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Koniycoi KT-1900MV Stereo Headphone - Red and Black৳ 490
Koniycoi KT-2100MV Stereo Headphones With Mic৳ 585
Koniycoi KT-1900MV Stereo Headphone - Red and Black৳ 475
Koniycoi Bluetooth sports earphone Wireless Headsets SK1 stereo headphone V5.0৳ 999
Koniycoi KT-2100MV Stereo Headphones with Mic-Black৳ 480
Koniycoi Stereo Headset KT- 5000 - Purple৳ 454
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Koniycoi is a headphone maker brand. They produce stereo headsets, headphones, earphones, and other sound-producing accessories.

Headphones are one of the most useful mobile devices of the time. For those who are crazy about music, it is not possible to spend a day without earphones. At present, the popularity of headphones and earphones has started to increase manifold in the local market as well as in the online marketplace.

Headphones are a very important tool for getting great sound experience on mobile. At present every mobile phone user expects good-quality sound headphones for his device.

Earphones and headsets are very necessary accessories for listening or talking about music in mechanical life. The earphones are small in size and easy for users to use. There is no substitute for earphones to listen to songs or poems while resting, traveling by bus. All mobile phone manufacturers make high-tech earphones for their mobile devices.

The Way Headphones Damage The Ears

It's better to listen to music alone with earphones or headphones. Because then no sound from outside can come to our ears, so it feels very good to listen to music or watch a movie.

The intensity level of sound is measured in decibel scale. It is only when the intensity level of a sound exceeds 65 decibels that it becomes harmful to the ears. And the most frightening thing is that a headphone usually produces a sound of 100 decibels or more. As a result, the use of headphones naturally affects the hearing of our ears and impairs our hearing.

The structure of our ears and the way we hear depends on the outer part of our ears, which is named as Pina. This pinna collects sound and sends it to our brain. Right at the end of the ear canal is a thin membrane, which we call the eardrum. Its real name is Year Drum. In this eardrum, the vibrations of sound are converted into energy. Excessive use of headphones or earphones and high intensity of vibration of the eardrum can cause damage to the eardrum.

Also inside our ears is a very thin and delicate cell called hair cell. Which looks almost like hair. When a loud sound enters our ears it sends signals to the brain and these cells begin to be infected. As a result, hearing loss gradually occurs. This kind of damage can be more due to the constant use of headphones.

Some Tips to Use Headphone Carefully

Listen to headphone songs according to some rules. It will save both life and ears. If you want to use headphones for a long time, you need to rest for a while. There are some rules for using headphones that will save you at least some physical harm. The rules are given below -

  • Use the earphones of the model of the company you are using.
  • While listening to music on the earphones, see if the outside screams and sounds are reaching the ears in that volume. If not, reduce the volume further.
  • The device on which we will use headphones or earphones will have to reduce the maximum volume of the device by 40%. Headphones cannot be used for long periods of time. Using headphones for a maximum of 1 hour throughout the day is generally considered safe.
  • Do not use earphones for more than half an hour continuously. On mobile
  • If you want to watch a movie, take a break for half an hour.
  • Do not use headphones when walking or crossing road lines.
  • When using headphones or earphones, you need to use slightly larger headphones, as larger headphones are farther away from the ears. As a result, it has less damage than ordinary headphones.
  • Ordinary headphones refer to in-ear phones, that is, those that go straight into the ear. And big headphones mean something that covers the whole ear. However, in this case, the intensity of the sound must be kept in mind.

The human ear is one of the most valuable organs in our human body. So we should be most aware of this.

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