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KDK A56VS Remote Ceiling Fan৳ 15500
KDK Ceiling Fan A11YS (Code - 290017) ৳ 15000
KDK M56SR Ceiling Remote Fan৳ 17500
KDK Ceiling Fan M56XG 56 inch (Code - 290020) ৳ 6000
KDK A40B Table FAN৳ 5800
KDK HPV Exhaust Fan 40GSC (Code - 290010) ৳ 27500
KDK A11YS Ceiling Remote Fan৳ 15000
KDK Wall Mount M40M Wireless Remote Contolled Fan৳ 9800
KDK Z60WS Ceiling Deluxe Remote Fan৳ 24500
KDK M56XG Ceiling Fan৳ 6000
KDK 40GSC HPV Exhaust Fan৳ 27500
KDK A40A Table Fan৳ 5600
KDK A40H Stand Fan৳ 11500
KDK Wall Mount FAN M40C৳ 8800
KDK M48XG Ceiling Fan৳ 5500
KDK V56VK Ceiling Remote Fan৳ 27800
KDK M40R Ceiling Mount Fan৳ 9800
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KDK Fan Brand Online in Bangladesh |

Kawakita Electric Company (KDK) Brand

Panasonic Ecology Systems Co.Ltd used the KDK Brand name which is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality and high performance ventilating products. KDK Branded short form stands for Kawakita Denki Kigyosha and on the other hand, 2019 marks the 110th anniversary of KDK that represents KDK has already contributed to professionals in IAQ over 110 years.

KDK Brand Mission

In addition to celebrating the KDK brand's 110th anniversary, the brand is currently promoting a green and comfortable life and continuing to strive to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities by creating a healthy living environment for its loyal customers around the world.

Their main mission is to develop indoor air quality in the home even society through providing a premium product to contribute to the community by a fan specialist and professional.

KDB Based on Indoor Air Quality Products

KDK Brand Founded around 111 years ago (as Nippon Electric Industry Co. Ltd) in 1909; but the owner of this brand is Panasonic. KDK company headquarters states in Japan. KDK Branded products such as, Ventilating Fan, Thermo Ventilator, Exhaust Fan, Wall Mount wireless fan, Air Moving Equipment, Ceiling Fan, Dehumidifier, Rangehood, Air doors, Air Curtain, Subterranean Air blowers,Hand dryer, Electric Fan. 

The Demand for Electric Ceiling Fans for Home Use Is Relatively High

There are various types of electric fans in the market. New designs are also being added to the fan to meet the demand of the buyers. When it comes to fans, the first thing that comes to mind is the ceiling fan. This fan usually consists of three fans and a round smooth plate in the middle. It is hung by attaching it to a tall iron stand. When the weather warms up, the demand for ceiling fans increases.

KDK Branded Table Fan for Users

A few models from the once popular table fan brand Evernall are still available. The price is over two thousand rupees. Superstar table fan prices are the same. The price of a Pak table fan is a little higher - above three thousand taka.

Table fans of the KDK brand are available from two and a half thousand to five thousand taka. There are also table fans of many lesser known brands made in the local market. The price of these is quite low - starting from one thousand taka BDT.

Rechargeable Fans Are Available in The Online Market

Load Shedding increases when the temperature of the heater increases. At this time there is no benefit from ceiling fans or table fans. So many people rely on rechargeable fans. There is a difference in the price of these rechargeable fans depending on the quality. The price of Asia brands starts from one thousand taka to two and a half thousand taka. 

The price of Supermoon is between 900 to three thousand taka BDT. Superstar one thousand 800tk, Deluxe one and a half thousand taka, Vision charger fan price two thousand five hundred taka BDT. Lava brand fans are priced at 1,600, Sanka rechargeable fans at 4,000tk and KDK branded fans at 5,000 to 8,000tk BDT. 

KDK Model A40H Stand Fan

Although not like the ceiling fan, the demand for stand fans is not less. The price of this fan is also close to the ceiling fan. KDK branded Stand fan shall be suitable for floor standing with the high performance ball bearing type motor with thermal cut-off, consist of 3-speed and ON/OFF electronic switch, 6-hour electronic timer. 

Height adjustment around 128-143cm (50"-56"). Also has transparent plastic blade, easy angle adjustment, Color option found in pastel blue or titan gray. Mostly safety design base on IEC requirement

What Kind of Fan Should be Used?

Usually three types of fan are used in the house. It fits with any type of furniture or house shape. At present, there are gold handicrafts and ceiling fans of various designs in white, black, light brown or pressed white. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. If the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the house is less, you can use a low profile ceiling fan. 

The size of such ceiling fans is also a bit small and all three fans are suitable. Generally, it is better to use a large size ceiling fan in a large living room or reading room. It provides air throughout the house. Moreover, according to the size of the house, a stand fan or table fan is used by many people.

Fans of The KDK Brand Are Available from

The KDK brand has always been committed to providing safe, reliable and environmentally friendly products to its customers through the innovative and advanced technology of "Wind" and Air. And so our online site also offers you safe, reliable and environmentally friendly KDK branded fan products that you get within your budget.