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Buy Original Kazi Farms Kitchen Products in Bangladesh at Cheap Price

Frozen (processed) food industry in Bangladesh is growing day by day at a rapid pace as the demand for “ready to cook” convenience food is increasing. The advent of nuclear families with working parents in Bangladesh is increasing and city dwellers and households are progressively adapting to frozen foods (not only protein- like fish and meats but also vegetables as well). As demand is increasing, competition is increasing as well. Many participants are entering into this sector with a newer variety of frozen food products. From the analysis and findings it is identified that to win in this competition as well as to achieve leadership, a company has to adopt key factors like taste, availability of products; visibility of products at the point of purchase; customer satisfaction; customer loyalty; continuous innovation, etc. are crucial and needed to be ensured. Customers focus on more taste for choosing any brand. It is most important to them. 

Kazi Farms Kitchen is the frozen food brand of Kazi Food Industries Limited (A venture of the Kazi Farms Group). A range of frozen food products is sold under the brand name Kazi Farms Kitchen. These are all guaranteed to not contain any antibiotic residues, as chickens are not fed 8 antibiotics within 7 days of slaughter, as per international practice. The meat is also guaranteed to be produced from chickens raised on feed not containing MBM (meat and bone meal) as per European standards. The meat products are also guaranteed to be MSG and nitrate-free, as they do not use any of these chemicals during food preparation. 

Kazi Farms Kitchen started its operation in this industry in November

  1. Though it is comparatively a new company, it has become one of the leading frozen food providers. At present Kazi Farms Kitchen has 11

distribution centers around the country and approximately 150 dealers nationwide help them to distribute their products in different Super shops, retail, and its own franchise outlet. Products are distributed using a cold

chain. At present, there are around 100 franchise outlets of Kazi Farms Kitchen.

Types of Frozen Food

  1. Frozen Ready to Cook Snacks – This includes both meat and fish-based snacks like chicken nuggets, meatball, strips, fish ball, fish cakes and vegetable-based snacks like Aloo Puri, Dal Puri, Samosa, Singara, and Spring Roll.
  2. Frozen Ready to Cook Meat – This includes frosted whole chickens, lambs, mutton and beef. These are currently available at supermarkets and order based on institutional buyers like restaurants and fast food shops.
  3. Frozen Ready to Cook Vegetables – This includes frosted vegetables like Bean seeds, Kakrol, Patol, Ladies Finger and JackFruit seeds. 
  4. Frozen Ready to Cook Fishes – Lastly ready to cook fishes has also become popular. Currently, the market includes Hilsa, Koi, Pabda, Keski, Mola, Foli, Baila, Batashi, and Ayer.

Products Review:  Kazi Farms Kitchen offers its products in two forms - frozen and fried. The process of delivering services is slightly different for Kazi Farms Kitchen’s frozen and fried products. Frozen food items are sold in different super shops, retail stores, department stores, and Kazi Farms Kitchen’s franchise outlets. Customers buy the frozen food items on their own or with the help of salespersons and pay for the purchased item. Fried Items are sold in Kazi Farms Kitchen’s franchise outlets.

Customers give orders to the salesperson. If the ordered items are ready to serve, it is given to the customers instantly in exchange for the price of that product. If the ordered items are not ready to serve, the customers need to wait for some time. Customers can enjoy their ordered fried items in the outlet or take the product with them and eat later.

Products:  Products of Kazi Farms Kitchen are produced in its own plant located in Baron, Ashulia. At present Kazi Farms Kitchen has four types of products- Chicken based items, “Cut, Marinated, Ready-To-Cook” Curry cut, Flour based items and Fresh Eggs.

1. Chicken Based Items

Kazi Farms Kitchen has thirteen different Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) based on chicken. They are- Chicken Nuggets Original, chicken Nuggets Kids, chicken nuggets Spicy, Chicken Burger, Chicken Meatball, chicken Sausage-plain, chicken sausage-spicy, chicken Cutlet, Chicken Strips, Chicken Teasers, Chicken Drumsticks.

2. “Cut, Marinated, Ready-To-Cook” Curry cut

Curry cut is basically ready to cook frozen chicken curry. The raw chicken pieces will be mixed with all the ingredients required (spices, salt, oil) to cook the curry. Cooking Instruction will be mentioned on the pack. Kazi Farms Kitchen has two Curry cut items- Chicken Dopiaza, Chicken Korma.

3. Flour Based Items

Kazi Farms Kitchen has eight different Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) based on chicken. They are plain Paratha small pack (5 pcs), Plain Paratha family pack, Dal puri, Alu puri, Spring rollVegetable, Spring roll- chicken, Samosa vegetable, Samosa chicken.

4.  Fresh Egg: 

Kazi Farms Kitchen’s Eggs are specially processed, kept free of MBM & Antibiotic and packaged with the utmost care.

Above all they have a huge amount of products that they differ in five channels;

Frozen packs: 35 items

Fried products: 24 items

Fried fish: 4 items

Eggs:1 item

Price:  Pricing of Kazi Farms kitchen’s products is done by combining cost-based pricing and value-based pricing. Each product is priced in a way that is fair to the value of that product and convenience for the customers at the same time. The price of products can be changed as a result of changes in environmental factors, raw materials price, change in demand, brand value, cost of importing raw materials.

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Conclusion: With the increase of demand, competition is also increasing. It is proper time that the key factors be identified and

implemented to sustain in the competition as well as to achieve leadership of the frozen food sector of Bangladesh. As the competition of the frozen food industry is increasing day by day. Leadership requires maximum market share in a particular area, first to launch innovative products in the market, first to notice changes in buying behavior/ consumption pattern, first to react to the customer changing demand, etc. many features are present in that particular organization that wants to achieve leadership. Since its origin, Kazi Farm Kitchen has gained the trust of people and their

admiration whoever consumed its product. They are positive about Kazi Farm Kitchen and can rely on their promises for the wellbeing of their customers. But the existing number of outlets is not sufficient to meet the demand of the customers and Lack of brand awareness because of lack of communication is a barrier to its market growth. By implementing the key factors of the Frozen food industry, they will be able to achieve leadership in this sector.