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Lubking Oil Online | AjkerDeal

Lubking is a popular brand of engine oil. It is produced and refined in Korea.

Different Types of Engine Oils

There are many types of engine oils available for motorcycles and cars. Some description of the oils are given below -

Mineral Oil

If the crude oils found in nature are used to run car engines after refining, they are called mineral engine oils. Mineral engine oil does not contain any chemicals. Naturally available oils are used only after refining. Mineral engine oil is usually obtained from crude oil.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils are oils that are made by adding highly refined and essential chemicals to ensure the best and highest performance of a car engine. The chemicals that are added to the synthetic oil are added to increase the efficiency of the engine.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic refers to a mixture of synthetic and mineral oil. This means that engine oils that contain both natural and synthetic oils at the same time are called semi-synthetic oils. Semi-synthetic oil is made by adding synthetic oil to mineral oil to increase its effectiveness. However, the maximum proportion of synthetic oils in the ratio of these two types of oils is 30%. The remaining 80 percent is mineral oil.

Lubricating Oil

There are many types of lubricants on the market for cars and motorbikes. Lubricants are used in the engines of all types of heavy vehicles, including two- and four-stroke motorbikes and four- and six-stroke cars, as well as CNG-converted vehicles. However, different lubricants are used for stroke and fuel. That is why as soon as the lubricant engine is started, the various parts inside it start rotating. This rotation causes corrosion of the inner parts. Also, the piston moves very fast when burning fuel. To prevent corrosion of these parts, they have to be soaked in lubricating oil. This system is called a 'lubricating system' of the engine.

Working Procedure

Lubricant accumulates on the bottom of the engine when the car is off. As soon as it is started, the lubricant is supplied by pumping it through the section pipe inside the piston, liner, cans, bearings, etc. of the engine. This makes every part of the engine slippery and makes the desired movement.

Why Lubricant Burns

Combustion inside the engine burns gasoline (which is hydrocarbons) to produce carbon dioxide and water. With more is produced some carbon monoxide and carbon. Some of the carbon comes out through the exhaust pipe. Some carbon sticks to the piston and some go into the chamber. The carbon attached to the piston also slowly moves into the chamber at some point. So no matter how good or bad the lubricant is, it turns black after a certain period.

Performance Verification

Two grades are usually preferred for verification of lubricant performance, ‘SAE’ or ‘Society of Automotive Engineers’ and ‘API’ or ‘American Petroleum Institute’. Lubricant's SAE grade number refers to different climatic zones or 'climatic zones'. Such as SAE 40, SAE 30, SAE Multigrade, SAE Monograde, etc. are lubricants of different SAE grades. On the other hand, the quality of lubricant, the type of work, and the quality of the lubricant are indicated by the API grade number. Lubricants of different types of API grade and SAE grade numbers are used for each type of engine. In many countries of the world, besides these two grades, Euro grade number, USAC grade number is also preferred.

Before Buying Lubricant

Before buying lubricant or engine oil, one must check for which engine the lubricant or oil is buying. The desired SAE and API grade numbers must be matched. So it is better to buy a car or motorbike according to the advice given in the guideline book. If the lubricant of the required density is not used for the engine, the performance of the engine is lost in a short time. So when buying lubricant, one must read the necessary information on the gallon or tin of lubricant.

Some products from Lubking Engine OIl are described below -

Lubking Super Plus Semi-Synthetic Oil

Lubking Super Plus semi-synthetic oil is a high-quality oil. The oil is specifically designed to meet the specifications required for vehicles designed with the latest technology cars. Lubking Super Plus SAE 10W 30 API oil offers excellent durability in excellent detergent, oxidation, and dispersant properties as it is manufactured with fully synthetic base oils and selected additives. It works well with high-performance and high-end cars with gasoline, GDI, and LPG engines. The high-tech engines with WT, DOHC, and intercoolers that frequent stops and high commissioning long distances on and off the highway. Some features of the oil - type semi-synthetic, API sn plus RCASE 10W-30, ACEA ILSAC GF-5, good for use in a car. The unit size is 4 Liter. The oil is made in Korea and imported from Korea also.

AjkerDeal imports Lubking Engine Oil directly from Korea. It is good for us in cars with advanced technology. Let’s visit AjkerDeal’s website and order Lubking Engine oil for your car’s good health.