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Lifan Motorcycle Brand in Bangladesh


Lifan Industry (Group) Co., is a civilian-owned Chinese motorcycle and automobile company headquartered in Chongqing, China. It was organized in 1992 and established to manufacture automobiles during 2005, with license-built micro vans and a miniature sedan developed by Lifan.

Lifan's vehicle merchandises include passenger cars, microvans, dirt bike engines, entry-level motorcycles, mini-vehicles, and commercial trucks. The company's non-vehicle-related ventures incorporate the manufacture of sports shoes and winemaking. Outside of China, Lifan is currently best recognized for the sale of inadequate passenger cars in emerging markets. Lifan is best recognized winning the (CRRC) China Road Racing Championship among its KPR bikes 17 times.

Production facilities

Lifan has two passenger-car equipment plants in China. Presently boasting motorcycle product roots in Thailand, Iran, Turkey, and Vietnam, Lifan first planted an occupancy in Vietnam in 1999 that produced motorcycles and parts. Launching in March 2007, the manufacture of the 520 sedan originated in Vietnam. Through mid-2009, the 320, 520i, and 620 had further been manufactured or assembled in this country.

Across assembly, factories manufacture Lifan-branded automobiles sold to domestic audiences but are not fundamentally affiliated among Lifan in any way.


In beginning 2010, Lifan placed an automobile assembly factory toward Azerbaijan.


Such assembly has transpired in Egypt.


From 2007 till 2010, the Lifan 520 was convened in Ethiopia from carried knock-down kits following the name of "Abay" by Holland Car Company. Cars gathered in Ethiopia may presently bear the Lifan name, and an after-sales service center for Lifan automobiles endures in the capital, Addis Ababa, as of 2010. As of 2016, Lifan resumes to produce in Ethiopia, assembling cars among native-born labor from knock-down kits. Five various models can be executed at the prevailing facility, set up in 2014, and sales can total fifty cars a month at prices varying from $15,000 to $30,000.


Lifan was assembling cars in Iran around 2010.[25]


Assembly of automobiles in Russia founded in August 2007 and in beginning 2011, the 320 model graced the third Lifan produce to see a local production.


During 2010, a 40,000 units/year giving potential assembly plant was established in Uruguay.

Research and development

At the period of 2006, Lifan existed above 3,800 patents, the biggest number of any Chinese automobile company, of which at least 346 were carried by Lifan's automobile division.

Trademark dispute with Honda Motor

In 2004, Lifan was commanded to cease selling motorcycles below the brand name "Hongda" the summit of a prosperous lawsuit produced by Honda Motors. That very year Honda launched a separate suit against Lifan this time for handling badges comparable to Honda's on its motorcycle produce.



Modern and former Lifan motorcycle products incorporate:

  • Lifan LF150-10S (KPR150) - Small-displacement motorcycle.
  • Lifan LF250GY-2 Cossack - Dual-sport motorcycle that utilizes a cooling system of oil pumped inside its frame.
  • Lifan LF400 (399cc) - seems Similarly To a Harley simply much slower or a Yamaha Virago XV535.
  • Lifan LF150-10B (KP150) - Smaller, molecular powerful version of the KPR150 street motorcycle.
  • Lifan KPR 200 - The Usual Powerful Version in The KPR series
  • Lifan LF100-C(II) - (PONY 100II) - Mini road bike.


Modern and former Lifan automobile outcomes include:

  • Lifan LF6361/1010
  • Lifan 320
  • Lifan 330
  • Lifan 520
  • Lifan 520i 
  • Lifan 530
  • Lifan 620
  • Lifan 630
  • Lifan 650
  • Lifan 720
  • Lifan 820
  • Lifan Lotto
  • Lifan Xuanlang (M7)
  • Lifan X50
  • Lifan X60 - Lifan's first SUV
  • Lifan Maiwei
  • Lifan X70
  • Lifan X80


Entrance to profitable export markets, something the Chinese State enabled the company during 1998, implies that this maker of automobiles and motorcycles does what numerous Chinese automakers aspire: it sells in developed abroad markets similar to the EU, Singapore and Japan.

While finding more extra markets for its motorcycle-related commodities, Lifan has dispatched passenger cars to 51 countries. During 2010, its automotive exports were emulated by only Chery. The company has sold in various countries and in all continents excluding Antarctica.

Allowed path toward 2003, Lifan motorcycle commodities are sold in 18 European countries. The Italian importer Martin Motors rebadges and sells two small Lifan passenger car models below its own title. Lifan has traded motorcycles in Japan following 2001. Lifan automobiles have been deceived in Laos and Syria considering 2009.

Lifan motorcycles and dirt bikes are accessible in Canada and Mexico. As of 2009, a single model was on the proposition in this country. Any small passenger car designs are sold in Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, and Uruguay. Any of the cars Lifan exports are in the kind of knock-down kits. Put collectively in small, local workshops, selling such kits is a simple way for the company to obtain access to emerging markets.

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