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Optical USB mouse ৳ 203
LAVA 705/BLV 39 Battery- 1800mAh৳ 356
LAVA 52/LH 9810 Battery - 2800 mAh৳ 365
LAVA 45/LN 9820 Battery - 2000 mAh৳ 365
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'Mobile phones, cellular phones, handphones or cell phones (English: Mobile Phone, Turkish: cep telefonu) Wireless telephone specials. Mobile means mobile or "transferable". This phone has been renamed as a mobile phone that can be easily carried and used anywhere. Mobile operators divide their service zones into many fields or cells, such as triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, or hexagons. Hexagonal shaped cells are usually seen more often. Mobile services in each of these regions are provided through a few network stations (usually known as mobile phone company antennas). Network stations are usually located in each corner of the cell. This is why it is also known as "cellphone" because it is divided into many cell phones. Because mobile phones communicate via wireless waves, it can connect seamlessly to many large geographical areas. Not just talking, many more services can be obtained with modern mobile phones. Examples of this are automated messaging - SMS or text message services, MMS or multimedia message services, e-mail services, Internet services, undisclosed lighting or infra-red, blue tooth services, cameras, gaming, business or economic software. The mobile phones that provide these services and some of the common benefits of computers are called smartphones. check out more mobile price in BD

The first commercial version of the mobile phone came to market in the year 1983, the name of the phone was Motorola Diana TAC 8000 X (DynaTAC 8000x). The number of mobile phone users around the world has increased from 12.5 million between 1990 and 2011 years to more than 6 billion. About 5% of the world's population is covered by mobile phone communications. 

Although mobile phone manufacturers are constantly adding many attractive features to their phones, all mobile phones have some basic features that make them essential. These are -


  • Electrical cells or batteries - act as a power source for the phone.
  • An input method that allows phone interaction or bi-directional communication with the phone user. The most commonly used input method is the keypad, but lately, the touch screen or touch screen has gained popularity.
  • General mobile phone service through which users can communicate or send messages on their own.
  • GSM phones have SIM cards. Some CDMA phones have rim cards.
  • Each individual phone has a unique IMEI number that can be used to identify the phone.

The mobile phone battery is showing full charge but the mobile is not running, or you have been informed that you can use it continuously for 3 hours at the time of purchase. But after 2 hours, the charging sign was showing red. That means the charge is over, you have to pay a new charge.


Nowadays, such problems are seen in the field of mobile phones. Batteries are swollen, water is discharged, there is no such charge nowadays, especially in the case of phone sets from strangers or lesser-known brands. As there is no regulatory body to watch these, a class of mobile phone businessmen is taking this opportunity. As a result, consumers are cheating on buying mobile phones. Due to the battery problem, the mobile phone is also being destroyed. Talking to the concerned people, even though there are no accurate statistics, 3-5 percent of the mobile phone sets sold in the market have battery problems. The number of bars or feature phones is high. On the other hand, due to the different apps on the smartphone, more charge is used.


It is reported that the testing machine analyzer is for testing the battery quality of the mobile phone. This machine is the regulatory body of the BTRC. Mobilephone importers send the mobile phone set to BTRC as a sample for testing. After examining the mobile set, the regulatory body confirms that the mobile set is 'standard'. In this case, the BTRC does not test the set as they do. The importers send to the BTRC to check the set of their choice from imported mobile phones. Many times BTRCO collects and tests sets from the market.

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