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KAIWS Hair Care & Colour Brand Online in Bangladesh


KAIWS Hair Care & Hair Colour Brand

KAIWS Cosmetics company is a well-known hair care brand. The brand focuses on the production, development, sales and OEM of hairdressing products such as washing, caring, perming and coloring. Their brand has been specializing in hair care and hair coloring, and technology updating.

How Is The KAIWS Brand's Company Going?

The KAIWS brand was originally founded in 2004. They are providing good products in the international market in a highly competitive way with a guarantee according to the sensible system. The Hair Care and Coloring brand company now has a 12000 sq meter factory with 15 years of accumulated customer experience, as well as a modern manufacturing base with 16 workshops, 150 members and skilled workers.

Products of KAIWS Brand

The Kaiws products mostly hair care and colour functions include fast comb-blacking hair, fast blacking hair shampoo, color-cover gray dye, no-ammonia fragrance hair dye, single agent plant hair dye lotion, ecologic hair dye, low irritation hair dye, coloring conditioner, combing colorant,black shampoo and some based on cover gray hairs, bubble hair dye, black color, plant hair color, low Irritation color, fragrance color categories.

Effectiveness of Hair Color in Fashion

There are many variations in hair color to keep pace with the fashion of the age. Different types of hair colors undoubtedly add a new dimension to the fashion of young women. However, many women use hair color to get rid of gray hair. Therefore, many people use henna on their hair again. But nowadays there are a lot of good hair colors available to maintain fashion settings and beauty of hair.

Keep A Touch of Color in Your Hair, Choose Your Suitable KAIWS Branded Hair Color!

There was a time when girls used to think about dyeing their hair after it was grey. Girls have come a long way since then. Hair color is no longer a necessity, but a fashion statement. So many girls are choosing brown, burgundy or auburn shades to change the natural black color of their hair. But not all colors suit everyone, it is equally true. So when you take the shade card in hand after entering the salon, you need to have some idea about your hair and skin so that you can choose the right color.

Pick Skin & Hair Colors to Match

A pigment called melanin is responsible for the color of our skin, hair and eye stones. Not only that, melanin also determines how and to what extent our skin changes color depending on the climate. Due to the difference in the amount of melanin in the body, some become pale, some become dark and some become brunette. 

When choosing a hair color, you need to be clear about your skin color. If the skin color and hair color are completely incompatible, then the whole look will look unusual and artificial. So choose a color that matches the color of your skin.

Organic Hair Coloring is The Best Choice

For those who want to dye their hair without the grip of chemicals, organic color is best. This color is made using extracts of natural ingredients like henna, coffee or tea. Being completely natural, organic hair color makes the hair naturally dyed without any damage.

Whatever type of hair you dye, you need proper care in all cases. It is better to have a hair spa after each coloring. Apart from that, you have to wash your hair every time with good shampoo and conditioner. Regular oil massage and deep root conditioning to keep hair moisturized.

Advantages of Permanent Hair Color

The biggest advantage of permanent hair color is that it can be done comfortably at low cost. It is also easy to maintain the hair after coloring. Nowadays, various well-known brands have brought a lot of permanent hair colors in the market. Kaiws brand is one of them.

From natural shades to bright trendy colors, you will find everything in that stock. You can even get it done at home if you want and if possible. Permanent hair color is ideal for those who do not have time to get regular hair color due to busy schedules.

What to do to get rid of the discomfort and permanent hair color?

Repeatedly applying permanent hair color or touching up makes the hair dry and brittle. Another problem is that the color of the permanent hair color gradually fades, but never completely. As the hair grows, the real color of the hair starts to appear in the beginning and you have to touch it up. 

And the only way to get permanent hair color from your hair is to cut it when your hair is long. Apply ammonia free hair color to prevent brittleness of hair. Those with sensitive skin must test for allergy patches before applying a new brand or new color.

Different Types of Hair Colors & Hair Care Brands on site

Many people are worried about choosing the right hair color. Colors of different brands and prices are available in the market as well as on our site. Garnier, Loreal Paris, Wella, KAIWS, Revlon are some of the popular brands. You can choose any hair color of light or dark color to match your skin and hair shade.