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Kemei KM-1026 Professional Hair Clipper৳ 1350
Kemei KM-631 Trimmer৳ 500
KEMEI KM2516 Rechargeable trimmer৳ 700
KEMEI KM-2599 hair trimmer ৳ 710
Kemei KM-605 Electric Hair Trimmer Clippers ৳ 899
Kemei KM-1278 Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener৳ 1350
Kemei KM-3580 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer৳ 650
Kemei KM 9020 hair trimmer ৳ 799
Kemei KM 9020 Trimmer৳ 1283
Kemei trimmer km-600৳ 1400
Kemei KM-9020 rechargeable trimmers৳ 399
Kemei KM-600 11 in 1 hair clipper৳ 1365
Kemei KM-730 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer - Black and Red৳ 458
Kemei KM-725 Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper-106৳ 599
Kemei KM-5017৳ 890
Kemei KM-2515 Hair Trimmer For Men৳ 650
Kemei KM-730 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer৳ 491
Kemei KM-680A 8 in 1 Rechargeable Shaver and Trimmer৳ 1120
Kemei Cordless Shaver-PG-105৳ 849
KEMEI KM-1720 Rechargeable Shaver৳ 650
Kemei KM-9020 Rechargeable Shaver৳ 1383
KEMEI km-702B Trimmer ৳ 640
Kemei KM-666 Mini Electric Hair Clipper ৳ 549
Kemei KM-1832 5-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Shaver ৳ 1899
Kemei KM-3560 2 in 1 Ultra Power Multi purpose Trimmer৳ 570
KM-680A 8 in 1 Rechargeable Trimmer - Silver৳ 1700
KM-9012 Professional Trimmer - Orange৳ 1075
Kemei KM-1720 Rechargeable Electric Shaver - Black and Silver৳ 660
Kemei KM-730 hair trimmer ৳ 800
Kemei KM-9020 Electric Hair Trimmer ৳ 550
kemei km-7055 Trimmer৳ 729
Kemei km 9020 Hair Trimmer ৳ 962
Kemei KM-600 Electric Professional Hair Clipper and Shaver - Black৳ 1190
Kemei KM-9020 rechargeable trimmers৳ 549
Kemei KM-600 Professional Trimmer ৳ 1680
Kemei km-9020৳ 491
Kemei KM-9020 rechargeable trimmers৳ 450
Kemei KM-0730 Trimer৳ 1699
Kemei 2 in1 Ultra Power Multi Purpose Trimmer৳ 500
Kemei KM-2013 Trimmer ৳ 649
KEMEI KM-619 Rechargeable Trimmer৳ 695
Kemei KM-9020 rechargeable shaver ৳ 499
Kemei Kemei KM-699 Electric Hair Clipper৳ 1199
kemei professional beard trimmer৳ 730
Kemei KM-9020 rechargeable trimmers৳ 449
Kemei KM-5015 Rechargeable Hair Clipper৳ 1050
KEMEI KM-619 Rechargeable Trimmer৳ 699
Kemei KM-3580 Groomin Trimmer Set৳ 890
Kemei KM-3909 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer ৳ 850
Kemei KM-810 Hair Dryer৳ 950
Kemei KM-619 Hair Trimmer৳ 549
Kemei KM-2599 Rechargeable Hair Clipper Trimmer৳ 550
Kemei 2 in 1 hair straightener৳ 950
Kemei KM-9020 rechargeable trimmers৳ 450
Kemei KM-9020 Rechargeable Hair Trimmer৳ 425
Kemei KM-2577 Professional Hair Clippers Trimmer৳ 799
Kemei KM 724 Rechargeable Trimmer-105৳ 599
Kemei KM-585 7 in 1 Professional Barber Salon Portable Hair Dryers Styling with Comb Machine Household HairCare Hairdryer Tool৳ 2750

Kemei Products in Bangladesh | Kemei shaver, trimmer, epilator & others

Kemei is one of the most popular brands all over the world as well as in Bangladesh. All types of shaver & trimmers, hair clippers, hair straighteners, hair dryers & grooming sets from the world famous brand Kemei are now available online on Click on our site for the best quality Kemei products at the best price.
Experience the clean and bright shaving with Kemei men's shavers and trimmers from There are rechargeable shavers from Kemei for gents. They are ideal for fast, clean, smooth and comfortable shaving. They also provide soundless perfect cutting. There is waterproof feature; so they are ideal for dry and wet use.If you are looking for a quick and advanced shaving system, then Kemei shavers and trimmers can be your best choice. They are easy to use and can be easily recharged without any hassle.
There are also multi-functional shavers and trimmers which can be used as a nose trimmer, ear trimmer, hair clipper as well as a shaver. The professional nose and hair trimmers are made with a Stereoscopic arched tool that never hurt the nasal cavity. Trim your hair with ease with Kemei 7 in 1 grooming kit which can be used as a beard trimmer & a hair or nose clipper. It provides an advanced cutting system equipped with a titanium plated stationary blade and can be used wirelessly.
For gents, we have, among all, kemei km-3005a, kemei km-701b, kemei km-3303, kemei-km-2599, kemei km-590a 7-in1, kemei km-8058, kemei-km818, kemei km-2013, kemei km-580a, kemei km-3060, kemei KM-008-6-in-1, kemei-km-2012, kemei-km-8893, kemei 5-in-1, kemei km-3090, kemei km-9612, kemei km-579 and all other popular & latest models.
Get a flawless smooth skin with Kemei rechargeable lady shavers from Kemei rechargeable ladies shavers are ideal for removing unwanted hair from body.They come in a wide variety of models and features for flexible use.They feature a double-razor hair shaving system with an anti-allergy razor mesh and a rechargeable battery. They are also easy to use.They come in compact size and are ideal to use at home and also convenient to carry when going out for traveling. They are also ideal for all types of skin.
There are Kemei 3 in 1 irons for straightening, curling and crimping hair. Now you can style your hair at home with Kemei hair straightener. They are suitable for all types of hair style. The heating plates are made of ceramic coated plates to protect the hair from damaging.
There are Kemei hair dryers which are suitable for all types of hair. The special temperature control technology will protect your hair from damaging. Find the best quality hair dryer at a competitive price from
For women, the kemei models that we have on our Site are kemei km-1187, kemei-km-3018, kemei km-3799, kemei km-290r, kemei km-7130, kemei km-2199-5-in-1, kemei km-2530-4-in-1, kemei km-2102, kemei km-1291-3-in-1, kemei km-8893, kemei km-1055-2-in-1, kemei km-328, kemei km-329 and all other popular & latest models.
There are over-current protection and overheat protection features for safety use.They also come with a warranty from the manufacturer to ensure great services. is your one-stop online store for the original Kemei branded products. All types of Kemei branded products are now at your fingertips. Browse through our site for a wide collection of Kemei branded products online.
Buy original Kemei branded products online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, Find the best quality products at the best price from our Site and enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with exclusive offers and discounts.