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Ligion Active Cone Mehedi (30 gm)-BD৳ 65
Ligion Henna Powder (30 gm)-BD৳ 30
Tulip Hair Removal Cream (15 gm)-BD৳ 45
Ligion Glitter (30 gm)-BD৳ 50
Neem Face Wash for Men (100 ml)-BD৳ 150
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Buy Ligion Herbal Products Online at Best Price in Bangladesh

The concept of cosmetics and beauty is as ancient as mankind and civilisation. Women are obsessed with the gorgeous look. So, they use different beauty products with herbs to look charming and youthful.

Ligion Herbal Ltd. is a prominent manufacturer, exporter and trader of a range of superlative quality herbal cosmetic products in Bangladesh. Ligion Herbal Ltd. provides world class herbal cosmetic products for skin, beauty, hair & health care with reasonable prices. Ligion products can be bought online at, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh.

About Ligion Herbal Ltd.

Ligion Herbal Ltd. is a well-known name in the marketing arena for herbal cosmetics. It was founded in the year 1995. Ligion Herbal Ltd. has been catering for our patrons' cosmetic needs through top-quality herbal products for the past 25 years, and is determined to continue the same unparalleled performance in the future. Ligion Herbal Ltd. exports nearly 20 % of the total products to the international market and has a worldwide reputation for superlative quality and natural herbal cosmetic products.

About Herbal Cosmetics

An herbal cosmetic is an invaluable gift of nature and has growing demand in the world market. Herbal cosmetics, referred to as products, are formulated using a variety of permissible cosmetic ingredients to form the basis on which one or more herbal ingredients are used solely to provide specified cosmetic benefits.

Indian herbs and its significance are popular worldwide. There is a wide range of herbal cosmetics produced and commonly used for everyday purposes. The masses are exceptionally admired for herbal cosmetics such as herbal conditioner, herbal soaps, herbal face wash, herbal shampoo and many others. The best thing about herbal cosmetics is that they are made purely from the herbs and shrubs. The natural content of the herbs has no reactions on the human body; rather, they enhance the body with other helpful minerals, supplements and other.

Benefits of using Herbal Cosmetics :     

Herbal products are something to be looked forward to, for both beauty and personal care. Natural botanical extracts, spices, vegetables, and minerals are the principal ingredients used.

Here are the advantages of using them.


Botanical extracts and rare herbs make up the ingredients used in herbal beauty products. They are also hypo-allergenic, and are tested dermatologically. So say goodbye to skin itching and rashes by using them.

Good for all skin types

 Women who have an oily or sensitive skin are susceptible to acne and pimples can also use them and they never have to fret about their skin getting deteriorated. Most of the herbal beauty products make use of honey, neem, sage, thyme, aloe vera, turmeric, gram flour, rose water, grapefruit seed extract, basil, lemon extracts, shea butter, lavender and beauty aromatic oils.

Free from side-effects

Herbal skincare products will neither cause pimples on your skin nor block your pores. They are free from all possible side-effects so it is a great option to use them. This is due to the fact that they are gentle and do not consist of parabens which are used in traditionally produced health and beauty products as an additive to expand the shelf life of products. They are also free of chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives, toxic synthetic elements and lanolin that are present in cosmetics based on chemical products.

Product Quality of Ligion Herbal Ltd.

Most of our products are manufactured from 100% natural ingredients and processed with utmost care. The products are manufactured as per our unique techniques, in accordance to the international standards of quality. From the collection of raw materials, manufacturing process and packaging of the finished products, all the stages are supervised by the team of experts who perform stringent quality checks upon the products. Such extensive quality control measures ensure the best quality of Ligion products, and complete satisfaction of the clients. 

Products of Ligion Herbals Ltd.

Ligion Herbal Ltd. has a wide varieties of herbal products. Such as :

  • Ligion Active Gold Mehedi
  • Ligion Active Cone Mehedi
  • Ligion Hair Loss Off
  • Ligion Ladies Uptan
  • Ligion Gents Uptan
  • LEVARA Nail Polish Remover
  • Ligion Nail Color Cream
  • Ligion Chandan Pack
  • Ligion Face Magic Gold
  • Ligion Fairness Faical
  • Ligion Neem Facial
  • Tulip Hair Removal Cream
  • Ligion Hair Massage Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • JARKAN Glycerine
  • Ligion Stylish Hair Gel
  • Ligion Herbal Powder Shampoo
  • Ligion Black Seed Oil
  • Ligion Henna Powder
  • Hair Color Cream
  • Gentle Boss After Shave

Ligion Herbal Products in

One the earliest online consumer shopping experience in Bangladesh has a number of Ligion Herbal products with very reasonable price. You will find here Ligion Mehendi, Henna Powder, Glitter,  Neem Face wash, Hair Colour and other popular products. 

You have the flexibility to pay us in any format comfortable to you. You can pay us online through most of the debit and credit cards as well as paying the cash to our delivery team. Our online payment system also accepts most of the mobile payment system like bKash, rocket etc.

Our delivery team takes special care so that your product reach your home in good, fresh and nice condition. However, for any reason, If you do not like a product supplied by us, we will simply take it back and give you a new product in exchange or refund your cash in full.

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