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Lafarge Holcim Bangladesh


LafargeHolcim Ltd is a Swiss multinational company that produces building materials. It has an appearance throughout 70 countries and operates almost 72,000 employees. LafargeHolcim contains four business segments: Cement, Aggregates and Ready-Mix Concrete as well as Solutions & Products, that incorporates precast concrete, asphalt, mortar and building solutions.

LafargeHolcim was established by the merger on 10 July 2015, of cement corporations Lafarge and Holcim, which had joined sales of CHF 26.7 billion during 2019.


On 7 April 2014, Lafarge and Holcim declared a merger project to build LafargeHolcim. With a united market value surpassing $50 billion, the merger was the second-largest declared worldwide during 2014. On 10 July 2015, Lafarge and Holcim completed the merger and formed LafargeHolcim. On 15 July 2015, the modish LafargeHolcim Group was officially begun.

In June 2016, Le Monde announced that Lafarge paid taxes to ISIS middlemen from 2013 to 2014 to endure exercising their factory in Jalabiya, Northeastern Syria. On 2 March 2017, the Board of Directors of LafargeHolcim announced a statement showing that the measures needed to continue employment at the plant were unacceptable.


A thorough and independent research revealed significant errors in judgment that were incongruous with the company's code of conduct and the company necessitated action. There have been notable changes and developments delivered to the compliance program and foundation since the time of the asserted misconduct.

The former CEO, Eric Olsen, resigned during April 2017 because of the "strong tensions" contracted by the news. However, an investigation conveyed by Baker McKenzie concluded Olsen was not bound for the payments.

In an interview among the French newspapers LeFigaro, Beat Hess, Chairman of the Board said: "Unacceptable errors were executed that the Group repents and condemns. It's far more peaceful to say this in hindsight but the Group positively pulled out of Syria too late. All of this should have been avoided”


Meanwhile, Sherpa smoothed a lawsuit toward Lafarge protecting the payments. During March 2017, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault criticized LafargeHolcim for striving to build the wall on the edge of Mexico–United States border declared by President Donald Trump. They were further criticized by presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.

During May 2017, Jan Jenisch was selected as the new CEO of LafargeHolcim Group. During March 2018, Jan Jenisch declared a new strategy, Strategy 2022 ‘Building for Growth’, which strives to drive profitable growth and interpret the business to deliver resilient returns and attractive benefits to stakeholders.


During May 2018, LafargeHolcim declared the next steps in the simplification of corporate organization. The corporate management positions in Switzerland will be transferred to the company’s Holderbank site and a modish corporate office in Zug.

Throughout the summer, during July 2019, LafargeHolcim launched Plants of Tomorrow, a four-year program that will consult the utilization of automation technologies and robotics, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance and digital-twin technologies across their entire cement production method.

During August 2019, the firm declared a "commercial breakthrough for low-carbon cement", Solidia Concrete, which "diminishes the overall carbon footprint in precast concrete by over 70%".

Following in the year, during Fall 2019, LafargeHolcim proclaimed the allocation of 160 million Swiss francs on 80 projects crossed Europe to cut annual discharges from its cement manufacturing methods by 15% by 2022.


LafargeHolcim works in around seventy countries and concentrates on cement, aggregates, ready-mix and solutions & products. LafargeHolcim is a global association for major infrastructure projects – roads, mines, ports, dams, data centers, stadiums, wind farms, or electric power plants that need major investments.

The group operates around 72,000 people throughout the world, and reached a joint net sales of CHF 26.7 billion during 2019. The group's fundamental functions had been split between Zurich and Paris until the end of 2018, but are currently being transported to the Swiss cities of Holderbank and Zug. The company's research plants are in l'Isle d'Abeau, near Lyon, France.

Headquartered in Switzerland and placed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and on Euronext Paris, LafargeHolcim endures leading positions in every region over the globe. The building materials market is propelled by cumbersome global population growth, the shift towards the city and urban existence and the infrastructure, the highways, bridges, hospitals and schools, that expanding populations need.

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