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Buy Lan Shan Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh


At present we are all more or less aware of waterborne diseases. Waterborne diseases are mainly spread by aquatic viruses. Diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, polio etc. are the main diseases but there are many other types of water borne diseases. These diseases can cause death. Cholera once plagued the world and killed millions. To avoid these diseases, we must be careful about drinking water. Water should be boiled the water. But to avoid these problems, very good quality water purifiers are now available in the market. Lan Shan is the best water purifier of all.

What kind of product:

Lan Shan is basically a 100% pure water guaranteed water purifier from Taiwan. Dhaka residents can never imagine drinking direct supply water. The main reason for this is that the water we get supply from WASA is not 100% pure and the water on the contrary gives off bad smell. So if you drink this water without purifying it, your death is inevitable. And there is no pair of Lan Shan Water Purifier to drink this water 100% pure. Its 6 level purifier system will give you 100% pure water guarantee. From you can get Lan Shan water purifier very easily and cheaply and there is also an arrangement for home delivery at home.

Product Details:

Lan Shan Water Purifier is capable of providing 100% pure water to workers in homes, offices, factories or industries. Usually large offices or factories have a lot of human pressure so those places need more capacity water purifiers. There are many types of Lan Shan water purifiers.

REVERSE OSMOSIS Water Purifier: Perfect for home or office use. Made in Taiwan. Stage filter. Capacity 50/75. Reverse Capacity 4.0 Pressure Tank. Dimensions - 13 * 40 * 40

LAN SHAN LSRO: 575 Water Purifier: Capacity: 50/75/100. Reverse Capacity: 3.2G pressure tank. Filtration stage: 6. Dimensions: 22 X 37 X 38 CM. Technology: Reverse osmosis.

LAN SHAN LSRO-101-UV Water Purifier: This 20 liter capacity filter is made in Taiwan. Purifies water on 6 stage.

LAN SHAN Water Purifier Machine - 100GPD: Suitable for indoor use. Perfect for use at home or where there are fewer people. Holds 15 liters of water and purifies the water in 7 stages.

LAN SHAN Water Purifier - 50 GPD -LSRO-EQ5-M: Reverse Capacity - 3.2 G Pressure Tank This Purifier purifies water at that stage. Box Dimensions 20 * 26 * 37 CM. You can easily use this filter to ensure pure water in the house or office or factory.

Lan Shan Water Purifier Quality:

Another name for water is life. If that water is not pure then we all know that this water can bring death. So if you want to drink water, you must eat it pure. And of all the ways to purify, the best way is to boil it, but it takes a lot of time because you can't pass hot water. So you can drink instant cold and pure water by using water purifier. There are many types of quality purifiers in the market and the quality of Lan Shan Water Purifier is the best. This is because it purifies the water at 7/8 level and provides completely pure and odorless water.

Benefits and Use:

To keep yourself and your family healthy and healthy, you need to drink pure water. Our body needs a lot of water. You should drink an average of 2 liters of water per day but if that water is not pure then the amount of good to bad is more. So the demand for pure water is higher than water. If we do not drink pure water, various diseases can attack us. Among which diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, polio and other life threatening diseases can attack us. So to get rid of all this we have to drink pure water. And the Lan Shan water purifier guarantees completely pure water.

Price of Lan Shan Water Purifier in

There are different types of Lan Shan Water Purifiers in You can buy depending on what you use. Large Lan Shan water purifiers are mainly used in large places such as mills or offices, so their weight and size are quite large and the price is higher than usual. Again, the price of the purifiers for home use is much lower and smaller and lighter. Large Lan Shan water purifiers range from tk 10,000 to tk 50,000. And for home use you will get from 3000 tk to about 20000tk. You also get the benefit of home delivery at home.


Finally, it can be said that water is an essential element for sustaining our life. The role of water in keeping our body healthy is immense. But drinking this water without purifying it can be counterproductive. So you should always try to drink pure water. We live with billions of species of bacteria on earth. A huge part of it lives in water. So it's not clear when or how anyone can attack us. So if we want to be free from these, we should drink pure water and Lan Shan Water Purifier guarantees 100% pure water.