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Karite Creamy Liquid Blush Waterproof (15ml)৳ 362
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Karite Brand Online in BD

Karite is a joint venture of three sisters named Naana Boyake, Akua Okunseinde, Abena Slowe. They are from Ghana, West Africa. Naana is a dermatologist and the CEO,  Akua is the Chief Creative Officer and Abena is the Chief Operating Officer of Karite. Karite means ‘Shea butter’ in the French language. 

Karite is committed to ensuring high-quality standards and sustainable sourcing practices in their products. Karite’s ingredients are collected from Ghana and the United States. Their products are manufactured in New Jersey.

Karite Uses Improved and Advanced Technology

Karite products feature some advanced and unique technologies that help oil and water-based ingredients mixed together seamlessly without any chemical-based emulsifiers. This innovation formulates their products with a limited number of ingredients. This also and makes Karite more beneficial for or compromised, sensitive, and combination type skin and protects the skin’s barrier. 

Shea Butter

Shea butter makes the skin soft and smooth. It is the main ingredient of Karite cosmetics. 

The shea tree produces nuts and the shea butter is the extracted fat from the shea tree. The color of shea butter is ivory or off-white and it is solid at hot weather. Generally, the shea trees are grown in the western part of Africa. Most of the demand for shea butter comes from there. 

The unrefined shea butter, that Karite uses, there is no preservatives or any chemical are added. So in the products of Karite, the raw shea butter can be found without any doubt. 

Generally, the color of raw shea butter is off-white, but sometimes the color can be seen white. It is the refined shea butter. The shea butter loses its natural color after refining. The scent of unrefined shea butter is like a natural, nutty flavored. The most unexpected point is, the refined shea butter can lose its 95% of natural vitamins when refining.

Processing The Shea Butter

The shea butter moisturizers are formulated with Karite's natural antioxidant-rich ingredient, low concentrations of refined and highly processed shea butter, a high concentration of raw, unrefined shea butter, and palm oil which are dermatologist-tested products. All these ingredients are imported from Ghana directly. 

Karite mixes the unrefined organic coconut oil, botanicals, etc with the pure ingredients to produce the best moisturizers for especially healing the dry and sensitive skin. Karite doesn’t use any type of harsh solvents or chemicals that can affect the skin. They made skincare products that are silicone, synthetic dyes, and paraben-free. Their products are also hypoallergenic. 

Ingredients Found in Shea Butter

In the shea butter, many useful ingredients can be found that are beneficial for the skin. Such as Vitamins A and F have moisturizing and anti-aging properties. The palmitic acid, stearic, oleic, linoleic, etc are good for skin and beneficial for balancing the oil of the skin. These are mainly shea butter’s fatty acids. There are also antioxidants ingredients like vitamin E or Tocopherol, catechins, and others. 

The usefulness of Shea Butter

From ancient times, the shea butter has been used for moisturizing the skin. Especially its anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants ingredients, and soothing power makes it more famous and useful. Some usefulness of shea butter are - 

  • The triterpene alcohols that are present in shea butter, have anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to reduce inflammation. 
  • The shea butter contains tocopherol and catechins are also full of antioxidants.
  • The shea butter has SPF. Cinnamic acid can absorb a limited amount of UV rays. But the unrefined shea butter has the equivalent of 3 or 4 SPF. So it can be used as a sunscreen.
  • Shea butter can reduce such skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and as well as arthritis too.
  • The shea butter has the antimicrobial power. Western African people use shea butter as a natural remedy to treat wounds since the past. 
  • Shea butter is a natural hydrator and a good moisturizer for dry and dehydrated skin. It smoothens the skin without any greasy feelings. 
  • The most important power of shea butter is that it a good anti-aging product. It also contains lupeol that inhibits the enzymes by degrading skin proteins.

A simple reminder is, all of these benefits can be found only from the unrefined shea butter and for this, one can use Karite products certainly.

Karite Shea Butter Hand Cream

Karite has made dermatologically tested hand cream. This cream is produced from unrefined and raw shea butter, unrefined organic coconut oil, and palm oil. All of them are collected from Ghana.

It is an anti-aging hand cream with soothing and hypo-allergenic properties. The cream is really helpful for use it in the hands. The use of excessive handwash, doing household works, etc make the hand’s skin weak and dull and causes chapping, cracking and dryness also. The cream is rich in vitamins A and E, and essential fatty acids. The cream helps to restore the moisture and reinforce the skin’s barrier while leaving skin smooth, baby soft, and plumpy.

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