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Best Price of Kazi & Kazi Organic Tea Brand Online in Bangladesh


Kazi and Kazi Tea Brand Internationally-Recognized Organic Tea Producers

Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited is the only internationally recognized & certified organic tea producer in Bangladesh. The Kazi and Kazi Tea brand gardens are located in Tetulia, the northernmost district of Panchagarh in Bangladesh, just 50 km south of Darjeeling. However, KKT entered the local market in 2006. They are stimulated to produce high quality organic tea to recount the growing demand in both local and foreign markets.

Kazi & Kazi Tea Brand Considered As Bangladeshi Organic Tea Brand

Kazi & Kazi is the only brand in Bangladesh that is producing 100% organic tea in a natural way. Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited started its journey in 2000. Their tea garden is a complete composite tea estate. Kazi & Kazi is internationally renowned for its organic tea production in Bangladesh. In other words, they produce tea without any chemical use and are known as the brand of organic tea in Bangladesh.

Organic Tea Garden of Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd Brand

When it comes to tea gardens, it seems like Sylhet or Srimangal. However, Panchagarh, the northernmost district of the country, has a vibrant organic tea garden. Organic and Darjeeling tea is cultivated only in the gardens of Tentulia in this country. The tea has already gained a reputation outside the country and the Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate is particularly notable among the tea gardens here.

Kazi & Kazi Tea Brand of Panchagarh

Kazi & Kazi is introducing many flavors of organic tea in Bangladesh with the aim of making not only organic tea but also the taste unique. In this endeavor, Kazi & Kazi Tea from Panchagarh has brought Medley Tea in a mixture of classic black, green extract, herbal infusion and four types of tea.

Brands & Markets Are Growing in Bangladesh with The Demand for Green Tea

The name of Finlay Group is associated with the beginning of the journey of green tea in Bangladesh. The Scottish-based tea company officially started large-scale green tea production in Bangladesh in 1983. In the beginning they used to export 100% green tea. 

However, the company started marketing as the demand in the country has been increasing for several years. After the finale, Kazi & Kazi Tea Company joined in 2006 to produce green tea. The green tea produced by Kazi & Kazi was initially exported by the lion's share. 

However, as the demand is increasing in the country, they are marketing in packaging. Pedrolo Group's Halda Valley tea garden began producing green tea four years ago. The group has also started marketing the most expensive and high quality ‘Dragonwell Green Tea’ in the country. There are also Square Group tea-garden buds and leaves for making organic green tea. 

New Green Tea Is Being Produced As The Demand Is Increasing Day By Day

Many people now not prefer the taste of tea mixed with milk and sugar. There has been a wave of change in people's eating habits in the case of drinking this tea drink as well. Many health conscious people now want to start the morning with milk-sugar-free tea. A little more conscious people are choosing ‘Green Tea’ one step further. And so the demand for green tea is increasing day by day in the market.

Kazi and Kazi Tea For Tea Lovers Who Are Looking for Organic Tea

Kazi & Kazi tea is made by mixing honey to give a sweet look to the taste. This tea is rich in sufficient antioxidants at the same time, which makes the youth intact and long lasting. And they make First Flush Tea with the first young tea leaves of the season. This tea has a completely different scent. Kazi & Kazi Tea has brought world famous First Flash Tea for the first time in Bangladesh.

Benefits And Remedies of Drinking Green Tea

According to tea traders, this has changed over the years as a result of drinking tea. Conscious people tend to drink this tea thinking of various benefits such as weight control, help in preventing cancer, lowering blood cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease. As a healthier drink than regular tea, green tea has taken its place in the tea cups of health conscious people.

Organic Tea Flavored by Kazi & Kazi Company

A limited number of tea leaves (Green Tea, Back Tea, Organic Tea) packaged by Kazi & Kazi Company, planted and produced in the new generation gardens created in the northern districts, are going on the market in the country and even in the international markets.

Kazi & Kazi brands in the production of organic tea in Bangladesh include Black Tea, First Flush Tea, Orthodox Black Tea, Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, Orthodox Green Tea, Tulsi Tea, Ginger Tea and Medley Tea.

Kazi & Kazi Brand Light Flavored Tea And Its Effectiveness

Orthodox green tea is made in a basic way for those who like the light flavor of Kazi & Kazi tea from Panchagarh. In this method whole tea leaves and buds are processed by rolling. Basil tea is made in a black tea spicy blend with organically made basil leaves. 

In addition to its youthful antioxidant properties, its medicinal properties are able to relieve fever instantly. Ginger tea is made by mixing organically grown ginger with ordinary black tea. Also Medley Tea where four types of tea are available together. This tea will bring a difference in taste.