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Kumarika Soap (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) 100 gm৳ 76
Kumarika Herbal Hair Fall Control (Amla & Aloe Vera) Oil 200 ml৳ 170
Kumarika Soap (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) 100 gm৳ 76
Kumarika Soap (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) 100 gm৳ 76
Kumarika Thick & Strong Shampoo 200 ml৳ 180
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Buy Kumarika Hair Care Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh


Kumarika provides a whole high-quality hair care product range for the modern ambitious woman , all focused on making radiantly healthy hair through natural infused formulations.The collection comprises the renewed Kumarika nutritious hair oil, shampoo variants with new conditioners and a totally new hair serum taking care of all women’s aspirations for the vital lovely hair. Now exclusive deals of all Kumarika products are available now in

Product Details

Kumarika Hair Serum
It’s a hair essential which nourishes and rapidly saves and restores hair’s healthy look, making it smooth and glossy. It’s brighter, absorbs quickly, and is high in range ability.

Black Shine
Filled with a blend of Black Olives and Camellia Oil, Kumarika Black Shine Hair Serum feeds and rapidly provides smoothens to give manageability to your unruly hair conveying out the natural strong black shine.

Kumarika Nourishing Hair Oil
Developed with the 100% Natural Extracts of Gotukola, Mukunuwenna, Amla, Aloe and clean virgin Coconut Oil, Kumarika Beneficial Hair Oil Hair Fall Control is recognized to control hair fall giving you stronger and glossy hair.

Dandruff Control
Vigorous hair begins with a strong scalp. Enhanced with the 100% natural extracts of Lime and Dill, Kumarika Dandruff Control Nourishing Hair Oil relieves itchy scalp and decreases dandruff.

Split End Control
Developed with the 100% natural extract goodness of Rice and King Coconut Oil Kumarika Split EndControl Nourishing Hair Oil offers healthy lustrous hair. Healthy hair means no split 

Long & Black Shampoo
Encouraged with a unique blend of 100% natural extracts of 7 nourishing oils, Kumarika Long & Black Shampoo helps your hair grow, and carries out a natural fit black shine.The Coconut, Black Olive, Black Seed and Chamomile extracts provides your hair a healthy black shine while the Rosemary, Sweet Almond and Orange extracts aids your hair to raise lengthier and stronger.

Soft & Shine Shampoo
Does your hair feel dry, brittle or lifeless? Kumarika Soft & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner with 100% natural extracts of Avocado Oil and Shea Butter will nourish and add moisture to your hair leaving it soft smooth and shiny. The Avocado Oil contains vital proteins, vitamins and natural SPF for your hair, while the Shea Butter adds a rich source of moisture.

Thick & Strong Shampoo
Longing for thicker and stronger hair? Long, thick and stronger hair is a evident sign of energy and youthfulness. With 100% natural abstracts of Green Almond Oil and active Fruit Vitamins, Kumarika Thick & Strong Shampoo & Conditioner nourishes your hair every time you shampoo giving you a evidently completer, thicker and stronger hair.The Green Almond Oil is full of indispensible minerals and nutrients that are critical for your hair’s health while the Fruit Vitamins includes Vitamins A, C and E to nourish your hair.The Kumarika Thick & Strong Shampoo creation has been verified and is confirmed to give results of 5X thicker* hair

Moisturizing & Frizz Free Hair Serum

RECOVERS. NURTURES. PERFECTS. Are you having dry, bumpy and frizzy hair? Filled with a blend of Jojoba and Lavender Oil, Kumarika Oiling and Frizz Free Hair Serum nourishes, recovers and perfects your unruly hair promptly giving back the lost moisture to each hair strand.
Jojoba Oil - Protects from breakage and drying up
Lavender Oil – Nourishes and adds moisture to your hair

Benefits Of Using Kumarika

1.Prevents premature greying of hair
A public issue prevalent with today’s youth, premature greying of hair happens mainly because to the lack of vitamins and minerals or due to hereditary reasons. The skin color Melanin chooses on the colour of your hair. When a high fraction of melanin is present in your scalp, it gives your hair a blacker shade while the absence of Melanin causes greyness.
Apart from that, regularly oiling and massaging makes hair black and shiny!
2. Reduces Dandruff
Dandruff mostly happens when the scalp is dry. A dry scalp gives and breaks causing dandruff which can also lead to other problems like hair fall. Repeatedly massaging your scalp with oil aids keep the scalp nourished and fit eliminating its dryness.
3. Relaxes your mind and body
Frequently massaging your scalp with oil not only moderates and rejuvenates your body and mind, it also helps escalation blood circulation and offer you relief from various other sicknesses as well.

A healthy alternative

Don’t like the gumminess and scent of regular oil? Well, Kumarika Nourishing Hair Oil provides you all the remunerations of natural elements in a lightweight, non-sticky format with energizing fragrances, making it the impeccable alternative!

Price On

In you will get market’s best possible price. Kumarika products price starts from 50 taka.


Kumarika is a brand that ensures a complete solution of your hair and skin. It’s a widely accepted popular brand known for its effectiveness. So without a further delay order now from