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Hand Made Puffed Rice (From Barishal) - 200 gm৳ 35
Turmeric Powder - 250 gm ৳ 90
Turmeric Powder - 500 gm ৳ 170
Virgin Coconut Oil - 200 ml ৳ 160
Dates Chutney - 450 gm ৳ 225
Mixed Fruit Chutney - 425 gm ৳ 220
Prunes (Alubukhara) Chutney - 225 gm ৳ 140
Berry Powder 100g৳ 95
Black Pepper (Gol Morich) Powder 100g৳ 160
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Khaas Food Online in Bangladesh

Khaas food is a brand of safe and pure foods in Bangladesh. In a country of 200 million people, safe food is a priority for both the current and future generations and that is where our food platform comes in. Khaas food would like to ensure a happy and healthy life by providing organic food. Khaas foods are the same as you buy things from the green market. You can buy Khaas foods online at in BD. Khaas food is such a brand that would like to make consumers smile by ensuring healthy food. Khaas food has started its journey from 2015. Khaas food is new to the market but it is rapidly growing for its product quality.

Khaas food products:

Khaas food is an organic food supplier brand that has a wide variety of products like hand made puffed rice, black seed oil, black seed, ghee, chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, mustard oil, coconut oil, laccha semai, chutney, almond, organic dry fish, honey, Gur, etc.

All these organic fresh products are available to buy online at the largest online marketplace in BD, at a reasonable price. 

Buy Khaas food puffed rice online in BD:

Khaas food puffed rice is a handmade product from Barisal. Khaas food puffed rice is free of fertilizer free from damaging hydroze. Khaas food puffed rice is so tasty and healthy product. The taste of Khaas food puffed rice is controlled strictly. The price of Khaas food puffed rice is so reasonable at ajkerdeal

Khaas food black seed oil price in BD:

Black seed oil is a very helpful element for humans. It has the ability to prevent diseases. Khaas food black seed oil is collected from Faridpur region and processed with great care. Black seed oil is very important and famous to all people in our country. The price of black seed oil starts from 190 tk to shop at ajkerdeal.

Khaas food black seed price in BD:

Black seed is considered to be the medicine of all kinds of diseases. Black seeds have the ability to prevent any kind of diseases. Black seeds have multiple uses. Khass foos black seeds are collected from Faridpur region, washed and packed very carefully that are 100% fresh. If you are thinking of buying black seed, Khaas food is a good choice for you for fresh black seeds.

Buy Khaas food ghee online in BD:

Ghee is a very famous food in our country. It is one of our traditional foods. Khaas food ghee is collected from the cream of pure cow milk of Kushtia. You can use upto 17 months from the date of packaging. Khaas food ghee is usable for any kind of occasions also. The price of Khaas food premium ghee starts from 260 tk at, the largest online marketplace in BD.

Buy chili/turmeric/cumin powder online in BD:

chilli/turmeric/cumin powder are very essential for our daily cooking. Khaas food is making these powders which are the most pure and fresh ingredients. Khaas food chilli powder, turmeric powder, etc are collected from thakurgaon and packed with proper care. You can buy fresh and healthy  chilli/turmeric/cumin powder online in BD at at a very reasonable price.

Khaas food mustard oil price in BD:

There is no way to deny the functionality of mustard oil. Mustard oil is a daily need of all the families. Khaas food mustard oil is collected from the fresh seeds of Faridpur and Manikganj and processed them very carefully for you. Khaas food mustard oil is 100% pure. You can buy 100% pure Khaas food mustard oil online at at a reasonable price. The price of 500ml mustard oil started from 115 tk

Khaas food virgin coconut oil price in BD:

Our virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconut collected from the greater Barisal region. After crushing the coconut, it is well dried after drying to reduce moisture content. The pure coconut oil that is extracted is then directly bottled by filtering. The oil is used to make various types of juices, various types of sweet dishes including roasted, roasted cakes, flour, sweets. As well as keeping the head cool, this oil is very effective in reducing hair fall. For maximum use, apply this oil for a few days in the sun. you can buy Khaas food virgin coconut oil online at at a reasonable price. The price starts from 200 tk for 60 ml bottle.

Buy Khaas food chutney online in BD:

Chutney is a very famous and traditional food in our country since the Mughal era. There has multiple uses of chutneys. Khaas food also has a few kinds of chutneys like date chutney, mixed fruit chutney, tamarind chutney, pruned chutney, etc. All these kinds of chutneys are made with homemade care. Khaas food chutneys are available to buy online at a reasonable price at ajkerdeal.

Buy organic dry fish online in BD:

Dry fish is also another traditional food in our country. Dry fish is always a priority in the Bangladeshi food menu. Minding your taste Khaas food has some kinds of dry fish to sell like loitta, chepa, chuti,etc. If you are a dry fish lover and looking for buying dry fish visit ajkerdeal and order your favorite one.

Buy Gur online in BD:

Gur is an important product for all families. Gur is used making different types of cakes and juices. You can buy patali jhola gur online at Khaas food online.