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About Kiden

Guangdong Tao Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd., a Sino-foreign joint venture, was established in 2003. The total investment of the company is 2.6 billion RMB. Tayo is a national-level high-tech company that is also the first company to receive custom EO high-level certifications. Our company covers an area of ​​600 acres and has about 1600 employees. 60% of employees have a college degree or higher. Kiden Hall is one of Taiwan's leading brands, targeting large and medium-sized displacement motorcycles and mini-cars.

Teo focuses on discovery and innovation. We have the presence of 256 patents, 121 utility model patents, 36 invention patents, three Guangdong Science and Technology Innovation Awards. Hundreds of national or municipal leaders have visited Tao and highly valued us.


Strategy development:

Focus on material structure, manufacturing technology, precision process, intelligent control, energy conservation, environmental protection, safe and sustainable and more. Advances in new technologies and research can help us achieve more efficient and reliable new methods of carrying light vehicles with smaller displacement engines, thereby reducing exhaust pollution.


Production capacity: 

Taiyo fully automatic robot production field includes: 1. Aluminum alloy high pressure casting; 2. Magnetic mold injection molding; 3. Four axes displacement frame of the motorcycle; 4. Four axle deflation machine muffler ld alloy; 5. Tank non-trace seam welding; 6. Aluminum alloy surface layer; 7. Fully enclosed robot cover; 8. Seat cushions interdermal foaming inglai; 9. Integration of ERP system three-dimensional warehouse. Semi-automatic machine high precision production field: 1. CNC four axis NC machine; 2. Gear instrument and heat treatment; 3. NC expansion tank structure; 4. Aluminum alloy low pressure cast alloy; 5. Aluminum alloy frame ld alloy; 6. Motorcycle and engine assembly; 7. Manufacture and assembly of electric vehicle parts and components.


KIDEN KD150-F Abbreviation

Kidney KD150-F is a product of Kidney. Kiden is a Chinese brand. Assembling / making Kiden KD150-F China. This bike is powered by 150 engines which generates a maximum power of 10KW and its maximum torque is 11.5Nm. The Kidon KD 150-F can run 120 kilometers per hour and it burns about 45 kilometers of fuel (approximately) per liter. It costs taka 179,000.00. Click here to get your nearest Kidney motorcycle showroom.


Kidney KD 125J

Kidney KD125J is a dirt bike which is a related 125cc product of Kidney. The origin of the brand is China and the bike is also gathered there. Consisting of a cylinder and wind cooling engine, the reported maximum power of the bike is 8 kW. The current price of this machine in Bangladesh is 179,000 Taka.



The brand new retro climbing motorcycle, with great power and endurance of about 1000 kms, brings you faster and longer travel experience!



Flexible and light handling, and considering the motorcycle brigade (500 km cruise), thanks to the newly designed high compression ratio water-cooled engine, you can live as you wish.


Kidney KD150H

Kiden KD150H is a standard bike which is a product of Chinese brand Kiden. The bike is made and assembled in China featuring an air cooling engine that produces a maximum power of 10kW. The engine has four strokes as usual and the top speed of the bike is 120 kilometers per hour.


Kidney KD150-J abbreviation

Kidney KD150-J bike price in Bangladesh is 2020. Which engine type is single cylinder, wind cooling, four stroke. This bike is powered by a 150 (cc) engine. The Kiden KD150-J generates a maximum power of 10.0 / 9000 rpm and it has a maximum torque of 11.5 / 7500 rpm. Transmission charges are charged by a 5 speed gearbox. Kidden claims that the bike offers 50 Kmpl (approximately) mileage.


Management Software: Independent development of "Tyo Work Platform" software, integration modules include: 1. Office Automation; 2. HR and performance evaluation; 3. Extensive budget management; 4. Intelligent management workshops; 5. Vertical three-dimensional warehouse management; Quality. Quality monitoring and complaints; 7. Change and manage PLM design; 8. E-commerce buying platform; 9. Network distribution and forecast management; 10. Managing suppliers; 11. Remote control third party logistics management; 12. Dining hall cost management; 13. Ample amounts of remote campus recruitment; 14. Realize seamless docking with mature ERP system.

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