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At Lexmoto we firmly believe that everybody should be ready to ride; regardless of the age or ability. Not only this, but everyone should be ready to afford to ride, and enjoy the exceptional fuel economy and running costs that our vehicles provide. Above all, everyone should love riding their bikes. it's with this passion that Lexmoto was formed, and it's put to use in everything we do; from sourcing the vehicles, to delivering them to you thru our dealers.Because we believe that everybody should ride we elect our models to reflect this, offering a good selection of vehicles that are as versatile because the people that ride them. Robust and reliable, these models are a doorway to a fun and affordable method of transport. All of our diligence has culminated in Lexmoto being awarded Scooter Franchise of the year in 2014 and 2016 whilst also learning a Merit for Motorcycle franchise of the year in 2016. The BDN awards are voted for by dealers and in 2016 over 3500 independent trade votes saw Lexmoto take the prizes. great for a Chinese motorcycle brand! Lexmoto has achieved significant sales within the UK market. Despite only selling 50cc and 125cc models Lexmoto has ranked as highly because the 3rd biggest selling manufacturer within the UK and Bangladesh.

Most few products Lexmoto Bikes

1.Lexmoto Hawk 125

Riding a motorcycle is about passion. A connection between rider and Motorcycle that unites them both together in challenging the roads ahead.The Hawk from Lexmoto offers a gorgeous and majestic sports design at a price that creates it accessible to all or any . At the centre of the Hawk may be a reliable 4 stroke fuel injected motor which offers outstanding fuel economy and smooth performance through its balance shaft. With a proven combined braking system complimenting with proven suspension, the Hawk may be a bike that delivers great handling making it perfect for brand spanking new riders and enthusiasts alike. Available in either Red, Black or the Race design the Hawk may be a head turner and bound to draw attention wherever you ride. fancy the roads with the Hawk and challenge the landscapes ahead.

2.Lexmoto LXR 125

The LXR takes centre stage as Lexmoto`s flagship of the range. Its impressive set of features and menacing silhouette show clearly that this sports model is here to dominate the streets and therefore the market. Inspired by the race track, the LXR`s power comes from an ultra-smooth liquid cooled unit cloaked during a robust trellis type frame.The dual front disc brakes provide the stopping power needed while the telescopic front forks and mono-shock rear suspension supply the control. With those looks and feel, the LXR has been designed to supply the last word riding experience.

Products of Lexmoto

The central results of the organization are 2 Wheeler and three Wheeler. The things are offered to clients and company customers through sellers, Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) stores, through tenders and as lately started online retail mode. Lexmoto item run fluctuates from 80cc to 160cc with around 16 models of two wheelers and bikes.

Quality Of Lexmoto Bikes

Lexmoto is one among the main and therefore the top of the road motorbike brands in Bangladesh, this brand making a perfect method to form their business. They consolidate a perfect mixture of the bike cost with the standard . At the present Lexmoto is becoming a gathering of organizations, this organization has spread its business from multiple points of view that it's done halting just with the motorbike. within the ongoing time they're creating around 500 cruisers during a day including 80cc to 160cc alongside 4 arrangements. This organization presently keeps up 16 models of motorcycle which are additionally created day by day in their industrial facility by everyday practice. one among the foremost significant pieces of this organization is Lexmoto cars making a neighborly situation for its seller representative and furthermore for the learner, simultaneously this organization making their procedure to making little and medium motorbikes parts and embellishments. As of now they're improving their procedure to create a producing plant for it. Spare parts including plastic materials, motorbike seats, links of the brakes, grip, and so on, battery tire, tube. Fog light, side spread, marker light additionally remembered for the rundown of additional parts.

Benefits & Use of Lexmoto Bikes

The significant thing is that Lexmoto cruisers save parts accessible within the market. The individuals of our nation make a solid effort to fill their hearts with joy. The quantities of those individuals are high to the purpose that they can not consider the automobile when it can cost them quite 1 lac or thereabouts. Sprinter autos simply get now , they continually create their bike during a value run that's especially practical for the quality class individuals. Along these lines they got the market of 80cc bikes. another explanation for the recognition of this organization, the overwhelming majority of the bikes of Lexmoto is that the standard bike. This makes this brand documented particularly among the labor individuals. Sprinter bicycle quality is standard, all around planned, jazzy looking, then forth, The principal certainty client is proud of cost and quality.

Price on Ajkerdeal

Price is the main fact of a product because most are concerned about it. So offered you an honest quality of products at an inexpensive price. we've an enormous collection of all kinds of consumers .So every customer can purchase a Lexmoto bike in you'll easily buy a Lexmoto bike at an inexpensive price. consistent with our customer review you'll get a transparent idea of how we are getting the market leader due to our low price rate.


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