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Buy Livpure Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Livpure Private Limited is a well-known company in the Indian corporate world and one of the most trusted manufacturers of water purifiers in India.

The brainchild of technocrats and experienced professionals, it is focused on providing superior water purifiers for home and commercial use across India. We aim to establish new standards in Livepur water purification technology and provide Indian customers with world-class choices in modern aquatic water systems.

We maintain the highest standards of quality and hygiene to avoid any contamination. Each product is made and integrated into a sterile environment and thoroughly tested at our quality control lab.

Our strong distribution network ensures that we reach consumers in every corner of the country.

With a strong legacy of team-consciousness, trust, prosperity, commitment, excellence, and effort, Liverpool is working to transform the Indian water purifier industry.

Launched under the SAR Group, the SAR Group's passion for the environment and for future generations is aimed at building a secure world whose main focus is on water treatment, water purification, and complete water management solutions for families and corporations.


Lumpur strives to ensure every Indian healthy and pure in their lives through water, air, and organic foods.


We are passionate about growing our initiative and achieving our goals.


We have the ability to deal with situations efficiently and immediately that can become unstable when one can disrupt the industry.


One of Livpure's guiding values ​​is an environmentally positive brand. Under Livepur, every vertical is environmentally sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Our water purifier 

  • E-taste

            India's first smart more water purifier with "Dial Your Taste"

  • Platinum Copper

            Smart purification by copper wells

  • olt copper

It suspends the super-polished filter

Our Air Purifier 

  • Smart O 2 580

            The first smart Wi-Fi enabled air purifier in India.

  • Chromium

            Air purifier with remote and composite filters

  • TruAir

            Air purifier with temperature sensor and indicator

Removes turbidity, chlorine and a wide range of organic matter such as pesticides, bacteria, viruses, THMs

Water supplied from rivers bore wells and underground sources contain contaminants that can cause serious health hazards.

Additionally, the presence of microbes, chemicals, and heavy metals like arsenic can harm your health.

Further water purifiers remove impurities to make water safe for use.

Improves taste

Total dissolved solids and other pollutants make the water taste bad.

Further, the system removes/reduces the total dissolved solids and other contaminants which greatly enhance the taste of the water.

The newly launched object

When it comes to more water purifiers, Liverpool has always been at the forefront of providing 100% protection against waterborne diseases. We have always built the next Zen Water Purifier which is not only sensible but also convenient.

Some of our unique features are -

Livipure is India's first intelligent addition to the Interactive Feather Touch interface, which ensures smooth water supply

Liverpool is India's first Smart More Water Purifier that is IoT enabled and offers various options such as filter life, active service alerts, registering service complaints, and adjusting different settings.

Another 2000 TDS membranes that purify water from any source such as tap, tanker, or borewell.

Copper 29 cartridges that produce natural copper essence in pure water.

Most stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

2 FREE preventive maintenance services during the warranty period.

Free Nylon and Carbon Replacement During Warranty Period.

Livpure offers a one-year comprehensive warranty regarding the full range of further water filters.

Comparative quality

Livpure is an ISO 9001: 2015 company and has a well-defined quality assurance system. We have a separate quality control (QC) laboratory for critical in-process testing and testing of final products for comprehensive quality assurance, covering everything from physical appearance, fitting, finish, performance, and lifecycle testing. We have rigorous quality checks to bring the best products to our customers. Each water purifier is produced and assembled in a disinfectant environment and thoroughly tested at our quality control lab.

Price in

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Livpure is the inventor of this purification system and the biggest market shareholder of motor market. Everyone trusts the brand. We want our customers to have safe water with less to pay. So, trust us and order from We will be waiting to give you the best service available.