product categories our offerings are highly varied, thus offering our customers the convenience of shopping at once go for all their needs. 

LYNX branded products are famous for their personal care quality products. We’ve also got a full range of grooming products that can help you be the man you want to be today. You can find it on various product lists. 

LYNX Hair Products

LYNX Brand has many categories of fashion styles and hair care category based on various products of LYNX styling adrenaline super hold cream-gel, styling urban matte gel, styling signature definition wax, LYNX natural flexible control cream, styling urban flexible paste, natural styling clay etc products of haircare gels.    

You will find the best hair matte gel that boosts your hair texture and giving the perfect hair look with total control. This matte gel capture and sets your hairstyle after the blowing winds give you another bright look. You will find it urban matte gel from Ajkerdeal at a reasonable price. 

LYNX Deodorants and Antiperspirant products 

LYNX is best for their deodorants and antiperspirants that mostly gives you fresh feeling with a fresh and firm smell. Their products found on Anti-protection based, Odour Controlling, Anti-Bacterial, 48hour Protection and Staying Dry. 

There are many deodorants is famous for male grooming products of  LYNX body spray XXL, ICE Chill Body Spray XXL, Africa Body Spray XXL, Gold Body Spray XXL, Excite Body Spray XXL, Dark Temptation Body Spray XXL, Dark Temptation Antiperspirant XXL, Black Body Spray, LYNX collision leather & cookies Body Spray, LYNX ICE Chill Roll-On and many more.

Lynx Africa Anti-Perspirant Deodorant provides up to 48 hours of sweat protection. An exotic mixture of warm African spices and aromas, this classic fragrance will give you a real presence. Spray underarm to feel the difference. Lynx Africa is also available as a body spray. Forget About Sweat, Your Style is Non-Negotiable. Apply this antiperspirant to your underarms.

Ajkerdeal gives you a peace body spray, All day black Body spray with a fresh smell and creates masculine effects. A subtle refined fragrance for men and odour protection with Lynx Black, Body Spray also make a statement by embracing the power of understatement.

LYNX Body Wash Products

A great day starts with a perfect shower and there’s no greater shower than a LYNX shower. LYNX shower gel and refreshing shower gel both leave you feeling clean and fresh, with an enduring scent. 

LYNX body washes products consisted of shower magnificent in LYNX dark temptation shower foam, Sports Blast shower gel XXL, ICE Chill shower gel XXL, gold shower gel, excite shower gel, Collision leather and cookie shower gel, Africa and black shower gels and so many shower gels with different ingredients.  

Ajkerdeal gives you quality UK based shower gels refreshing that’s dermatologically tested for our customers who want original branded things. LYNX Africa men’s shower gel is celebrated of warm African spices and aromas blended. LYNX Africa a men’s body wash and men’s shower gel both will refresh your senses and raise your instincts, whatever your day has in the repertoire. 

LYNX Fragrance Products

Fill your palm with Lynx men’s fragrance collect from our site and work into a foamy lather rinse thoroughly and finish with your favourite Lynx fragrance. LYNX is best for masculine scent and this scent is memorized and recollected the olfactory memory around us. 

LYNX fragrance products create the best fragrance with a good smelling day with the various scents of aromatic, bergamot, cedarwood, classic, fresh, cookies, fruity, lavender, lemon, mint, spicy, sweet, warm, woody, sophisticated, youthful and mostly masculine.